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The weekly show where we share the DFTBA warehouse with you!

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Hey there, I'm Matthew Gaydos and welcome to The Warehouse. The weekly show where we share the DFTBA warehouse with you.

First up this week I want to address something that a lot of you guys have been asking me about; and that is the Lizzie Bennet DVD sets. For those of you who pledged money to the Kickstarter campaign last year: do not worry because some of you guys have already received your DVDs, while others are currently on their way, and the rest will be going out very very soon. There are thousands and thousands of these on pallets over there that we are working very hard to get out to you as quickly as possible. So do not fret because this will be going out to you very, very soon. There's just a lot to send out.

Also in things shipping out news: this shirt! [shows shirt] The Anna and the TARDIS shirt. A lot of you guys pre-ordered this Karen Hallion design. It is definitely one of my new favorite shirts. And we're going to start shipping out the pre-orders today, so that you guys who pre-ordered it will have yours soon too.

Next up I have some restocking news for you. This Mike Falzone Ringer tee is now back in stock in limited supply, so go pick one of those up while they're available.

And now it's time for New Merch News. First up this week we have two new items from Charlie McDonnell, and that is the Quali-tea mug, and a brand new design of the Quali-tea T-shirt. So, you can go over to right now and pre-order both of these items.

Recently on Twitter Maureen Johnson made a joke about being a Peter Dinklage replacement, which had to do with a Scrabble tournament. And then she said she wanted "Peter Dinklage Replacement" on a T shirt that looked like an old iron on design. But like, poorly done. So we answered the call. And we now have Maureen's "Peter Dinklage Replacement" shirt on, so you can go and pre-order that right now.

And now in New Music News: last week Lauren Fairweather put out a new single called "Math", which you can watch the video for down in the flap below. But that song is inspired by The Fault in Our Stars, and now there is a T-shirt featuring Hazel and Gus. That is the artwork from the single for "Math", and it is Gus + Hazel = infinity. So, you can go pre-order that on the site right now as well. And don't forget to pick up Lauren's song on iTunes.

And I can't not mention this... 'cause it's important to me. But tomorrow, April 29th, my new EP 'Mosh Pits and Trampolines' is coming out. It will be up on iTunes tomorrow, and go check that out if you want. That'd be nice.

But that does it for this week guys. Don't forget to leave any questions or comments you might have down in the comments below. As always, the links to every single thing I talked about today will be down in the flap. And you can always find me on my channel at or on Twitter @MatthewGaydos.

So I will see you next week with a brand new episode of The Warehouse. And until then, don't forget to be awesome.