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So I'm making a rant video and this rant was too long so I couldn't fit it in. But I didn't want it to not be in the world so...please, stop whining about people pronouncing "GIF" wrong and also, just generally, stop citing untested hypotheses as facts.
So there is still a discussion going on about the pronunciation of 'GIF' and 'JIF,' which are both correct pronunciations. It's like 'kuh-rib-ee-uhn' and 'kar-uh-bee-uhn.' Both correct. 

But there is this argument that it's Graphics Interchange Format so it should be 'g,' the 'g-if' 'gif.' "It's not J-raphics Interchange Format!"

You're making up an argument that doesn't exist. This is a hypothesis that you haven't tested. Like, acronyms don't work that way.

We make the acronym and then we pronounce it the way we feel like pronouncing it. If this were an acronym rule, 'lāzer' would be pronounced 'läser.' And no one wants that.