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I'm going to assume this worked. Hey, guys.

It's Chelsea. Truly nightmare stuff. OK. --nightmare stuff.

Oh, I'm seeing myself live. OK. Let me drop this in the community page.

OK. Is this working now, everyone? Because I'm about to lose my goddamn mind if this isn't working again.

Is it working? Oh my god. OK.

So I don't know what to do at this point because I'm just sitting here [INAUDIBLE]. I'm just sitting here every time I do a Live. I'm like, YouTube, help me help you.

Their Live feature-- and this is no disrespect to YouTube. We have built a legit business on YouTube. There's a lot about YouTube I love.

Obviously, I love our YouTube community. You guys are great. But yeah, I cannot deal with their Live features.

It's so bad. Streambox? I've never even heard of it, actually.

I'm going to go get Mona so we can all chill together. But yeah, this is an ask me anything. So I'm here to answer your questions.

I'm getting my dog. One second. Come on, Mona.

Come on. [INAUDIBLE] Go shake your moneymaker. Woo hoo hoo hoo hoo. It's the dog.

Woo, woo, woo. Hello. Hello, my sweetie.

We both just went to the dentist recently. Hey, everyone. So yeah, all questions are good.

Just to reiterate, which I know you guys know, but I do have a workshop on Thursday that I'm promoting. So I'd love to answer a question or two about that if you guys have any. I'm going to be hosting it with my co-founder, Lauren.

And it's all about entrepreneurship, side hustling, being freelance. It's going to be great. But like I said, if you can't make it live, no worries.

We're going to go ahead and make it available with a recording. But yeah, so I have lots to say about that and, yeah, any other questions that you guys have. So I'm just going to go in and start answering.

I apologize to everyone who went to the wrong link. We had yet another issue with YouTube's Live feature. Such is the scourge of using YouTube Live.

I was just interrupted watching one of your videos by the notification for this one. Love that. Madeleine says, Chelsea, I've been following you forever.

Do you remember when you did a Q&A and videos on your Tumblr from your apartment in Paris? I loved your blog back in the day. Man, that is old.

Those are still on YouTube, actually. They weren't on Tumblr. They were on YouTube.

But I went back and looked at them, and I was so young. I was such a little thing, although today, I went to the dentist for the first time since the pandemic, which I know is not good. But no cavities, which is really, really exciting.

But I did get scolded a fair amount. But the woman was like, well, you're in your 20s. I was like, fun fact, I'm 33.

So that was a little boost of confidence. Mona's cute. I agree.

Do questions have to be about the bootcamp? No, but I'm really happy to answer them if they are. I'm curious about your thoughts on pet insurance and whether you got it for Mona or just have an emergency fund for her.

Yeah, so we don't have pet insurance. And from everything I've heard from friends and family who've gotten pet insurance, it's generally not worth it because it actually doesn't cover very much. And not everywhere takes it.

So everyone I've known who's had pet insurance has said that they regret getting it or they wouldn't get it again. So that would be my take. And no, we don't have it.

Also, quick note, guys, if the entrepreneur bootcamp doesn't apply to you, you're not freelancing, side hustling, whatever, but you want to support TFD, you should join our Society. You can hit the Join button, which would be really cool because then you get all of our perks, including all of our exclusive members-only video, one of which went up today. And it's all about Gwyneth Paltrow and fake wellness stuff, which is a topic that I'm very personally passionate about.

Jenna Lee says, taxes. I have not filed for years. How do I get help?

How do I get started? You haven't filed taxes for years? Ooh.

At that point, if you have several years of back taxes, you probably have all kinds of fines. There might be all kinds of stuff happening with your taxes. If I were you, I would probably get in contact with at least an accountant, like a CPA or a tax preparer.

Or I would maybe even consider talking to a tax attorney. Because if you just have not been filing for years and years, you just want to make sure that you're doing everything right and not possibly getting in more trouble. Taxes are no joke.

It is a bit of a cliche to say. But the only thing rich people really do go to jail for is tax problems, like tax fraud and tax evasion. So don't mess with the IRS is my number-one piece of advice.

I work at a hospital. I don't have time for side jobs. Well, there you go.

Then it's not for you. How old is Mona? She's seven, seven years young, the little glamazon.

People think she's a puppy. And yeah, someone pointed out, is that a shark toy? It is.

This is her brand new toy as of today. And it's really cool because she has a lot of stuffed animals, as many pets do. But she really only responds to the term "bunny," so they're all bunnies.

So this is new bunny. Wait, let's see if she'll come. [SQUEAKING] Oh, this one has a strange squeak. [SQUEAKING] She's coming. Yes.

It's for you. Come on. Come on.

Come on. Whoo! OK.

All right. I'm giving it to her, yes. She's still figuring out how to hold it in her mouth.

StreamYard might solve all your issues. I'm willing to go anywhere and look at any options. I have difficulty sticking to my budget.

What can I do? Could I have more information on that, Una? Because it really depends on why you're having trouble sticking to your budget.

If you're constantly going over in different categories, then it's probably a question of not having a very realistic budget. If you're spending more than you want to, often it's a question of not automating enough of your payments so that not a lot of money is available in your checking account. Getting your own money of your face is really, really important.

But yeah, there's different answers for different problems with budget issues. I'm in nursing school and will have no marketable skills besides nursing, but I want to work for TFD. Aw.

Can you guys hire me as an in-house nurse? That would be great. I love that.

That's so sweet. Pamela Cohen says, hello. Hello, Pamela.

I was so pumped when you announced, plus I missed Lauren. I missed Lauren, too, although she works full-time at TFD. So I see her all the time.

What's TFD's work-from-home policy? So we do two days a week in office. And it's flexible what days.

You can come in more than that if you want. But that's the minimum that we do-- is two days a week. And people pick the days that work for them.

