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(0:11) Yeah I need some links, uh, is there a Skype chat I should be in?
(0:29) OK, OK, I don't know if this is working? I have no idea, it says it's going, says I'm on air, but I don't know if I'm on air. OK, OK

(1:11) Uh-hum (laughter)
(1:42) Great, yeah, OK, OK great thank you. Alright, bye. Hi, i don't know if anyone can see me right now (cough), I definitely can't see you. What if I change it to live broadcaster. Settings, k, (inaudible), ooh there I am. Its working. It appears to be working. Sound is terrible. (rolls over and taps microphone). Its THIS microphone. This microphone. That's why it sounded so terrible (grunts). Hi, um (echoing of microphone. Hi,) OK I was just making sure it was workin. Um, (coughs) excuse me (coughs again) this is new, I haven't done one of these like, maybe ever. I really don't like the white border around everything, I think that if there's one person in the hangout, it should go full screen, that's just how I feel. I don't understand why, why, I don't understand why. Doesn't tell me how many people are here which is weird. Um, people are saying hi, this is how it works everything's good, I'm in a library, OK, how did, uh let me know how you found this, did it just come up in your subscription feed or what? Cos I don't understand, how, this is happening... Right now. I don't get it. To be totally honest with you. Maybe I should put my headphones on so I can listen to myself talk. Well I sound OK, that's good. Changed my mind, don't wanna hear myself talk. 74 comments, subscription feed, subscription feed, subscription feed, subscription feed,subscription feed,subscription feed,subscription feed,subscription box, subscription feed, sub box, OK well, the, the answer to the question is that it's in the sub box, so that's good. (breathes in) huh. Um, so hi, I'm gonna refresh this page, cos I'm, I've never done this before to be totally honest with you so, I don't know what I'm doing. Uh, hi, so sorry, so sorry that I'm so boring, um, many many things going on right, wow this is crazy, I can invite people. I don't know how that would work. Surprisingly few people available to invite actually, I, I know I have more friends than that online right now, oh I almost added everyone in the world to it. So I'm glad I didn't do that! (laughter), that'd be weird. Um, OK well (mumbling laughter). Oh God. Everything, Oh jeez, everything is, there are so many tripods in my office, so many different stands, I'm really, I was not prepared for this to actually go live to be totally honest with you. Umm, OK, and I don't know if my voice can really stand up to this, my voice is very soft right now, hello, update automatically, uh yeah I should be uploading a new assassins creed 3 video today in fact, um, that's the goal. But so many things going on right now (coughs) um, so if you just go to hankschannel it's there now. Nnn sort of. It's sort of there. That's not what I expected it to look like. No front button. Active live events, yes, that's what I want future, I want live event. There it is, OK got it. Yay. OK, now I can share that link with people. (sneezes) I bit my... (sneezes), I bit my tongue. Alright, (silence until (7:28) OK. I just had something happen on Skype, it's Paul, OK, doot, doot, doot, OK, OK were all good, were good to go now, um, so the things are, are happening for sure. Show more, can you show me how many people are watching? Cos I'm curious about that number, It's weird that that's not just showing up to me. If I go here, nope, nope, no information on how many people are watching. Um but this is really interesting (coughs), uh I already finished assassins creed revelations crazy pants. I wonder if I could add John to this? He doesn't seem to be, he's not online. Um I'm gonna text John. Oh he's calling me. Hi, John says hi, do you wanna uh join me at any time? You just have to be signed into your Google account if I've added you on Google + which I don't know if I have. Yeah believe. Uhh maybe I don't know. You, You are, you are um, OK I sent you a, I think I just sent you a hangout invite, I, I think, yes I believe so. OK, are you signed into your email address? (grunts/chuckles) (John talks on phone quietly), OK. OK, OK. Okay bye. John would like me to remind you all that in many places there are same-day registration for voting so if you haven't voted, there are places where it doesn't even matter if you've registered you can still vote today. Um, you would like me to encourage you extremely heavily to, to uh vote. Uh, John would not appear to be online, I don't know why that is, but he was going to try to join us. We aren't super good at this yet, we're still learning, is what is going on. Definitely still learning. Uh but I'm glad we're learning because I really do like this sorta thing. This, this the thing, this Google hangout experience. Um, (coughs/clears throat) uh, oh, my is terrible. Um, so uh yeah, yes this is definitely the election night hangout thing however, I'm gonna put in a cough drop you guys. Um, I think there's one in my pocket, there should be. However, um there are gonna be some people not from America who can't vote, there will also be some people who um, who aren't the correct age to be able to vote in America which is dumb. Uh, the, the real picture here being there's lots of time left to vote in America right now, and so if you haven't done it and you can, you're legally allowed to, you need to go do this now. I'm not watching the news. The, the, the thing about election day, this is an interesting thing that I've found, uh that on election day it's like this big news day, and so there's like this huge clamouring for information, but there's no information because people are voting, um and so you can't like take the information from people voting, and just stick it up on, on, on the news and be like "look who's won Florida", that's not how it works. Um, I don't think that's how it should work, so you have this big, long day, um where what you should be doing is going to vote, but what you want to do is know who the president is, and so you spend all of your time worrying about who the president is, and you may not actually go and actually influence who the president is, so watching the news right now, would be dumb because there is no news yet because polls haven't even closed in most places so we can't start reporting who, who wins a state before people finish voting in that state, but what we can do is tell people to go vote in those states because that is extremely important, and one way you can do that, um, that we've created--, John's calling me again. Why are you doing that?
