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Congratulations to John on the "little development"! And also congratulations to him on an excellent fireside hangout with Obama. And congratulations to the Lizzie Bennet Team, and The Brain Scoop, and Wheezy Waiter, and Nerdfighteria and THE ENTIRE WORLD! This was such an awesome week!

So I had two people work up remixes of internet dance craze songs just in case one of them didn't hit my very unreasonable deadline.

First mashup: Sam Antonioli

Endscreen Mashup
Maxton (Infinitefreefall)

You should check out both of them, they are fantastic.

Now...uh...obviously John announcing Sarah's pregnancy on the live stream with President Obama was, like, the coolest possible way any baby has ever been announced to the world. I'm extremely excited and proud and speechless. And Obama's shoutout to Nerdfighteria, well...well...I still have no words.
Good morning John! I know, I'm too late... I don't know what I'm thinking. I'm on the wrong side of the bell curve, I'm catching the wave as it crashes but I simply... cannot... help myself. *song*

I guess... I'm a little bit of an internet dance craze hipster! It turns out. I mean, yeah, it's great, Harlem shake, but don't forget about Geddan, people! Its feelings might get hurt, and Numa Numa?! Come on!

Alright, because I can't help but not think too much about... everything, I am really curious as to why Internet dance craze videos often seem to be bilingual. English and Spanish. English and Japanese. English and Korean. English and Moldovan. English and... Soulja boy. Of course, it is important to note that this trend pre-dates Internet culture, and also it is still completely possible in the internet age to have a dance craze based on a uni-lingual song, but is definitely a majority, and it is definitely a trend, and I definitely don't know why it is, though I have some little guesses, but they're not good enough for the light of day, I don't think. So. Ideas? Comments! Help!

Alright, enough of that. You people are probably waiting for me to talk about something else. I'm kind of avoiding it, cause it's freaking me out. It has been a big week in... erghhh! John, you, my brother, John, got to interview the President a bit, which was... cooooool.

Here's a highlight! (Video of John) "Almost all economists agree, er, that we should stop minting pennies. It's a really obvious thing, uh, it's not a particularly interesting or, er, partisan thing, but it is really obvious, so my question to you is why haven't we done it?" (Video of Obama) "You know, er, I gotta tell you John, I don't know! Er, it, it, it's one of those things where I think people get attached emotionally to the way things have been."

John Green, ya stumped the President! Pretty cool! But in addition to that, The Brain Scoop was featured on NPR! WheezyWaiter and Shay Carl got to make a video with Matt Damon, who you may or may not know is my idol! Lizzy Bennett Diaries won two Streamys! These are the pre-awards - we may still yet win more! And we launched Crash Course Chemistry, which I'm very excited about, and I got back from the United Kingdom, so I don't really know what time it is, and - oh yeah! Also! The President refused to name your unborn child! (Video of Obama) "If I gave a preference, and you guys went the other way, forever this child would say, the President doesn't like my name! The main thing is, tell, tell, either Eleanor or Alice, er, not to forget to be awesome." ...What?! Haaa. Hmm? Haaaaaa! *song*