And then we have a four-day workweek. So no one works at all on Fridays. So it's really flexible.

And it's a nice balance because, I mean, I don't know how you guys feel about it. But I do feel that 100% working from home can get pretty depressing and isolating. But it's also really nice to just have a lot of time where you're not having to lose time to a commute.

My commute is really short. It's only a 20-minute bike ride. But even that is like-- it can be hard.

Or what if you have a package or you want to set a long meal to braise during the day? It's nice to have that flexibility. How do you justify a high-cost-of-living area versus mid-cost-of-living area with a remote job?

Texas versus SF, NYC is the high cost-- is the high cost of living worth the higher cost to have access to that region? So I'm assuming from this question you're working remotely. So it doesn't matter where you live.

Should you spend the money to live in a higher-cost-of-living area? Only you know the answer to that question. It completely depends on if the benefits of living in that area are worth it to you.

There's really no other way around it. What are you specifically looking to get out of that area? There are specific reasons, even amongst other large high-cost-of-living cities that I really love living in New York City specifically.

But that's not true for everyone. And even amongst the people at TFD, some of them have moved to a suburb or areas that are where they get a yard. And maybe they have a longer commute, but the cost of living is lower.

Everyone's got a different thing. And only you can know what's worth it for you. But it's great to have the options.

I loved the video you did once on cringe-worthy Instagram posts. Oh my god, that was truly-- that was vintage, vintage Chelsea, vintage TFD. Is that a shark squeaking in the background?

Yes, it is. Mona's currently going to town on it. Dollar, dollar, dollar, dollar to refi student loans or to invest in payoff loans with the gains from the investment?

We could have phrased that question a little bit more coherently. I know what you're saying, but that was confusingly written. There's calculators for that.

There are all kinds of calculators for debt payoff versus investment. And that can include refinancing. So use calculators because it's impossible to say without the details of the particular loans you're looking at-- the amounts, the interest, the refinancing, et cetera.

I am up to date with taxes. Congratulations. You might cover this in the bootcamp.

But how do you start looking for liability insurance as a one-person freelancer? What do I need? We will cover insurance, to a small extent.

But the thing about insurances that you need is that they completely depend on the type of work that you do. And even amongst individual jobs and contracts you may need-- so for example, when we do in-person events, we buy event-specific insurance. Or we get event-specific insurance through the venue where we're holding the event.

So searching based on the type of work that you do, the laws in your state, and what you need-- and remember, with insurance, it's important to shop around. It's important to remember that brokers are often salespeople and that you need to be doing your due diligence on your own end so you don't get swindled or pay too much. But it completely depends on the type of business you have.

But we do go over in the bootcamp a lot of just the logistics of like your LLC, your EIN, your operating agreement, your separate accounts, all that kind of stuff. Vivian XP says, today's my birthday. Vivian, I'm so happy to catch you on today.

Happy birthday, Vivian. Someone says, maybe she's married. Who's married?

Do you like K-pop? Get on the BTS bandwagon. I've never really listened to K-pop, to be perfectly honest with you.

Someone says, call the IRS directly. They will actually help you. Yeah, that's a good suggestion.

Question-- I've been working a lot with Professor Bill Keep on education about MLMs. He did an episode of TFC, which I'm sure you're aware of. Do you have any favorite financial literacy resources that can help nip these scams in the bud?

So one of the most important things that I think we talked about in both our interview with Bill Keep-- but also we did a recent interview with Josie Naikoi, who is a YouTuber who used to be in the top 1% at an MLM-- at multiple MLMs, actually. And something that I took from both of those conversations is that when people are getting sucked into these things, the facts, the information, the stats, the financial resources and education are not really going to help them all that much. Because you have to think of it more like, honestly, a cult than a company, in the sense that they're being actively warned about people coming to them with information.

And so there's very little you can do for someone who's really sucked into this and not ready to leave it. And so for a lot of people, especially if you have loved ones who are really heavily into this-- and I do myself, despite what I do for a living. It's really about dealing from a more psychological, therapeutic, mental health perspective, just having some level of acceptance about the fact that it's not-- they didn't reason their way into an MLM.

They're probably not going to reason their way out of it until it runs its course or at least they personally get tired of it. Yapyap says, we love you. Thanks.

All right. Do do do. OK.

Mona is a queen. Yes she is. Love the content and would love to join the bootcamp.

I was curious what your thoughts were on Robert Kiyosaki and his book Rich Dad Poor Dad. I'm not a huge fan. But I also think, similar to a Dave Ramsey or Suzie Orman, they wouldn't be my recommendation.

But I also think that if what gets people into being healthier about their finances and taking their finances seriously are imperfect gateways, then that's totally fine. Amber says, the bootcamp isn't for me at this time. But I'm considering joining The Society.

You totally should. There's all kinds of really good, amazing bonus content. Every month, you get 50% off of every class and workshop and conference that we do.

We do bonus videos exclusively every month. We just released our new bonus video today. It's all about Gwyneth Paltrow and Goop and fake health scams and how they intertwine with finances, and it's really good.

So I think you should join The Society also. You really support a very cool, very progressive, all-female company. Justheart says, aw, Mona.

Oh, I think this is when I was doing the squeaky toy. Re back taxes, go to a CPA and pay what they ask. I was four years behind.

I did owe some money. But fortunately, the overpayment from three years helped with some of that debt. That's good to hear.

Is grad school worth it? Generally, no, is the answer. Sometimes yes, but you have to do it as an actual assessment of the investment.

Where are you going to school? How is the program ranked? What is the job market like out of school for this particular field that you're looking to study?

How much is the school? Is it going to be paid for out of pocket, or perhaps your work will help pay for it? Even within the industry, does the grad degree itself make a very substantial difference on earning potential?

