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How many explosions does it take to blow up a castle? 1, 2, 3,...?

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Hank: Hello and welcome to Games with Hank.  I'm Hank.  This is games with me.  We're going back in to play some more Besiege today, because I like it and the last one was so embarrassing that I feel like I have to do at least one more before stopping and actually doing work.  I don't know what the next zone is or--whoa.  No.  This looks difficult.  Looks like I need something pretty small here, so something small that will also stand up to destruction.  Alright.  Just--just starting out like this.  You can't shoot me, I'm too fast.  Nope, you knocked off one of my wheels already.

So, let's put on a little bit of armor, huh?  So nobody can touch me, I'm too good for school.  There's a lot of--lot of arrows inside of me right now.  Okay, good.  Got to one place.  Oh, gotta get up the hill.  Gotta get up the hill.  Gotta get up the hill and then whoaaaaa.  Hey, that counts, everybody, all right!

Destroy 60% of everything.  Well.  That looks like a--like a bit of a difficulty, honestly.  So, you guys are easy.  You just explode for no reason.  I'm stuck on your dead bodies.  And the trick is gonna be destroying this with something that I can then continue moving around, 'cause that's--I need--I need bombs to destroy that.  Well, I could try building another catapult, 'cause the last time I did that it worked so well.

Uh, maybe a smaller catapult this time than the last one?  'Cause that went poorly.  Steering hinge...brace...I don't know what all of the things are, and I feel like I should have figured that out by now.  Circular saw, metal spike, cannon, flamethrow--okay, no, it's the machinery that I'm really confused about.  Alright.  Okay.  Well, that was a bad, bad start.

Hahahaha.  Yeah, keep attacking it and die.

This is more like...hahahahah!

Okay.  Problem with that is I didn't kill that much of it, and I need to kill more of it, so how do I do that?  Uhhhh...I don't know.  How do I do--I can have more springs.  Okay.  So, that's not actually gonna help me, though--OHHHH.

Launch.  It does give you more.  Unfortunately, this isn't going to work out for a number of reasons, but mostly this one.  Oh.  You know. 

Let's put another--let's just--let's just try to iterate and this is almost certainly going to destroy my machine, but you never know.  Hahaha.

Yes, go free.  (destruction montage)  Oh, God.  Haha.  'Scuse me.  Man, that thing is solidly built.  Uh.  I don't know what to do.  I'm sure if I watch a tutorial, I'd be like, oh, it was so easy!  Why am I an idiot?

Okay.  Starting over from scratch, because that's the most efficient thing to do, I'm sure.  And then let's lower it down to the ground, and see what happens with this current design.  Well.  Well, nothin'--nothin' exceptionally good.

Let's add some more springs to at least two of these.

Okay, that was good, I liked that.  You guys are just gonna impale yourselves, why is my camera off right now?  God dang it.  Always something going wrong.  Okay, well, apparently, you do not actually kill yourselves on death spikes, which is disappointing.  I thought that you would.

Going to keep killing you guys, keep dying, keep dying.  Come on.  I didn't program any turning into this thing, so I can't actually intentionally do any more damage.

And maybe I should add another bomb.  You know, it always makes sense, I feel like, to add another bomb.  Ahhh!

Okay.  I'm just gonna start runnin'.  Heyyy!  Yeah!  That's what I'm talking about!  I had to ram it and fire at the same time!  WHOO!  So good.  So good.  Alright, I'm feeling very accomplished right now, I'm a little--still a little bit embarrassed by my lack of technique.  I'm gonna go watch some catapult tutorials, some--see how other people are doing this, 'cause I'm very curious to see how I've completely been embarrassing myself, but thank you for watching this episode of Games with Hank, I'm Hank, this is games with me, this has been Besiege, DFTBA.