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This episode of sex education is sponsored by Adam & where you can use the promo code DOE at to get 50% Off 1 Item + Free Shipping on your entire order in the US & Canada. *Certain exclusions apply. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Images for this episode are mainly from Wikipedia. The penises featured are larger than average because that is what we were able to access not because we have any favoritism toward big dicks. Keep in mind that penises and foreskins come in many many different sizes, shapes, and colors. We just weren't able to show this diversity. I was not willing to crowdsource dick pics to be more inclusive. ;o)

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I'm Dr. Lindsey Doe, clinical sexologist and host of this sex curious show, Sexplanations.  Today's episode is sponsored by  They sent me this big dick so that I can visually sexplain my favorite part of the human penis.


On this model, there's a scrotum that holds the testicles, a raphe where the would-be labia is fused together, a shaft which here is erect but usually flaccid or limp, and then there's the glans, also known as the head, a corona, AKA the crown or ridge, and then the meatus, a urethral opening of the tip where urine comes out.  This phallus does not have a foreskin, clinically known as a prepuce, so I made one out of my old underwear. 

You may think of it as an extra kind of floppy turtleneck that we don't need, like a skin tag or beard hair.  You just trim it off, won't miss it, but it is very much attached to the genitals.  It's an integral part of the functioning.  In fact, during infancy, the foreskin is actually adhesed to the glans, so pulling it back or circumcising it is like removing an entire fingernail.  The foreskin tends to become more mobile between the ages of five and eighteen as a child matures.  They can use to play with themselves, to self-soothe, to self-stimulate, and learn about arousal. 

Clean up is easy!  You draw back, if possible.  This one has a condom to make it easier to move, and then you just rinse regularly.  No big deal.  Water, yay.  The foreskin probably won't have these colors, but it will have distinct sections where the outside looks and feels differently than the inside.  What I have here is the pink is the skin of the prepuce on the outside connected to the rest of the body with nerves and blood vessels.  It's way more technical than fabric but I'm doing what I can here.  This lace transition here is meant to show the ever-so-intricate preputial ridge.  It collapses, like this, against the head of the penis most of the time, super snug and protective, and then when it needs to, it can stretch wide enough to slide backward into a shiny (?~1:49).  You are not as good as the real thing.

I tried to fashion something like a prepuce, but it's really difficult.  People who work in foreskin restoration try, but nature's design is currently beyond our human engineering, so it's kind of like your eyelids.  There's skin, skin, transition, then mucosa, or just like the lips or your mouth.  Skin, then there's a ridge, soft, moist tissue on the inside.  Super difficult to replicate.  Impressive, nature.  Eyelids, lips, foreskin, all similar and they serve the same purposes.

One: to protect more delicate organs from germs, lacerations, dust, sun, and abrasions.  Two: to signal to the brain that there's a change in pressure, temperature, movement, etc.  Three: to respond accordingly when the brain gives feedback.  All of these organs are amazingly efficient at opening and closing, opening and closing, opening and closing, so that the inside of our body, our slimy guts, can safely interact with the outside world and not dry out.  Yes, the glans is supposed to be moist, not dry, not chapped, which makes masturbation and penetrative sex and everyday existence more comfortable.  

I'll demonstrate with my mouth, then apply what I show you to the penis.  At a resting state, my lips are together.   I don't have to think about.  It's automatic.  Then, something brushes them.  My lips read, unpleasant fleeting tickle, and they work with my other senses, sight and sound, to tell my brain: intrusion, at which point I purse my lip to keep the insect or hair, whatever it is, out.  

Let's go back to lips at a resting state, this time, something smooth and soft slides across them.  There's a different read: soothing and warm, which gets sent to the brain and the brain goes, chapstick, and just like that, my mouth opens to get the chapstick into all the right places and then slides it around so that everything is adequately lubricated.  Hahaha!  

Now penis.  At a resting state, the penis is flaccid, foreskin feels cold and fluid and tells the brain and the brain replies, tighten up.  Keep the genitals warm, so whoop, they all shrink together.  It's smart, like the lips, and it has different reactions for different sensations.  So imagine again the penis at a resting state.  The foreskin senses slight pressure and an upward stroke.  I'm getting turned on just thinking about it.  The brain says, arise, and the foreskin expands and retracts, usually as the erectile tissue engorges with blood.  It's so brilliant and gets even better!

The same way that the lips guide and enhance a kiss, the foreskin guides and enhances sex and masturbation.  They're both malleable and padded, like a spaceship docking bay.  Would you like to birth your mating interface with my space vehicle?  They subtly organize how wide and how far things move around.  They're so dialed in.  Mmmm, yes, foreskin!

At this point in the video, I'm going to show you images of human foreskin so you're not left thinking that it's bright pink nylon.  These images are not meant to turn you on, though it's possible and natural if they do.  If you've never seen a penis or a foreskin before, they may look very strange.  Try to remember what I just taught you and stay curious.

From left to right and top to bottom: the foreskin is shown being slowly retracted, changing shape, and exposing a fleshy glans.  This is a video clip of the foreskin being retracted in real time, so that you can see how that preputial ridge works.  Here are some penises from another angle to show the diversity of lengths, colors, and shapes.  As the penis becomes erect, some foreskins will stay in place, covering the glans, but others will change positions like this erect penis, and you may not even realize there is a foreskin at all.  

Curious, right?  Stay curious.  This episode is sponsored with the generous support of  To get yourself a big penis model or a sex toy of any kind, please visit their website, and use the promo code 'DOE', my last name, when you check out.  By doing this, you will be telling Adam & Eve that you're thankful that they support sex education and you'll get 50% off an eligible item plus free shipping in the US and Canada.  Exciting!  


There we go.  Just like, get it, use some force.  I'm just whacking it.  Don't worry.