All of these are questions, and you can't know exactly. But you can do your due diligence in your research and really treat it as like someone considering-- treat it like an investor considering investing in a business. Because if you're looking at paying for grad school, you are considering making a distinct financial investment in yourself.

And chances there are ways to assess the value of that future investment. So yeah, do the math. But yes, in general, I think, on average, no, it's not worth it.

Is it possible to negotiate credit card debt without being in default? Yes. There are options, for sure.

One of the options that a lot of people look at when it comes to managing credit card debt is a balance transfer credit card, which can be a great option. You have to do your research. And you have to make sure that it's the right option for you and that you're able to pay it before the interest kicks in because, basically, these are cards where you can put the balance of a credit card where you're carrying debt.

And often, during the first year, there will be no interest. And then often, a very high interest kicks in, which is how they get you. But for a lot of people, it can give you a really nice grace period of helping be more aggressive to pay it down without having to pay that really tough interest that often keeps people on the hamster wheel of just paying the interest.

It's not a perfect solution. And it doesn't reduce the overall amount of debt, generally. But it can be a really good option.

Can we suggest a video topic? Please. I actually really would love suggested video topics because that's how we get great ideas.

Do you have any tips on buying jewelry? I love what you're wearing. Where is it from?

Thank you. So this was my grandmother's from the '50s. It's her watch.

I wear it like every day. These earrings are from J. Crew.

I actually really like J. Crew's jewelry. And this is from a small boutique in Paris, so you're not going to be able to buy it.

But I'm sure they sell simple gold chains like this everywhere. I think my problem is that I don't know how to build a realistic budget despite watching all your videos and reading your book. Well, girl, get it together.

I mean, listen. One of the worst-- not worst. One of the biggest obstacles that a lot of people have to budgeting is that they cannot be honest with themselves.

And it is just so important that at the end of the day, overbudget. Overplan for what you're going to spend. Be radically honest with yourself.

And like I said earlier, do everything you can to keep your own money out of your pocket. Do automatic transfers. If overspending and compulsive spending is really a problem for you-- and we actually have an upcoming takeover series that's kind of all about compulsive spending, shopping, things like that, not being able to control your finances in that way.

You can even maybe look at a trusted loved one and work out a buddy system, where maybe they keep your credit cards for you, where you just have them and have some certain bills or recurring payments on them to build your credit score. But you have to take radical interventions with yourself if you are finding yourself repeatedly unable to stick to a budget. And there's just no other way to-- but there are also like-- look in your area.

Google "pro bono financial counselors," "financial therapists." If all of the logistics aren't working, then it becomes a mental health issue. Oop, what is this? OK.

I work five days a week with normal hours. Best high-yield savings account right now. I haven't looked at it in a while.

I heard there was a good one. Does anyone know what the best high-yield savings account is right now? It's changing all the time, but if someone knows.

I just want to say a quick thank you to TFD. I know very little about finances, and your channel has taught me so much. Thank you.

I love that. What's the best action we can take to get the most from the bootcamp following the session? So at one point in the bootcamp, we have a little bit of a checklist that's just like the administrative and the branding setup for any kind of company, freelancer, side gig, full-on side business, just a list of things that you need, like a separate business account, a landing page, a domain name, registering any relevant IP if you need to, getting names on social media accounts, setting up an EIN, a tax ID for your business.

It's just like a little checklist. So if this is something that you really want to take seriously, again, even as a freelancer, going through that checklist-- because there is a little bit of cost associated with setting up an LLC and things like that. But it's very minimal.

A lot of it just takes a little bit of time. But getting all that stuff in order is great. Because even if you don't start right away, you have all the pieces that you need when you're ready to go back to it and really start investing time.

Michael says, Florida's nice. True. Do you see yourself in NYC until you die?

Who could say? Probably not. The world is big.

Question-- saving for a down payment on a house even though I'm not planning on buying a house for five-plus years. Should I be putting that money in a savings account or a different type of account? So five years is a tough window because, generally, I think the better advice is using an investment account to save for something should really not be done under, really, closer to 10 years because it's just too volatile.

And you don't know what's going to be happening to your money when you need to take it out. However, if it's maybe five years from now, and you have a lot of flexibility about exactly when you want to be taking that money, like maybe it's five years, maybe it's six, maybe it's seven, then I think that's the time where you can consider using an investment account. And obviously, not a retirement one because you don't want to be dealing with all the penalties of breaking your retirement account early.

Anthony says, I work 100% from home, and it's great. The only thing I miss is meeting coworkers. I think I really need you to interview Andrew Jikh because I'm feeling so conflicted about crypto.

YouTube finance minds face off. It's like, don't feel conflicted about crypto. You're so sexy, a-ha, that meme format.

No. But seriously, anyone who is cool enough to be in this chat should be against crypto. That's just the truth.

But I'll debate someone. Why not? Let's have fun.

What makes living in New York the best choice for you specifically? Well, I know this is pretty pretentious to say. But I do go back and forth to France a lot.

And back when Marc was kicked out of the country, I was going back and forth very, very regularly. And there's a ton of access. It's very easy to pop back and forth.

During the pandemic, it was like the only city that was flying back and forth. So that's great, not why I live here, but that's a great benefit for me personally. I definitely love-- there's an incredibly high level of culture, of all different types of culture, cuisines, theater, music, art.

Just everything is so accessible. And there's so much to discover. And each borough is like its own little city.

And I love New York. I think New York is just wonderful. I can't say enough good about it.

And I really take advantage of a lot of the free stuff. My husband and I went to this amazing free swing dance event recently at Lincoln Center in this gorgeous setting. It was a huge party.

It was amazing, a live world-class jazz band playing. Who gets to do things like that, for free, no less-- for free? And that's one thing about the super high cost-of-living cities.

