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People in Scottsdale and other places in Arizona even as far away as Tuscon! I got the event scheduled, which is very exciting because I really left it to the last minute and they really pulled out and helped me.

I contacted a few libraries and the people in Scottsdale were extremely, extremely helpful and very accommodating and have gotten me a very nice place, which people keep telling me is a really great library. It is the - it is the - hahaha - the Civic Center Library on 3839 North Drinkwater Blvd. Scottsdale, AZ 85251. The phone number is (480) 312-REED. That is where I'm going to be in Scottsdale. I'm very excited to be there.

Um, it's gonna be a big drive for me to get there, but I decided that I had to do Phoenix because there were so many Nerdfighters on Eventful who signed up from Phoenix and nearby areas, so thank you all so much and I really hope that you can come out and experience the awesome and bring the power of online communities to the real world. That is all. I think that you - oh wait, I didn't tell you what time! It has to be pretty early because the thing is closing down at like 6 so we have to be out of there by 6, so I decided that we would start at like 4 - possibly 3:30. So, uh, probably you can get there at 3:30, but we won't start till 4. So that is what time it's at and where it's at and I'm very excited to see all of you. Bye-bye!