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Yaaaay. Am I live? I can't tell. Yay I'm on! Okay, this lag is kind of distracting, now I know what everyone is talking about.

Hello everybody! I'm Hayley from hayleyghoover, and Answerly, and the late fiveawesomegirls channel. If you're just tuning in this is Project for Awesome, I'm sure you probably know a lot about it already. Basically, we're commenting on the videos that are going to be in the description. Let me put one in there. Commenting to death, just commenting all over the freaking place, so that they get lots of attention and lots of people find out about Project for Awesome and donate money and hooray.

Okay, hold on, I need to ask the special Project for Awesome team what video I should put in. Someone's going to tell me in a second, once the lag stops. Let's give it up for WheezyWaiter everyone.

Getting a video to you, one second, getting that video right on up there. Later, when I'm done at 11 PM eastern, we are going to have a special guest, Mr. Tyler Oakley. I know y'alls love him as much as I do.

Okay, video settings, hold on. This is kind of complicated. Is that what it is? Yep, here's the video. Wait a second. What they don't tell you is that this is quite the operation. There are a lot of.. It's like driving a spaceship.

I think by the time you hear me say this you're going to see a video in the description, and if you do, then you need to click on that and start commenting. I will tell you what to comment on it.

It would be best if you pause my obnoxious voice for a minute and 23 seconds and you watch the video because YouTube can tell if we're watching the videos or not and otherwise they're just going to think that we're spamming, pulling one over on them. So watch the video, turn off my obnoxious voice, and then we'll get commenting. Hooray.

Oh yes, I've just been told that you have to refresh the livestream in order to see the video in the description. I'm sorry. So refresh that baby and go go go go go!

For those of you not watching the video, you should be watching the video. But if you've already watched the video then I guess I will talk to you.

Make sure you are commenting in the video in the description and not in the chat along the side of the livestream. Yes, okay. Also, I want to say thank you to somebody.. Thank you to Quintin who donated $150, Lawrence who donated $250, and David who donated $200. That is amazing. For all the rest of you, who don't have $200, any amount helps, but a really really cool and easy increment to donate in is, if you go to, you can pre-order John Green's disastrous sequel to his disastrous zombie apocalypse novel for $10, and those $10 go to the Project for Awesome and you get to read something that will make you feel equivalent to John Green for the first and probably only time in your life. No, all things considered, his disastrous writing is better than my good writing, but.. yay!

Now that we're back, most people have probably watched the video by now, I think, do me a favor and comment in the video your favorite kind of food. Go! And remember, lots of quick short comments are better than one long one. So be like, 'lasagna!' 'spaghetti!' 'rigatoni!' 'I really like pasta!', each one comment. Go go go! I should have been a cheerleader, great advice.

Meanwhile, Project for Awesome team, if you could tell me around what kind of goal we should set for money-earning in this hour that would be helpful, because there are a lot of buttons to be paying attention to right now. Yay. Shoot for $40,000! Okay, we are shooting for $40,000 this hour, which is a lot of money. And if we reach $40,000 before 11 o'clock when Tyler Oakley comes on, I will make out with any inanimate object in my bedroom of your choosing. I make out with inanimate objects a lot on the internet, but I will do that. Let's see, some of your options include a dirty running shoe, a plastic lawn flamingo.. I have another plastic reindeer, I'm not sure why.. I could make out with a picture, a framed photograph of either Kayley Hyde from owlssayhoot or Kristina Horner from italktosnakes, those are both readily available. So make sure you donate $40,000, not you individually, but continue donating! Maybe your wildest dreams could come true. Yeah, I will make out with it.

So I hope we're still commenting our favorite foods, and if you have run out of steam on that one, how about quotes from movies, TV shows, books. But again, lots of short comments are better than one long one. So if you want to do Harry Potter, be like, 'anything's' 'possible' 'if' 'you've' 'got' 'enough' 'nerve!' '-Ginny' 'Weasley' go!

Okay, let's see how we're doing on stuff. Let's check out the progress over here in the video, if I can find it. Man, this is complicated. Respect to those who have done it before me. Okay now I want everyone to, once you get sick of typing quotes, type claps, 'clap clap clap clap clap,' or any other equivalent noise in the comments to congratulate WheezyWaiter on a fabulous job hosting before me. Yeah, oh my God, I'm loving these comments. I'm seeing a little bit of, I don't know.. I'm seeing a little bit of Dumbledore, I'm seeing a little more Dumbledore, I'm seeing a little bit of my friend Marlena commenting, what's up girl. Refreshing the comments. Heck yes. Clap clap clap, we've got people clapping for WheezyWaiter. I clap for WheezyWaiter. I'm a WheezyWaiter fan to the core. To the core.