If they have a ton of free or very cheap social activities, that does offset the cost. My husband is going to grad school to become an occupational therapist. And this program is intense, and he can't work many hours.

Any financial advice for married couples in this situation? Reduce living costs. See if there are any side streams of income you can pick up.

There's really no, unfortunately, super complicated answers. Can you do another feature on CPTSD and money basics? Am I crazy that I'm not understanding what CPTSD is?

Personal question for Chelsea-- opinions on living anywhere near the East Coast versus West Coast? I don't know much about East Coast. I've only been to North Carolina.

And I know the West Coast really well. I mean, I'm not a West Coast girly. It's just not my favorite.

I much prefer the East Coast. But it just depends. I feel like if you like outdoorsy stuff more, you should probably live on the West Coast.

That seems to be a common theme that I've understood. If you want to have access to really good hiking within your city, for example, you should probably live on the West Coast. By the way, my name is also Mona, like your dog, but it was taken.

That's adorable. Mona is a great name. I don't do events.

OK. Michael is leaving all kinds of interesting comments. Making good money but buying a house feels very risky as a single person.

What are your thoughts on renting versus being house poor? The reason that I think buying a home as a single person can be riskier than usual is that if you're single and you do aspire to possibly get married slash have children in the future, your life and needs and lifestyle may change drastically enough that your house may no longer be right for you. And if you can't be OK with holding a home for at least probably about 7 to 10 years, depending on the market fluctuations, it's generally not advisable to buy a home.

There are lots of other ways to build wealth passively. There's no reason that one has to buy a home. But also, I would say, part of what's so great about being single is the flexibility that that provides in terms of changing careers, changing location, changing your mind in general.

And owning a home can be a blocker to that. Random, but I wanted to thank you for mentioning your experience with Botox in your masseter muscle. Just got it done in my dentist's office and love it.

Hell yeah. Team masseter Botox. We love to see it.

Please charge more for your tickets. That's very sweet and very kind. You can feel free to buy another one and donate it to someone.

But we do like to keep our classes accessible. It's a tough balance because I do think that we're providing a lot of value, like our class on Thursday. It's two hours plus the recording plus all the downloadables plus the two office hours plus all this stuff.

And it's $19 usually, but it's $12 with this discount. That's not a lot. But I think about the kind of people that would maybe want to attend these classes who are thinking about freelancing or starting their own thing.

And they've got to do everything they can to save money. And I really want it to be accessible. And I don't want our classes to be-- the information that we have to be a stumbling block for that.

I want it to be additive to their strategy. Would you consider doing an episode of TFC with an artisan-- hairstylist, pastry chef, woodworker? Hell yeah.

We're doing a ton of planning. We're almost done with this season. And we'll pick up with next season in the fall.

So we're doing a ton of planning for guests. And that's a great idea. Someone just joined our Society.

OK, guys. I know the main point is that you're coming to the workshop. And you should, please.

But please join The Society if you don't want to come to the workshop because you get so much free freaking content, so many bonus videos, so much exclusives, so many discounts, so much awesome stuff. And you support such an awesome thing. Every time you join The Society at TFD, like this person just did-- thank you, G-- an angel gets his or her wings.

So please do it. Small business question-- when your goal is a making business, should I treat it like a full business from the start-- website selling, domain name, LLC, et cetera? Or should I focus on supplies and IRL sales?

I think you have to walk and chew gum. I think it's very, very important-- even if most of your interactions come IRL, people find things online now. You just have to have an online presence for people to find you.

And having an LLC and an EIN and a proper banking account and all that stuff for your small business isn't-- there's no specific type of business that that's important to. It's important to all of them because it's about being compliant and not accidentally committing tax fraud. Thank you so much for joining as a member.

This is so cool. I'm going to cry. Shelly says, I was discussing one of your vids with friends, something to do with being frugal with our time and money.

One of my best friends was concerned that it came off as ableist. What is your take on that? Heart.

It's hard to respond when I actually don't know the video or what the specific comment was ableist. Could you elaborate on this, Shelly? Because now I'm invested.

We have members joining. I love this. It's going to make me cry Chelsea, first time I've caught you live.

Hey. Hi, Laura. Michelle says, I would like to have links on my site to financial resources that will educate people who've never been exposed to MLMs on the red flags of scams, not necessarily to convince people to leave them.

Oh, well, Bill Keep does great stuff. Obviously, Josie's stuff is great. There are several really good anti-MLM podcasts, one of which I was just listening to the other day, and the name escapes me.

But go on the anti-MLM subreddit. There is just endless good information out there if what you're looking to do is dissuade people. Is there an Angie's List of CPAs in NYC?

There might be. I'm not aware of it. I haven't looked for a CPA in a million years because we have an in-house financial person now who handles all that.

Ksenia says, hello. Only go to grad school if it's free or you plan to be an academic. And even if you plan to be an academic, be wary of how exploitative and underpaid and not a ton of opportunity that industry is.

Do you have advice on navigating a career switch? How do I find a more meaning career? Thank you to our new member.

This is so exciting. Do I have advice on a career switch, a more meaningful career? Honestly, if you're really looking to completely upend your entire professional life, I think it actually might be worth paying for a couple of sessions with a career coach.

Because I do think that oftentimes, when the questions are that big and vague of like, I want to change. I want to do something meaningful, that is so vague that what you really need help on is honing in on what you actually want to do slash are good at. I was inspired by you to find a form of workout that works for me instead of forcing myself to go to the gym, starting yoga.

Are you still doing Pilates? Curious about your monthly studio cost. That is awesome.

I do a little bit of Pilates at home, stretching, et cetera. But most of my physical activity these days is-- well, I bike every day quite a bit. And I get 10,000 steps a day.

