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Shira: Hey, Shira Lazar coming to you from VidCon with the one and only, there is only one, iJustine. I call you Justine.

Justine: I mean, that is my name.

Shira: But we'll add the i.

Justine: Great.

Shira: Because it makes it more powerful.

Justine: What's so funny is people actually don't think that my name is Justine. They're like, "I need to see your driver's license." I'm like, "What, you think I'm making this up here? No, it's my name, I promise".

Shira: Well, no, it's funny, when I even say, like, talk about you, where I'll be like, oh, yeah, what she's doing, I'll literally say iJustine. I'm like, but I know her, I don't know why I'm saying iJustine.

Justine: It's okay. It's alright. You can call me whatever you want.

Shira: So how's VidCon treating you? Are you enjoying it?

Justine: You know what, I had so much fun yesterday, I literally just was talking to people so much and you never realize that how talking is really exhausting--

Shira: I know.

Justine: So today, I'm really going for it.

Shira: It is, but so, like, describe the energy here, because there's so many amazing fans.

Justine: There is so much energy here, because it's unlike anything I've ever been to, because it is--everyone that watches our videos is here and you know, you don't get that at other conferences, because a lot of other conferences that I'm sure we both go to, it's a like a mix of the media people, it's not specifically YouTube, so I mean, you just see like, sxephil, Shane Dawson, just walking around and it's awesome.

Shira: You know, it's interesting, because it's the five year anniversary of YouTube, there's VidCon now, so how have you seen this all evolve? Because you've been there from the beginning in many ways.

Justine: Yeah, I mean, some people were even much earlier than me on YouTube, so I mean, it's just growing so quickly, I mean, it is the top distribution pretty much on the internet for YouTube, or for videos, and I mean, if you're not on YouTube, it's--you're really missing out.

Shira: What would you say was that one video that really got people engaged?

Justine: It was definitely the iPhone bill video, because even be--then, I was not really using YouTube. I didn't have a community, I never commented, I didn't realize that there was people on YouTube, and I think that's--people that just start watching YouTube, they might not actually have an account when they watch videos. They just watch videos. But some people are watching people, and I think that's the disconnect. People don't realize there's actually people behind a lot of these videos, you know, that's what everyone here does. They just watch those people, so.

Shira: How do you keep people coming back after you had that one kind of big video?

Justine: I think it's creating consistent content. I'm really bad at creating consistent content, I mean, I create--I consistent--but having a schedule. So a lot of the top YouTubers, they have a schedule, and they release videos every Saturday or every Wednesday. I try and I just, I fail at it miserably. I'm like, I would love to have a schedule, but I think creating content knowing that you can at least see something from me once a week or something from other people on a schedule basis is huge.

Shira: It was important to have you have your one channel and then you did your other one as well, right?

Justine: Yeah, so it's--for me, it's--I have two channels. One is like, edited content, the other is everything else.

Shira: Random. It's the easy stuff that you're like, I'm not editing this today.

Justine: And I warn people, I'm like, I don't know what's gonna be posted here, so if you're subscribed, you might wanna unsubscribe if you don't wanna see vlogs, 'cause they're gonna be here.

Shira: Do you think it's interesting that people still think that there's no business behind YouTube, like, people that are on YouTube, how they ask, how are you really making money and everything?

Justine: I mean, it makes sense, though, I mean, people just watching it have no idea. They don't realize that this is a job, you know, I work 24/7 editing, shooting, thinking about ideas, and I think it's just an education process for, you know, businesses and brands, especially, who are trying to advertise this space.

Shira: What tips can you give your fans out there, people that wanna get into what you're doing?

Justine: I mean, just really have fun and, you know, find what you're most passionate about and talk about it, even if it's the most ridiculous thing ever, because there is somebody else out there who probably likes that same thing too and wants to watch your video.

Shira: And what do you look forwa--looking forward to? What does the future hold for iJustine?

Justine: Oh my gosh, I wish I knew, but that's the most fun part about this, is that I have no idea. So hopefully, good things.

Shira: Teen Choice, you've that.

Justine: Oh, I thought you meant like--

Shira: Or a big... Yeah. Small picture, big picture.

Justine: No, yeah, I got nominated for a Teen Choice Award with Charles Trippy, Fred, Grayson Chance, Shane Dawson, so I'm pretty excited about that, yeah, so that's coming up in August, excited. Go vote for all of us. You can vote every day, so, you know, every day, vote for somebody different.

Shira: Justine, thank you. We'll do a lady hug. Alright, byeee.