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This video contains the word "BADASS."

My poetical waxing is on SciShow here:

I just wanted to add a bit to all of the discussions surrounding Neil Armstrong. We shouldn't forget that he was perfect for this mission not only because he was humble and would make a great symbol for our country and the world, but that he was also an amazing, highly skilled, tried by fire, pilot with NERVES OF FREAKING STEEL!


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Good morning, John, and sorry for this unscheduled video, but as you know, Neil Armstrong has died, and it's super sad, and I waxed poetic all over the place in my video on SciShow, so if you want to see that, you can go see that. But now, instead of talking about the symbolic nature of this great ... I just want to talk about how Neil Armstrong was pretty freakin' badass. He did many amazing things, of course, but today we're going to talk about the six most amazing things that Neil Armstrong ever did. Number 1: The first amazing cool thing that Neil Armstrong ever did is that he got his pilot's license before he was legally allowed to get his driver's license, which is pretty amazing. And a great way to get a leg up on the competition if you want to become the first man on the Moon, which I'm sure was not his goal when he was sixteen years old, but still.... But in addition to helping him out, you know, getting to the Moon, it also ensured that he would be the youngest person in his squadron in the Korean War, where he flew 78 missions, one of which ended when he got a hit by artillery fire, had to fly all the way back to base, and then eject because there was no way for him to land the plane. Number 2: While working as a test pilot for aircraft, Neil Armstrong flew over 200 different types of planes. And during that particular career, he almost died around three times: once, when he and Chuck Yeager were doing a touch-and-go landing in a salt flat that was muddy; once, when his X-15 bounced off the atmosphere, sending him 40 miles off-course with limited fuel reserves; and once, when he was landing his plane and the landing gear collapsed underneath him, and he had to power out of the landing, smashing the tail of his plane on the runway, destroying the radio, and releasing his hydraulic fluid. Yeah! Number 3: And another time that Neil Armstrong almost died: Gemini VIII, of which Neil Armstrong was the command pilot. It was the first mission to ever dock two vehicles together in outer space, and as soon as it happened, they started spinning uncontrollably. While spinning at one revolution per second -- that's pretty sickeningly fast -- Armstrong aborted the mission, separated the craft, corrected the roll, and then headed into the atmosphere, saving his and his pilot's life. Number 4: Now, when they were planning on how to build the lunar lander, they had this test thing, called the LLRV, and it was basically just a chair strapped to a jet engine. While test driving that thing, one of the little jets on the side failed. Armstrong had to try and get the thing right-side-up for a moment so that he could eject, and this happened like thirty feet above the ground before the thing hit the ground and exploded into a giant ball of fire. Later analysis showed that if he had ejected 0.5 seconds later, he would have died. But that's not even the amazing part. Neil Armstrong after that did a little bit of a press conference with some reporters, and then went back to work. People came by and they were like, "Dude, I heard that you almost just died. What are you doing here?" And Neil's like, "I had some paperwork to do." Number 5: Neil Armstrong threatened to sue his barber. Now, this sounds like kind of a jerk move. Dude's been cutting your hair for twenty years, he gives you one bad haircut, and you threaten to sue him? But no, he threatened to sue him because the guy took some of Neil Armstrong's hair and sold it to a celebrity hair collector. Neil found out about it and he's like, "You get me my hair back, or you donate that money to charity, or I will sue your barbershop right out from under you." And unable to retrieve the hair, the guy donated the $3000 to charity. Good on you, Neil. Good on you. And finally, Number 6: Neil Armstrong walked on the freaking Moon. But before he did that, he landed the LEM on the Moon. In order to do that, he had to override the computer. Just like Luke Skywalker being like, "I'm going to use the Force." Because the computer was taking him down into a crater with big, like, car-sized rocks in it, and he like diverted. Everybody's freaking out: "What's Neil doing?!" He gets there, lands the LEM ... 30 seconds of fuel left. Thirty seconds away from our first foray into, like, another world, ending in tragedy, in having two men still dead on the Moon, their bodies still there. Imagine the impact that would have had on our national psyche. But that's not what happened. Because Neil Armstrong was a freakin' badass. John, I'll see you on Tuesday.