So I'm bopping around. Let me put it that way. But I do have to stretch a lot.

Thoughts on traveling more frugally? We typically are pretty lavish in our travel. We typically stay at Airbnbs to make our own meals.

But other clever ideas? Well, it sounds like you're lavish. So why not keep being lavish, I say?

But more frugally-- I mean, definitely, cooking your own meals in an Airbnb is a good idea. I like to stay at an Airbnb if I'm staying more than a couple of days because I just don't want to have to eat out every single meal and stock stuff in that shitty hotel fridge. I would say, another good tip is to look for free or cheap activities in the city, especially if you're going to visit a big city.

There's going to be cultural activities and museums. And maybe there's performances and dances and other things that are free or very cheap that I think is really good to look for. And oftentimes, it's where a lot of locals are going.

How long did it take you to rebuild your FICO from 600 to over 700? About a year and a half to two years. Honestly, I think grad degrees are worth it depending on the field.

Nowadays, bachelor's degrees are being treated like high school diplomas. Have you ever thought of living in Europe again, given your spouse is from Europe? Yeah.

I think I probably will later in my life again. Hi, Chelsea. I've learned so much.

Thank you. You're welcome. Video idea-- The Suburbs are a Scam by Not Just Bikes on YouTube is a great start.

That's a good idea. Thank you so much to our new member. I cannot wait for you to enjoy all of the members-only YouTube videos, bonus videos.

Do do do do do. Gabriela says, [SPEAKING SPANISH].. Very exciting.

This is an unsolicited advice about your question, but I have a job that's perfect but doesn't fulfill me. Oh, you're talking to someone else. Thanks for advice.

Ally Bank-- I thought it was Ally Bank, but I didn't want to say it. 1.25 APR. My best friend was 30K in credit card debt and is almost finished paying it down. And she told me that giving me her credit cards was instrumental in making that happen.

It can work. I love that story. Hi, joining late.

Sorry if this was asked already. Would the workshop be useful for someone starting an Etsy for handmade goods? Yes.

That is actually one of the specific types of business that we talk about as an example. I really love doing free walking tours. They aren't free.

They run on tips, but $10 is a good tip. Guides are good info. That is actually a great, great tip.

A lot of people are saying Ally for the bank. Any tips for financial slash estate planning if you're single, child-free, and don't necessarily want your relatives to get your money? Long story.

Listen, no judgment. That's a good question. Does anyone have a good tip on that?

That's something I'm actually not a huge expert in. So I would definitely look at that, if anyone has any good suggestions. Cameron is saying, for high-yield savings accounts, Citi has 1.1 APR.

Personally, I go with Discover. Their customer service is good, and their savings is 1.20. Great.

I appreciate that. I acknowledge that at the end of the day, a job is a job. OK, they're talking to each other.

Is the bootcamp going to be geared to those in the USA? Asking from Canada. Technically yes, but literally almost every single thing we talk about is the same in Canada.

There's just slightly different terms for things like taxes. Thank you to our new member. Enjoy all the free content that is exclusive and members-only.

Beware the Lily of the Valley says, hiya. Marcus is doing 1.20. Is Marcus the Goldman Sachs one?

I think that's Goldman Sachs. Do do do do do. Oh, we have a Super Chat.

Oh, you guys are also welcome to do Super Chats if you want me to make sure to get-- I'm going to have to start skipping around a little bit because if I answer every single question, I'll never, ever get to the bottom. Do do do. Russell Stevens says, bootcamp question.

I'm looking to monetize my growing social media presence of several thousand. Would the bootcamp be helpful for this? Yes, there's an entire section on social media and how it's used to generate revenue and market a business.

Have you ever considered doing a collab with the YouTuber Struthless from Australia? Never even heard, but I'll look into it. What were some culture shocks that your husband experienced?

The first time he had a root beer float, he nearly threw up. He was like, this is the most disgusting thing in the world. And I love a root beer float.

Good luck, queen. That is all. Thanks, Bernard Fritz.

Have you ever heard of apartments in NYC that have any sort of private outdoor space or yard? Yes. They're either expensive or like-- they're either insanely expensive or in deep, deep Queens.

What is your view-- thank you for the Super Chat, by the way, Gabriel. What is your view on investing in oil and natural gas as a hedge against personal expenses, such as commutes, travel, electricity, et cetera? Am I crazy that I don't understand this question?

What is your view on investing in oil and natural gas as a hedge against personal expenses, such as commutes, travel, electricity, et cetera? Can someone explain Gabriel's question? Because I feel like I genuinely don't understand it.

People are saying thank you, thank you so much. You're welcome. I struggle with anxiety about political instability, making efforts to prepare for the future futile.

Do you think this is a valid concern? Possibly, but worrying about it and not doing the right things to build for your and others' futures because you're worried about it is not a productive answer. And it's not going to help anything.

And it's not going to prevent catastrophe. Hi, Chelsea. Just wanted to say I've been a follower for years.

I'm a part-time business owner and full-time student and worker and paid off 48K in debt in 2020. And TFD was a major inspiration. We love to see it.

Video idea-- elitism in dating. I have a house, a car, a job, and you must, too. Great idea.

Who is someone you'd love to have on The Financial Confessions? Dave Ramsey so I can hold him accountable. No, I'm kidding.

I don't know. So many people, honestly. OK.

I'm trying to jump around here a little bit. I've been meaning to become a member for months, LOL. And you did it.

You did the right thing, Lily of the Valley. We have some people advising each other, people catching me live. Hello.

Although I couldn't do it financially, you helped me slowly drag myself out of my brother's MLM. You have truly made my day. That is the greatest thing I've ever done, probably.

Thanks for answering my question via Instagram stories. I really wish I knew about TFD, but I'm glad I found the channel. And I've been a member since September.

