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Hello! Welcome to Vlog Every Day in April, I'm starting on -- what -- what is the day? I'm starting on the 13th, so that's not a great start. But I've done VEDA for many years... I've never finished VEDA. This year, I would have felt bad if I hadn't even started.
How ya doing, hankschannel? It's been a while.

Lot of things going on right now, I just got back from DFTBA Warehouse where we just got these baseball tees in stock. Yeah! DFTBA! And then you got the -- the third-length sleeves, so you can show off your forearms, got nice forearms. That's a -- that's a look, right? People like that?

The Fault in Our Stars won the MTV movie award for Best Picture, last night, which is amazing and weird. I just -- it's so strange! Do you feel like it's really -- it's just surreal to me. John was up on the stage, he looked very fancy, he looked very fancy... he's looking like he's in good shape, I feel like John's getting in better shape than me, it's... worrying. And he got that, got that, uh, that golden tub of popcorn, which... for the price of popcorn in movie theaters these days, it better be made of gold.

I'm headed on tour, I'll be leaving soon, I'll be gone from the 18th to the 28th, uh, well I'll be gone a little more than that because we're going to go to Chicago and rehearse a little bit, and hopefully while I'm there I'll be able to go see the Field Museum for the first time, and Emily's gonna get to show me around.

So yeah. Tour's coming up, I've been practicing: I've been working out my vocals, I've been, uh, working on a couple of new songs, though they are not my songs -- though I did write a new song, uh, that song, the Harry Potter compilation. Just getting my voice worked out, getting my calluses worked up on my fingers, cause it's just -- I've been distracted, I haven't had a lot of time to work on music stuff. And also working on a little bit of what the show's gonna be like, what we're gonna do on the shows, what's gonna make the experience interesting for people, what's gonna, you know, let people connect with each other and connect with the experience and have a really, just a really good time.
If you are in Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, DC, Boston, or New York City, we're coming to you, and I think the ones that haven't sold particularly well are, uh, Detroit, which isn't too surprising -- Ann Arbor people, it is not that far away! -- uh, Cleveland, uh, and maybe Philly and Pittsburgh? I'm... not sure.

We have, like, a crazy rabid audience -- John and I -- in, in Boston, so that's always been a, like, that's always been, like, an epicenter of nerdfighteria activity, so that show's already sold out. I'm sure that the New York City stop will sell out. The Chicago stop is in a really big place, which is why it hasn't sold out yet, it's actually sold more tickets than Boston but, um, but it's big. It's big. So it might not sell out, but it also might. I don't know what the best way to market this is, to say "Oh we don't know if they're going to sell out you gotta get your tickets now they might sell out!" or if I should say, like, "You know, some of the places have sold a lot, some haven't, and we'd really like people that are in places where it's not gonna sell out to buy tickets, because that's where, like, the promoters of those clubs will be mad at us if we don't sell, uh, as many tickets as we would have liked to. Thank you to people who pay money to come see our shows. We do everything we can to make them, those shows, really exceptional and worth every single penny you pay.

Also, I just found out that my video from last week got taken down off of YouTube. This is the first time in eight years of making YouTube videos that my video got taken down, and I absolutely deserved it, I took a clip -- that clip of that funny guy on the counter -- like, that funny Counter-Strike guy doing that funny dance to that song... The thing I wasn't concerned about was the song, because, like, it's a pop song, and pop's, like, people who write pop songs want their songs to be included in music videos because it becomes more part of the cultural zeitgeist and that makes it more popular.

But what I did not think of, and I did not realize, was that the clip that I was using, that little funny guy walking, was from a, a, an original content Counter-strike video that was made by a person. This wasn't, like, a game, it wasn't like gameplay footage, it was actually stuff that this guy did. And I just took it, because I'd seen it on Tumblr and thought it was funny, and I didn't know -- I thought it was like glitch footage or something? So I just took it, and I just uploaded it because I saw a funny GIF on Tumblr, and I didn't do any research, but it turns out that that guy, like, makes Machinima videos for a living, where he makes cool, funny Counter-Strike videos, and I didn't even think about it, and I just totally stole that guy's stuff, and then I uploaded it without giving him any credit, without mentioning him or linking to him or even knowing that he existed, and so, yeah. I got -- that video got taken down. And, I, that's completely legitimate! So go check out that guy's videos. I'm sorry to him, and, uh, that's a bummer, but, uh, yeah. I -- I definitely could have played that one better!

Weird, to have a video taken down after all these years. It's very strange. To have uploaded a video on the Vlogbrothers channel that is now not there. So. The price you pay for not paying enough attention and stealing someone's stuff. Alright. Thank you for watching this episode of hankschannel, if you want more, I'm on Snapchat, hankgre, and GamesWithHank, where I'm always uploading gaming videos, at least three times a your only VEDA video you're gonna get. But hopefully not! Hopefully I'll get some tour footage up and it'll be great. Thank you! Bye.