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Chewie Solo 2012!

Thank you to everyone who is a part of what we do, no one does anything alone, but I feel like that's more true for the two of us than anyone, like, ever. Just wanted to take the time to say it on John's birthday.

And thanks to all the people who participated in the mosaic! Try to find yourself!


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Hank Green: Good morning, John, and happy freaking birthday! The Nerdfighters and I, we got you a present, it's a picture of the two of us at VidCon 2011 looking awfully nice, except instead of being made of pixels, it's made up of Nerdfighters. Over 5,000 people doing the Nerdfighter sign, oh yeah, pretty freaking sweet, also, we now have a database of 5,000 Nerdfighters that we can photo mosaic into anything we want. Mario! A TARDIS! Bald John Green! Matt Damon! I love Matt Damon.

So, John, we're about seven videos away from our 1,000th Vlogbrothers video, and that's just wow. Wow! Wow! I don't know what I think about that. Guess I have to ask Matt Damon, what do you think, Matt Damon? He's so mysterious, you can never tell what's behind those eyes. A thousand videos, how much time does it take to make me a video, that is a lot of time. Of course, it's nothing compared to the time that people spend watching the videos, which is pretty much my original metric of success, as long as people were spending more time watching the videos than I would spend making them, then that's successful, right?

We have done a crazy thing together, John. And if you look at hankgames and SciShow and CrashCourse and hankschannel and truthorfail and all of our other, like, completely forgotten second channels, it's a lot more than a thousand already, it's like, upwards of, I don't know, I'm not gonna do the math. And we've done a lot more than just create videos, we've started companies, like, we have like, people who, like, their jobs, are our responsibility. Hnnng. We have a freakin' nonprofit organization, The Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck, we've gone on tour, you've stage-dived! I've also stage-dived, but you! You stage-dived! Stage-dove? Stage-dove? Stage-dived? I don't know.

Our idea for Evil Baby Orphanage is a real live card game with like a whole 2 decks of cards. People have drawn us, and sculpted us and ev-knitted us even. Kind of famous people watch our videos like Kimya Dawson and Lupe Fiasco and Notch, the guy who created Minecraft. You got to like, hang out with Rain Wilson. I know this is kind of selfish video, it's just about us and the things we've done and got to do, and John two of your recent videos have just been such wonderful unselfish gifts to the students of the world and I appreciate that so much and it's so wonderful just to be able to do this stuff with you and I just want to tell you that I'm always extremely impressed by the attitude and the spirit that you bring to the things that we do together. You never forget that the things you're able to do have more to do with the people who do it with you than with you yourself, and yeah you're a smart awesome amazing guy. But really, what it is, is this marvelous weird undefined new thing called online community that doesn't have any structure and it doesn't have any rules and no body knows how it works it's a whole new way for people to organize themselves and be active and give and care about each other.

On your birthday, and pretty much on the eve of our 1000th video i just have to say, John, I am grateful, I am thankful and I am proud for all of the things that we've gotten to do together here.
John, I'll see you on Tuesday.

I almost forgot. If you're over 18, I don't care who you vote for, as long as you vote for somebody... and we're bring these shirts back for those who remember because it is now election time! They're still my favorite ticket out there and you might have to write it in. Don't do that, vote for a real candidate.