Thank you so much. Thank you for being a member. Also, Meetup is great for when you're traveling.

That is a really, really great tip. What's your favorite shoe for walking 10K steps a day. Honey, I walk my 10K steps a day in heels, not like stilettos, but wedges and stuff.

I'm so used to walking now that I can walk in basically anything. Someone says, also, I love your tweet about the city hater. He's so sad.

He is so sad. I hate people who just like-- if you're happy wherever you live, hunting and fishing and fighting crime and spear throwing and whatever else you're doing there, just be happy. Why do you have to come on Twitter and hate on cities for no reason?

It's so sad. We're seeing some Mona emojis. Love to see that.

We've got some people joining and becoming members, which is really exciting. Which city do you recommend for first-time solo travelers? I think traveling solo can be an empowering experience.

I agree. I love solo travel. I think a really great city for solo travel is, in the continental US, like a Southern city, like a Charleston or a Savannah or New Orleans, I think are all great and quite walkable.

And then for Europe, I personally think a Madrid is really nice or like a smaller-- actually, no. Scratch Madrid. It's too big.

Valencia, like a second-size Spanish city. It's temperate, lots of sun, very walkable. People are friendly, great food.

Yeah. For the person that doesn't want to leave, they're-- OK, we're getting some advice, a lot of advice. You should do one more collab with Graham Stephan.

I mean, maybe. I've heard-- and you guys can confirm or deny. I've heard he's quite into the crypto in recent months, which you know how I feel about that.

I know I'm late to this conversation. Can you give us the deets on the bootcamp? I missed it.

I will go super fast, for those who have been around. It is Thursday evening. But if you can't make it, you get a recording.

It's my co-founder Lauren and I. It is a two-hour bootcamp that takes you through a crash course of everything you need to set up a small business. That includes freelancing.

That includes side hustling. That includes people who actually make and produce things versus online creators versus whatever it is you want to do. There are two separate office hours, one with each of us, one more on the administrative, revenue, financial side, one more on the marketing and branding side.

There's downloadables. There's a live Q&A. It's going to be awesome.

And it's normally $19 for all of that. But with the link that is pinned there, it is only $12. Please join.

What's your view on working with a business coach? When is it the stage that it's actually worth it? I think everyone, honestly, could probably benefit from going to a career coach a couple of times in their life.

I know I've been to one. I know many people who've been to one. And it can be very, very, very helpful.

You say "do do do" a lot. I do say "do do do" a lot. Low waist, high melanin says, I just need everyone to send me good vibes, as I just had a promotional interview, and I still feel nauseated.

Hoping it works out. I'm getting married on the 28th, and it's been a mess. Let's everyone send good vibes to low waist, high melanin.

Also love that name. Gabriel's question says that gas is going up and is crushing individual people like Gabriel. Should be invested in the industry as a hedge against inflation from those industries?

OK, so basically investing in it because it's inflating so quickly as a potential offset to how much it's costing you in the short-term? Maybe, although I feel like investing specifically in fossil fuels right now is kind of bleak. So I would say, probably no.

But to be perfectly honest, I haven't driven a car in 10 years. So I'm so out of the loop specifically as it pertains to the cost of gas that it's really hard for me to say. Sky says, I would love more than anything to see a conversation with Dave Ramsey.

So would I. Getting compliments on the hair. Thank you, thank you.

Do do do. So I'm currently working to launch a personal training business in-person and online, as well as starting a YouTube. Would you recommend your bootcamp to-- if so, I have previous business and personal expenses on an American Express card.

I have the card paid off now. Moving forward, can this be considered a business account? Or do I need a checking account?

And does it have to be a bank listed as a business account, such as a Charles Schwab bank? Yes, you should do the bootcamp. We'll cover all of that stuff.

Do you need a checking account? Yes. Businesses should have a separate account.

If you had a card where you were mixing business and personal expenses, you need to do a forensic analysis and make sure that it's being categorized properly, especially if you are deducting things as business expenses. Be very careful about that. But going forward, a business credit card is not enough.

You need a dedicated business account. Does it technically have to be a business checking account? I don't think there's any legal requirement.

But it's better that it is because there's a lot of features at most banks that make it easier and more convenient to do your business banking in a business account. Amber says, I've been considering joining the membership for a few months now as well. And looking at the content, it looks like some good stuff.

You are correct, Amber. The stuff that is members-only is really awesome. And you got to use a Mona emoji, which is awesome.

For solo travel, Zagreb, Croatia-- it's very cheap and safe. Solo travel, Estonia, Tallinn, Estonia. Thoughts on getting a master's degree in France?

Well, it's a lot cheaper than the US. So that's already a good start. Sorry I can't be of more help, Gabriel.

But yes, I do agree that he was helpful in explaining that. I really like Montpellier, France. The people are nice.

The weather was nice. And it's an interesting mix of medieval and modern. Oh, if you want to go to medieval, go to Carcassonne, France.

It's a walled medieval city that is really, really cool. It's just architecturally really, really cool. Worth going to.

Is the bootcamp content going to be available for purchase after it has already been put out? No. But if you sign up for it and you can't attend live, you get the recording and can watch it whenever you want to.

Mark's saying, great live stream. Thank you. Graham is into crypto these past several months.

He went from saying people should put no more than 1% to 2% in crypto. Now he's only saying 5%, and he's around 10% for himself. Listen, I'm not going to-- I'm going to choose my words carefully because I think Graham is a very nice person.

And I don't want to be in the business of slandering people. But I will just say that that is-- I wouldn't consider that super-duper responsible. And I don't think that's particularly good advice.

And also, having 10% of your portfolio in crypto right now is like, are you sure about that, the John Cena meme. That seems like such a bad idea. Good vibes, yes.