Okay, if you guys, if anyone is just tuning in now, once again I'm Hayley Hoover, from the YouTube channel hayleyghoover and Answerly and I am hosting Project for Awesome livestream which I'm sure you probably know everything about but if you don't, it's a day where fans of the Vlogbrothers YouTube channel take over YouTube and, for one day, make it not about cat videos, but about charity. People make videos about their favorite charities, we pick one at a time and attack it with comments and likes and favorites so that it gets to the top of the charts and gets talked about all over the world. And meanwhile, we're donating money on as well as bidding on the DFTBA auction so that the money goes to a collective fund, and then we vote for our favorite charities out of the ones represented by the videos and we divide the money up that way. That is a long speech.

Okay, how are we doing on comments. We've got 3,000, let's get this one to 4,000, and then we'll move on to a new video. Yeah! 'Will you be my wife Hayley,' asks thesomethingwitty. Of course I will! I'm everbody's wife.

Now that we've all clapped for WheezyWaiter, let's all type our favorite YouTuber. The name of our favorite YouTuber. Go! I'm sorry if that was a loud cough. Who's your favorite YouTuber, I'm ready to find out. Vlogbrothers, Michael Aranda, yeah. Some other people I've never heard of but I'm sure they're great. charlieissocoollike, mikelombardomusic, I know him. communitychannel, she's my favorite too. Stop saying your favorite's hayleyghoover, you're lying. nanalew, she's the best too. You guys are all tops. My friend Rosie, who I'm sure a lot of you know, just reminded me to remind you to make sure you're commenting in the video in the description, not in the chat along the side of the livestream. It's tempting, but that's not the right one. In the video description under me there is a link. Click that video, and we want to like and comment on that.

Okay, how are we doing on comments? We've got the next video ready! Alex Carpenter is someone's favorite YouTuber. He's a great guy. We hit 4,000! Okay! I also see some Nerimon fans, cool. Now we're gonna move on to the next video! Okay, let's see... In the meantime, keep commenting on that one and give a round of typing applause to the Project for Awesome team, who are on Skype currently, force-feeding me all the information, because I'm clueless!

Okay, we got a new video. Just gotta put this in the description real quick while you guys are clapping for the Project for Awesome team. Changing the video, yeah yeah yeah. Changing the video now! Okay! We have got the video changed so you can, you just need to refresh the livestream and then you will see it in the description. So, part with my voice for half a second and then you will see the next video.

And... make sure that's workin'.. Is it workin' everybody? I'm getting tweets all over the place! Okay! Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo is it workin'? Lemme work it. Sorry, no copyright stuff. Okay, if you're done clapping, now it's time to tell me... tell me what color your hair is! And tell me several times or in several languages if that's what you're into. Brown! Brown brown brown! Brown brown brown brown brown! Et cetera. And I will get there in a second. This is complicated. Okay! I should be there now. Yes! Okay, I wanna see... Yay! Lots of hair colors. Blond! Black! ...Blondey-brown. Green! Oh--okay, cool!

5awesomemarauders says--is I think singing "Work It" by Missy Elliot? Is that what's going on? "People still have red hair," thanks catfood919. Yeah! Okay. We've got your favorite hair colors down, let's see how many comments this video's got now... So far we've got 700! We're going to get this one to 4,000 as well.

Next, tell me your favorite band or... musician or... song. Anything. Let's read those in the comments.

Still got some favorite colors because of the lag. Unless someone's favorite band is "Blue." Beatles! There's a band. Hank Green... he's kind of a band. Charlie and Alex are your favorite band. Cool! Fun., yep. Bright Eyes. Hectic Glow, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha... see what you did there.

How are we doin' on the donations, guys? Can I get an update on that: how much money we've raised so far? Meanwhile, "luckyorangeumbrella" likes Paramore, and "Iwasntthere622" likes Alex Day. So far we're at... $38,891 and 35 cents. That is a lot of money, geez Louise. I myself have donated twice today. Once because I wanted to see Henry Green earlier, and once because I really wanna read John Green's disastrous sequel to his disastrous zombie book.

Okay! So now that we're still workin' on... "Flirtations in the Key of Life" that is some hardcore hayleyghoover subscriber right there who said that. Okay! We've got bands and music and stuff, now everyone comment your favorite number. Lucky number, favorite number, if you don't have one, now is the right time to choose one. Let's see some favorite or lucky numbers... Favorite lucky numbers... 22, 69, 17! I'm gettin' really excited here I can't sit still.

Also, make sure you're watching these videos, if you haven't actually taken the time to watch this one, pause my voice and watch it. Yes, because, first of all, you can't trick YouTube. They can tell if you're not watching it. And second of all, these are really cool videos for really cool charities, so it's kinda fun to watch them anyway.

Still gettin' some favorite numbers, which is cool for gaining comments but not really interesting to me. Okay, let's see... now everyone tell me your celebrity crush! If you have 20 of them, leave 20 comments. That'll help everybody. Celebrity crushes! Once again, make sure you're commenting this in the comments of the video that's in the video description below me, not in the chat on side of the livestream, because that doesn't help the cause. Andrew Garfield, Christian Bale, someone likes dangerous men. Justin Long, Darren Criss, Charlie, someone says me because they're silly... More celebrity crushes. We got lots of Doctor Who fans here. Kristina Horner's one of my celebrity crushes as well.

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