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In which Hank talks about all of the crazy things going on including Disney's acquisition of LucasFilm, Hurricane Sandy, Darcy Day, Assassin's Creed 3, and the U.S. Elections. He also coughs a lot.


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Hank: *sigh* Good morning, John. There is so much going on right now. We just got to Halloween, with all the Nerdfighter pumpkins, never asked for it, always get it, always love it, so cool. Disney just bought Star Wars, nyaaah. Honestly, I'm excited about it, I know that they could do bad, but with Marvel, they've done very good. And let me blow your mind a little bit right now, so Lucasfilm has an effects studio called Industrial Light & Magic, which is like, the best name for an effects studio ever, and back in the early 80s, they hired a guy named John Lasseter, and he and a bunch of other people created a computer graphics department at Industrial Light & Magic. ILM then sold that department off to Steve Jobs, for 5 million dollars and it became Pixar. Then, in 2006, Pixar was purchased by Disney for 7.4 billion dollars, so a company that was basically an afterthought for Lucasfilm became worth more than Lucasfilm to Disney, which then bought Lucasfilm in its entirety including Industrial Light & Magic for 4 billion dollars, amazing. There is no moral to this story, I just thought that was interesting. Other things going on, yesterday was Darcy Day, the big reveal of William Darcy. I'm playing Assassin's Creed III, which I'm super excited about, yay, video game season! There are still people who cannot watch m videos because Hurricane Sandy knocked out there power, and to those people I say I'm sorry. I hope your lives get back to normal soon. I have a cough. I have Robitussin Peak Cold. Finally, the biggest piece of news out there is that America's about to pick its president for the next four years. I know not all of you are Americans, I'm sorry, that's what I'm going to be talking about for the rest of the video, but for those people who are not participating in the stuff that I'm about to talk about, I've created another video, just for you, just for people who don't live in America, and if you live in America and you click and you watch that video, then you are a bad person! But, for Americans and also anyone who cares about the American presidential election, which should be everyone, the Harry Potter Alliance and the Vlogbrothers are teaming up to create DFTVA. A somewhat awkward initialism standing for 'Don't Forget to Vote, America'. The DFTVA initiative has two parts. First part, there is a graphic and it is linked in the description and you should spread it far and wide to encourage all of the people who can to vote. Do your civic responsibility, your duty! Post it everywhere leading up to the election, and especially post it on Tuesday to remind people to go and vote. Also, there are really important things that you can do with the Equality FTW campaign this year. The second portion of the DFTVA campaign is about more than just spreading the word online, it's about actually going to your polling place and pose doing the Nerdfighter sign and we will send you a free DFTVA sticker. That's right, absolutely free. If you're under 18, you can do it, too, and we'll give you, just for being excited about elections, even though you're not like, legally, you can't vote, we'll still send you a sticker, because I feel bad for you. All you have to do is go to and post a picture of you at your polling place or with your ballot, and for people who have already voted, you can just go to your polling place and take the picture, and submit it and we will send you a sticker, and that is all. Except that it is not all, because another link in the description is a playlist that I've created today because there is so much stuff to talk about that I've created a playlist that you can sit and watch and it'll probably take like half an hour to watch all the way through it, so if you wanna watch that playlist, there's like a bunch of videos including one with me and Katherine talking about Darcy Day, the reveal of William Darcy on Lizzie Bennet Diaries, this playlist thing is a thing I've never done before, it doesn't work on mobile, just on your computer, so hopefully you enjoy it, hopefully it works, and John, I will see you on Tuesday, oh my God, it's going to be Tuesday. (cough montage)