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Jessi talks about what keep her motivated even during the hardest times and then gives lots of new toys to the animals.

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So it's been a tough couple of weeks.  We had sub-zero weather with about three feet of snow.  I have a stomach virus and I had some really hard losses that have weighed heavily on my heart.  Everyone has had those really hard times where you're struggling and all you wanna do is hide under a blanket just to survive.  Maybe you can take a couple days off to get things in order, but the reality is, I can't just take a day off.  The animal need to be cared for whether I'm sad or sick or hurt because I'm responsible for their well-being, so how do I stay motivated?  Well, I realize that I don't have to be happy in the sense that I'm bouncing off the walls happy.  I can be happy in another way. 

I'm so grateful for the love that surrounds me and Animal Wonders.  My love for the animals, your love for the animals, the love I have for my role as their caretaker and the love for the community we've created together, that creates happiness, and the thing is, feeling that kind of happy, having compassion for others and having a supportive family and community are all huge motivators, so much so that I actually don't want to take time away from Animal Wonders, even when I'm sad, sick, or hurt.

For example, come here.  Look what love has inspired this community to do.  Look at all these toys and supplies for the animals.  These are from the last month, and they're from our Amazon Wishlist and they're purchases from funds brought in from our Patreon supporters and donations.  They've built up a bit because of the holidays and personal struggles, so it's time to get them to the animals.  Let's share this love.

(Music montage)

Hey Kizzy.  How's it going?  Here you go, guys.  I have a mat for you to hang out on and look at this.  What do you think about that?  Chili Pepper, do you want this?  Did you eat some--he's eating it.  I mean, that's one way to enjoy it.  Just eating it.  What do you think?  

Alright.  Let's put this in here.  Some good stuff right here.  Look at that.  

Look at her.  Yeah, figure that one out, that one's a little bit harder.  Dig at it.  See what it does.  You got those.  She can smell it.  She's trying to figure out--oh, oh, there you go, there you go.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, ohh, she did it.  Good job!  You'll be at this for a while, huh?  Those ones are a lot harder to turn, to move.  

She's getting a lot stronger in this new enclosure that we have for her.  Her body is just--her body tone, her muscles are just getting used more and so it's great to see her become healthier and more active and happier.  Well, I'm gonna let you explore that.  Now that you're up here, you might use that to climb back down and really get a good feel of it.  I'll leave you to it.

Very cool.  There.  What is it?  Yeah.  Alright, Mimi, have fun.  We're gonna go get some toys to some more animals.

Hey, dude.  I got some toys for you.  Look what the people bought you.  Yeah, look, well, we got this.  Do you want that?  You can have it if you want it.  Ooh!  Yup, he wants it.  Okay, you want more?  Look at this.  Look at that.  Is that your--that's yours, too?  Here, I'm going to put this one against here so you can't take it.  Look at this.  Look, it's over here.  Look.  What happened?  You couldn't take it with you.  I know.  Here.  He's like, I don't trust it.  This is a new toy for him.  He's never had one of these before.  This is made for a chinchilla.  What can you do with it?  Alright, I'm getting really cold, so let's head back inside.  

Thank you for being part of this journey, creating a supportive space on YouTube, and giving happiness to these animals and those you have in your own personal lives.  Even though I'd really like to have my head under a blanket right now, I still want to share and spread only kindness and compassion and create a better, happier life for the animals and anyone who watches.  Your love and support motivates me.  Let's share that love and support with others and inspire them to make the world a better, happier place.  Thanks, guys, and I'll see you next week.