We're all sending good vibes to low waist, high melanin. How do you navigate being one side of a parasocial relationship where so many of us admire you and are curious about your life? How do you do your hair?

What do you read? What's that like? I honestly don't think about it.

And most of the time-- so not to sound really self-aggrandizing. But probably once every other day, someone either comes up to me or is like, are you Chelsea? And it's always really sweet young women here in New York City or wherever I happen to be.

And it's usually young adult women or sometimes slightly older women who are coming up. And they'll be like, oh, I paid off my debt. Or I have saved up to buy a house.

Or I negotiated a raise, and TFD was a big part of that. And I think, to me, I really love-- so many people who have public profiles, when they have people who might approach them, they're not saying things like that. That is such an honor and a privilege to be able to be involved in people's financial journeys in a positive way.

And everyone who's ever approached me has been really respectful and sweet. And as it pertains to online, again, very rarely do I get weird or intrusive comments. So that's not generally an issue.

And then on top of that, it's like my business online is not monetizing my personal life. I share very little, actually, about my personal life. I basically never post photos of my friends or my family.

I do sometimes share photos of Marc, my husband, but he's never been on the channel. And it's not like a lot of influencers. And that's something I've talked about before-- is that I don't do any spon con in my personal life.

And I don't accept free stuff. And I don't do any of that because I don't want to get into the business of blurring what I'm creating and what I'm educating about, which is personal finance, and turning my life into a brand or into a business, which I think, unfortunately, a lot of creators do. And they do it early on.

And then you're stuck in this cycle where what is appealing about you and what is monetizable about you and what people want from you is total access to your life. And I personally think that that's just not at all appealing to me. And I think for a lot of people, even a lot of YouTubers I know, that works out very poorly.

So I actually think it's-- so far, knock on wood. It's been quite good. A question you ask others on TFC-- what is something you splurge on versus what is this something you are frugal about?

I splurge on food, especially ingredients at home. We shop as much as we can at the farmer's market, and shit is expensive. But especially for animal products, it's really important.

And then what am I cheap about? What am I cheap about? I'm cheap about all of my shampoo, my lotion, my sunscreen.

Every hygiene product that I use that is not like makeup or whatever is just all drugstore. I don't go in for the fancy-- like I use Neutrogena face wash. I use CeraVe lotion.

I use basic drugstore shampoo and conditioner. All of that stuff, I don't understand. I'll spend money on a really nice foundation or something.

But I really don't understand the idea of spending that much money on just like basic, everyday hygiene products, which a lot of people get really fancy versions of. Could you do videos like Millennial Money, where it's your viewers' habits with money? You can give feedback or something.

Oh, yeah. Definitely, I'm open to doing more reaction videos. So that's definitely something to possibly do.

We all know Dave Ramsey would be so gross in interactions with Chelsea. The misogyny is super real with that one. Unfortunately, yes.

And thank you so much for joining, to our new member. People are all saying hello. I make 45K a year.

I'm 28. What percentage of my income should I be saving away in my 401(k)? It totally depends on what's available to you.

Are you up for a raise? Are you up for a promotion? Are you at your company for a long time and possibly up to changing employers, where you could have a much higher starting salary?

Those are all questions I would ask yourself rather than just trying to figure out how to slice up the 45K even further because it's not realistic to be able to save a ton on $45,000 a year in many metropolitan areas. Collabs with Justin [? Holamode, ?] a fellow New Yorker who focuses on fashion content.

I've been trying to get him to come on the channel for a while. He won't answer us. Where's Mona?

Wait. Let me-- here. Oh.

Man, she desqueaked that one from playing with it too much. [SQUEAKING] New member, hello. Hello. This is like my like-- it's like a bell that I'm ringing when the new members come.

Yeah. Mona, we got a new member. We got a new member.

Are you excited? OK, yeah, you can have it. I'm not going to not give it to you.

Ooh la la. It's a bunny. All of her toys are bunny.

And obviously, this is a shark, as you and I know. But she's a dog. She doesn't know.

Bonk. Bonk. Does it smell good?

You don't want it? OK, here. [SQUEAKING] Whoo! Whoa!

It's lit in here, you guys. OK. All right.

I have time for just a couple quick more. I may not be your target demo for this channel, but I definitely appreciate the more conservative investing approach. Thank you, thank you.

If you ever need a business loan, mortgage lenders prefer to see your business account as separate from your personal one, very important. 10% in crypto, ick. I would agree. What is your hot take on airports limiting their outbound passengers, delays, et cetera?

What solutions should be considered? Not a whole lot you can do. We've just made a deal with the devil when it comes to airports that you just check your basic human rights and dignity at the door at that place now, essentially.

It's not a pleasant experience to fly these days. But it's time to just join team Chelsea and show up insanely early at airports. That's really the only way to go.

God, so many. Why hasn't CNBC Make It reached out to you yet? You deserve your own episode.

I don't know, but good question. A lot of people recommending more travel stuff. I feel bad for all the people that listened to him and lost money in the crypto crash.

I would be inclined to agree. Are you opening your books during the bootcamp, as in talking general numbers on how TFD rose to success? We are talking numbers.

And we do talk about our actual finances. Any thoughts on how to encourage a 20-year-old to get control of her finances, a good credit score? Money scares this girl.

Force yourself to look at your account every single day, at least once a day. Make a promise with yourself. For the first couple of weeks, you don't have to do anything differently.

You don't have to make any changes. You don't have to even draw up a budget. Just go through your account.

Look through all your purchases. Look through all your debts. Just look at your finances once a day.

Studies show that just the act of continually looking at your money will make you better with money. What shows and movies have you been enjoying? I love Only Murders in the Building.

That's the show that we've been really enjoying these days. I can't think of what else I've watched lately. Nothing new.

