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I'm working really hard on an episode about phone sex so that we're all we have a safer sex strategy during social distancing. It will be a long and comprehensive lesson so it's taking me more time than usual to put together. I'm excited though!! and so grateful that I have this other episode of magical fun-making Amp and I made while I was in San Francisco last year.
I gave Amp the go ahead to take over Sexplanations and quiz me on BDSM/kink gear. He's good people and a wonderful of his own channel WattstheSafeword. I felt so comfortable with Sexplanations in his hands and so safe myself in his care. I hope our playtime lifts your spirits and edutains you as much as it did me.
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Amp: So what did you do today, Amp?  Well, I just put, you know, Lindsey from Sexplanations in a spreader bar with some suspension.


Lindsey: I am submitting to your magic.  

A: Wingardium Leviosa.  Oh, whoa.  This is Lindsey Doe, clinical sexologist and host of this sex-curious--oh, damn it, I almost had it.  This is Lindsey Doe, clinical sexologist and host of this sex curious show, Sexplanations, and I'm Amp from WattsTheSafeWord hijacking the show.  Are you excited, Lindsey?

L: Yes.  

A: Tentatively, at least.  Do I have your consent?

L: You do.  I'm very excited.

A: There we go, that's all we need.  Okay, bring in the cage.  No, I'm just kidding, and today, we're gonna talk about sensory deprivation.  Lindsey, do you know what sensory deprivation is?

L: Yes, I do.  Tell me anyway.  

A: It's a kink in many ways in which you can take away senses in a bunch of different ways: visuals, your nose is a sense, your mouth, your hands, your ears, your touch.  

L: (?~0:59) when I touch something.

A: No, you're good, you're good, and today, Lindsey is in our dungeon, which is actually very well lit for a dungeon, but we're at Mr. S Leather, the place that I work full-time and design our goods, so today, I figured, let's talk about some of my favorite things and so I wanted to test Lindsey's Sexplanations skills and her sexpertise to see if using some of her senses, she could figure out what some of our sex toys are.  

L: Oh boy.  

A: Are you sensory overloaded right now?  

L: I just wanna touch something.  

A: My Grindr bio.  So Lindsey, with your consent and with your--you are such a good sport, I will say that.  She just came in to my dungeon and we've had some fun.  Can you sense the excitement?  Without further ado, I'm just gonna jump right in to it and give you your first item.  Are you ready?

L: Yes.  Please.  

A: So polite, too.  So for your first item, Lindsey, this is one of my personal favorites.  I'm just gonna set it down right in front of you.  Oh, yup, there you go.  So tell me what you're feeling.  As you feel it, talk me through your senses.  

L: Okay.  I am feeling rubber.  

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