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Hank: Hello!  It's Hank.  The Hangout on Air is live.  We're only four minutes late, which, if you knew what I just went through to get this to work, you would be very impressed with me.  Now, it says we have 0 viewers, but that's just definitely not true, 'cause there's a ton of people in the chat, all Tweeting, uh, chatting, Tweet-chatting about what's going on.  So, any second now, it will actually show up in the thing, and I'll see how much lag there is--or is it just going to pop up right in the middle of me talking?  Oh, yeah, it's gonna pop up right in the middle of me talking.  (?-0:42) Alright, so now, I'm gonna start all over again, because you can definitely hear me.  Hi.  This is Hank.  I paused me.  Are you--is it working?  Ohh...

Karen: There's Eric.

Eric: Hi.

Hank: Hello, Eric.  Hey, alright!  The team is here, the whole team is here.

Eric: It's working!

Hank: My internet seems very, very, very not good or I'm just sayin', oh, that's, oh, shoot, I'm on the wrong internet, you guys.

Eric: Don't do it!

Hank: This might--but I can't switch now, because it'll break!  

Eric: So do we have to restart?

Hank: I'm on my neighbor's internet!

Eric: So do we have to restart?

Hank: Nope.  We're not gonna.  We're just gonna use my neighbor's internet the whole time.  Ahh.  He'll never know.  

Eric: Until he resets his router.

Hank: That's what he gets for not putting a password on his internet.  

Eric: So should I--should we--are--should I start sending that link out everywhere?

Hank: Yes, you should.  There are already lots of people here.  

Eric: Oh really?  You were faster than I.

Hank:  Yeah, I put it on my channel, on hankschannel, so people will just--people will--yeah.

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