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1:32 - Are the health benefits of fatty foods like nuts, fish, & olive oil relative to other fatty foods or good replacements for any equivalent calorie.

3:23 - In observance of Ash Wednesday, many Catholics fast. What can one expect from a 24 hour fasting period? What about longer?

5:14 - I know that acetaminophen is bad for your liver, but I've heard lately (from a coworker) that ibuprofen is worse. What does the research say?

6:51 - Should we get tested for homocysteine and C-reactive protein for markers of inflammation and heart disease?

8:11 - As a medic I frequently hear that medical treatment in the service is abysmal, especially when it comes to treatment of chronic pain. Are there studies on this?
Also, what's wrong with the VA? Why does it take so long for them to respond to a claim, and how effective is the treatment they provide?

11:15 - Naproxen or Ibuprofen? Which I use for what? A follow up to this question
Both are readily available OTC NSAIDS in North America. Ibuprofen is definitely more popular. Why would I want to choose one over the other?

13:38 - What is your opinion on the CDC's new recommendation that ALL women not on birth control abstain from alcohol?

17:05 - Hi there, would you be able to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of using intention to treat vs. per protocol analyses in health research? Is one better than the other?

20:55 - What does the research say about various drugs used to treat anxiety disorders? Is there any evidence that antidepressants are effective at treating anxiety

22:27 - What would be the ramifications of the common Republican proposal to allow buying/selling insurance across state lines

26:52 - Got an MRI for monocular diplopia. Apparently a pinhole could just as easily have told them it wasn't neural (stroke, etc.). Would another country's system have denied the MRI? Have I been pampered?

27:53 - Is there any promising research on using units other than calories to measure caloric intake? Do any other unit systems lead to a reduction in calories consumed?

30:30 - Are there any health benefits/risks associated with eating a large number of small meals throughout the day (constant grazing/snacking, assuming nutritionally balanced foods) compared to normal meals?
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