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Are we live? Somebody tell me, are we live?

I don't see you if you're here. Ooh! Are you seeing chats? 

[background sounds]

Oh my gosh! Okay. We're testing it and there's a lag so I'm hearing myself from the past and the future. All right, if you shut that down then I won't be so wobbly. 

I think we're good to go. I'm sad that I can't see you all. But I think that you can message me, which is cool. But I can't see your comments!! Why can't I see your comments? (off camera comment)

Oh, what's with the late Sexytime? We're getting excited because it's the countdown to the end of Patreon doing its amazing matching program.

Somebody talk to me! I wish there was another face besides mine having this conversation and I'm... Do you know how to see comments?  My friend Jamie is on her own computer as a viewer. I can help you see. I can't...

Well, this is nice to know. I'm having a traditional YouTuber experience of not being able to work Google+! I'll try typing again.
Anyone there? Heeellloooo!?! [background talking] Nope. I can't see the comments. Or I can read it on... Do you think I can play Sexplanations at the same time? Okay, I am going to turn...

Jamie: Or just open Twitter or something. [inaudible]

Lindsey: Oh, see I have... this is what is happening. They're commenting in the livestream, which makes perfect sense, but on mine it says that there's an app where they can actually type into the screen. 

Jamie: Oh no, just go... they're commenting below the livestream.

Lindsey: Okay. Here we go! Finally a livestream that accommodates my insomnia! Chanting "Dr. Doe! Dr. Doe!" Hi!

"I'm so glad that you're able to do a show like this and educate people. Keep doing you!" I don't know any other way to do.

"Not hearing sound from you Lindsey" Uh oh! 

"I see you. If you see this talk say hi to me." Okay, Y-H-T-R-H-R-R, hi! 

"You're alive! *excited screech*" OMG hi!

What is this? I'm confused, hi, Liz, Dr. Doe, chanting.

Livestream starts. Ok. Ya, I know. [4:15]