Hi........ John says that when he clicked to join the hangout the party was over. The party is not over John. The party is just beginning. Um, haha, yeah, yeah I even went into the instant messenger. John just um...

(14:29) John- Heyyy, there he is, it's Hank Green!
Hank - Wait I need to put my headphones on. You're not visible.
John- Oh, Oh do I need to listen to on this, to this on headphones? Nod if yes.
H -I can hear you (whilst nodding)
J - Ok, alright hold on, I gotta find some headphones. I'm gonna try to not show you guys the Yeti. Hey Marina, (inaudible)
H- John your video isn't working at all. There's no video so, you don't have to worry about showing.
J-  (presumably talking to Henry) I can help you open that, of course it would be my pleasure, and also it is kinda my responsibility.
H - John is at a party, an election party so,
J- You're  gonna drink it?
H- Apparently there are children there.
J- All at once, that's exciting?
H- It's exciting
J- Alright, I gotta find headphones Luna, I'll be right back.
H- Luna is a really cute name for a...
J- Hold on child
H- Also for a dog, I've met so many dogs named Luna, like everybody in Missoula names their black lab Luna, they're like "because it's the moon"
J- Hank, just keep talking as if I'm not here 
H- and I'm like "but moons are the, aren't black"
J- I don't know, I don't know why they can't see me anyway
H- Black, the, the moon is is like, have you looked at it? It's not black! Why did you name your black lab Luna? Why is everybody doing that? It's sounds like a dark word Luna, it sounds, sounds like the color black but it's not, it's, it's white, the moon is, is mostly white. Did you know, this is fascinating, that the albedo of the moon, like it's darkness like from black to white is actually like quite dark, it's like, it's like bla, like it's the close to black, but it's the, the power of the Sun is so bright that it appears to us to be white. So that's a fascinating thing about the moon that has nothing to do with the elections. Um that I just wanted to tell you because I knew it. I'm, so if you see like moon rocks or uh moon dust, moon dust particularly, it's quite dark. Um, but what I was about to tell you was before John so uh, insidely interrupted us and then just sat there with doors opening and closing, uh is that, uhh, is that if you go to the, let me put this link in the description, uh if I can, I think I can, somehow, I'm sure I can somehow. (inaudible sounds from John's camera) 
Uhhhhh, that didn't work.
But that was, I'm, I'm so, I'm surp, I'm surprised, I'm just like very surprised by the fact that didn't work. That shoulda worked. (laughter), ahh how do I edit the video description? Usually you just click on it. (inaudible John) Stuuppid. Ah you're still without power? That's terrible, I'm sorry to hear that. So it's, everybody just keep pasting this into the live stream, the chat, uh, the h  p, this is one way to um, it's not working, come on you stupid machine! John should've muted the mike before he left it's just, it's been a, and no-one can see John.
J- Can you hear me?
H- Yes, but we can't see you
J- Well that's not, that's, that's irrelevant, I don't, I don't look very good anyway, I looks stressed out, I'm not even wearing my Montana Gris shirt yet because it's um, it's uh in the dryer.
H- Haha you had to wash it
J- It had so much mildew in it, I thought I was gonna vomit when I first put it on so I was like alright, I gotta, I gotta take care of this
H- That's probably a good idea yeah
J- Go, Um I'm trying to turn my camera on, anyway the, the, the ol, the, the real thing I wanna say is, is there a place I can see the chat Hank, is or something
H- hankschannel yeah
J- hankschannel? What a terrible name for a channel
H- Yes, you're not allowed usually
J- Um, yeah I don't know why you didn't just do this at  Vlogbrothers, where it would have drawn a bigger uh, bigger crowd
H- Uh, because I was testing so if you wanna do that , we can go do that now
J- Yeah, um well, I, I have to go in a minute but let's try
H- OK, you guys we're gonna end this live stream and we're gonna go over to, to Vlogbrothers
J- We're going to Vlogbrothers,which is uh, which is a YouTube channel that has a lot, has more of the viewers
H- Yeah more of those, Okay bye
J- Alright, dtf, DFTBA
H- You just said
J- I just said DTFBA, what does DTFBA mean? DFTVA, go vote!