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We follow the Guerrilla Girls as they visit Frieze Art Fair in London to share their new campaign with collectors and gallerists. This is what went down.

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Most people here will have no (bleep) idea who we are as usual.  

I see Frieze as the belly of the beast.  The art world has evolved into an arena of investment and people who run, at least, American museums, who are on the boards of directors, who are actually fueled by collecting museums are all investors in art, and art has become so expensive that, to have these public institutions in a way, subsidizing that market situation is really annoying to us and we ask the question, can we really allow a small handful of really wealthy people tell us what the history of our art is?  

We're planning to take one of our new campaigns, put it up, sneak around, put it up various places, in peoples' booths, in the bathrooms, give things out to people going to the fair and just see what happens.

Hey.  Would you like to put up some stickers for us, our new anti-billionaire campaign?  Sure.  Okay, go for it.

All the articles about the fair, including the articles about us, have all been about how more and more of very few super-wealthy people are controlling art, and the people at Frieze are some of those people so we're hoping to give some things to them as well.

Nice, thank you.  We have to give you this and you have to display it.   Hey there.  Hi.  Hello.  Hi.  How are you.  Oh, thank you.  He's doing a deal as he's talking.  

Sort of looks like a shopping mall, doesn't it? Yeah, it is.  It looks like a shopping mall.

If we're in an art neighborhood, particularly in New York, people come up and they want us to kiss their babies who are usually scared to death and we feel guilty about it, but people, everyone wants to talk to us and say thank you and say hi and tell us what they're doing.  

Is this the lounge?  This is crazy.  Why don't we stop for a minute.  Anyone need some stickers to put up?  

Security Guard: Ladies, you're not allowed to hand out any material inside the fair.

Who told you that?

SG: I've just been told by the fair director.  


SG: You can't hand out anymore items.  You want to put those both in your bags?

Yes, we're putting them in our bags.  Do not worry.  We get it.

SG: Thank you so much.

We've been shut out.  We can't hand out anything out here.  

Sarah: I heard that.

So uh, I guess that's the official response to the Guerrilla Girls at Frieze Art Fair.