We watched some old movies. Oh my god, I loved Good Luck to You, Leo Grande. That was a favorite movie that I've seen in a long time, that movie.

Yeah, Only Murders in the Building-- loving it. Do you play any games? I played board games and Dungeons and Dragons.

I don't play many games. My husband is very into games and used to be a big Dungeons and Dragons guy, fun fact. And I think, actually, in France, it's just called [SPEAKING FRENCH]..

I think it's the actual name. It's ridiculous. So many of the French names for cultural stuff is like-- for Star Wars, they just say Star Wars.

And it's such a silly language. Patricia just says, do. Do or do not.

There is no try. OK. Do you perform background checks on your employees before hiring them?

Not generally, no. But I like to think that even if someone had, I don't know, gone to jail on a nonviolent drug charge, I believe in rehabilitative justice. And also, a lot of charges are trumped up anyway. 10% in crypto is crazy.

Yeah. I would agree with that. I agree with your approach to the parasocial stuff and why the channel remains financially focused.

I think when you are the product, it opens up a can of worms. Agree. Sarah is fantastic.

Agree. So happy for your success. Your channel was my gateway into personal finance.

Thank you so much. Do do do. Fun question-- fiction or nonfiction? [SPEAKING SPANISH],, I think is my answer to that.

Please ask Madeline Pendleton to be on TFC. She's on TikTok and has a cool financial journey. Noted.

My splurge is my omega 3 unscented body lotion from my local zero-waste store. I've been refilling the same 32-ounce pump bottle of lotion since 2018. It's the only lotion that relieves my dry skin.

I love that. Mona. People are all saying, Mona.

I love Mona. I love Mona. I grew up poor and have no clue about money.

This channel is helping. Me too, girl, and look at me now. Are business credit cards covered in the bootcamp?

I'm so excited. We do touch on that. Do do do.

Your French accent impression is hilarious. Well, listen, it's easy when you're talking about Star Wars. Could you please answer questions in a French accent for the next minute?

LOL. You know what's so funny is that I guess when I think of a French accent that's like the people in my life, it is nothing like the "ha, ha, ha," Pepé Le Pew accent that I feel like we get in pop culture. It's much more subdued and kind of boring.

So I don't think it would be very satisfying to you guys. But I'll take a question in French if anyone has one. Hell, I'll take a question in Spanish.

Let's end on that note. But for the record, my Spanish is nothing like my French, so moderate your expectations downwards. KO is saying, do or do not try.

Wasn't that Elizabeth Holmes's motto? She ruined it for me. OK, yeah, but she stole that from Yoda.

It's not fair. We can't let Elizabeth Holmes ruin that. Emergency fund first-- what's next?

Pay off debt, retirement, invest, save, real estate? You've got to do it all. But in terms of weighing out things like paying off debt versus investing, I would definitely do calculators to look at the various potential returns.

There are lots of great calculators on places like NerdWallet that will help you prioritize. People cosigning Madeline Pendleton. Video concept-- how to travel, especially to a non-English-speaking country.

Yeah, we can definitely do more travel stuff. Yeah. Job wants me to do a background check on-- to do a background check on me.

And I have a record, so it pisses me off because it won't get the job now. I deserve a chance. It's unfair.

I totally, totally understand that. That's really tough. A very close loved one of mine is 60 and has been a teacher for decades and still has to deal with the fact that she got a DUI at age 18 and has to declare that on every single application, which is like, yeah, she should not have gotten a DUI.

That was bad. But are we ever allowed to truly rehabilitate in this country? I feel like Dave Ramsay's advice is genuinely bad.

I feel like so many people recommend his debt payoff strategy. And I feel dirty listening to his book. I don't agree with a lot of it, to be fair. [SPEAKING FRENCH] Do do do, do do do. [SPEAKING SPANISH] OK.

Now I have so many different Spanish and French questions. It's funny. You guys are giving me such sweet, simple questions.

I'm getting a [SPANISH]. I'm getting a really fancy Spanish. OK.

I'll do one more in each, and then I really have to go because I have to cook. [SPEAKING FRENCH] It's Chelsea's world. We're all just living in it. Do do do.

Aw, you guys. You're really making me feel so emotional about my Spanish because I've only been learning for 16 months. And it's very stressful.

Thanks, everyone. [SPEAKING SPANISH] OK. Do do do. How did you decide which Spanish accent to learn?

I didn't. I just got a tutor, and she's from Mexico City. So I literally just imitate her.

And she's Mexican, so there you go. OK, cool. I think that's pretty much it.

I have to run because I literally have to make some dinner, or we're all going to starve in this house. But this has been such a pleasure, I have to say. We got a lot of people checking in from the 305, from Cuba, from Argentina.

So great to see you guys here. This has been a pleasure. I really, really appreciate you guys.

And I'm going to do another office hours soonish in the coming months. And thank you to everyone so much. Pasta, I'm making.

Thank you everyone so much who joined The Society. You have no idea how much it helps us. But also, you get all kinds of great bonus content and exclusive videos, so that's awesome.

For those joining the bootcamp, again, link there. You get an exclusive discount. I so appreciate it.

It is going to be awesome. And if can't join live, you will get the recording. And genuinely, it is everything that I wish I knew before I started a business or went freelance.

So please consider joining if you haven't. And even if you don't do either, it's just so great to be able to hang out with you guys in this group chat. I'm loving all the 305 kings and queens checking in.

Miami is my second favorite city in the US after New York. I love Miami so much. So yeah, ciao, everyone.

Ciao, ciao. I will see you very soon on our next office hours. Bye, guys.

Oh, Mona heard that I'm-- sorry, this is so cute. Mona is so used to me on calls and stuff now that she hears when I'm getting off a call, and she comes running. All right.

Bye, guys. Bye.