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In which hank discusses the reality behind the Obama Romney tax calculator.
Hi, this is Hank. Catching a certain amount of flak, not a large amount of flak, but a certain amount of flak from my most recent video about the Obama-Romney tax calculator. I'm looking at it that's why I'm looking up there. And, uh, some of the comments are justified and I just wanted to say that.

Um, and I probably should've been a little more careful before like, blargh, sort of puking my, my discoveries on the internet. And this is clearly is a thing that was created by the Obama campaign. Um, and having done some research, basically what it is, is it's not Mitt Romney's, like here's my tax plan I created and now everybody gets to analyze it.

He said a bunch of things. And everyone said well if we were to take at your word. So, I'm going to lower taxes this much for these people, going to do x and y, at the same time reduce the deficit, and so, a non-partisan group, not Democrat, not Republican, took him at his word and said if you do those things here's what your tax code would have to look like. And they created that, they shared it with the world. 

And the Obama campaign was like, oh, wow! So, probably it's not that Mitt Romney's tax plan would be this exact plan, but they are saying, here's what he said and we're taking him at his word. If we have to, uh, trust his word than this is what his tax plan would be.

Hopefully, this isn't what his tax plan would be and he, uh-- well probably not because probably the way that he-- oh, don't go there Hank. Let's not try and start guessing what Mitt Romney's gonna do or not do with his tax plan. But, yeah. So, basically yes, I used a tax calculator based on a tax plan that isn't a tax plan yet. It's just what a guy said, though, the guy is running for president so we should be holding him accountable for what he says.

So, yeah, that's all! Just wanted to, you know, say that folks who were like why didn't you use a tax calculator that isn't sponsored by the Obama campaign? Well I didn't because Mitt Romney doesn't have a real tax plan yet. So far there is the Ryan plan, which, ugh, and then there's just what Mitt said and that's what we're going off of with this one.

So, thanks for keeping me honest and, uh, much love. Probably gonna try to keep things fairly politics free on Hankschannel, but it's hard to do, hard to do. People who are going to LeakyCon, I will see you soon! People who aren't going to LeakyCon, you will see me on Friday on Vlogbrothers, and probably before then, right here on Hankschannel.