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This week's questions:
3:24 Yesterday an article in the Annals of Internal Med found that for every hour with patients doctors spend 2 hours with EHRs plus 1-2 hours at home with EHRs. Is this news or is this already known?
5:09 You said you reserve judgement on parents who spank, but how do you know when they've crossed into problematic uses?
6:58 In Ontario, guidelines say that women don't need pap tests until they've had sexual skin-to-skin contact. Elsewhere I've heard it's by age 21, even with no sexual history. What does the evidence say?
8:11 Hi Dr C! Was wondering about the tissue paper seat covers in public bathrooms. What are they trying to protect me from? An STI? Norovirus? Can they possibly be effective?
9:58 The rise in superbugs has triggered a meeting of the UN general assembly. What, if anything, do you think will happen at this meeting?
11:39 I have a small patch of ringworm on my leg, and my mother insists I use essential oils for it. I think iodine would work better,and is proven to work. How do I tell her essential oils are snake oil?
12:48 On a personal level, what is your reaction when people respond to your publications by calling you an "industry shill?" which topics get the most of these reactions?
18:09 Is there a difference between ionized water, alkaline water and distilled water?
18:31 Should we really follow FDA instructions and wash our hands for 20 seconds? I do and everyone laughs at me.
20:13 What do you know about migraines and CGRP (Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptide)? What natural purpose does the CGRP serve and why would it be elevated during migraines?
21:06 Is 5 small meals instead of regular 3 meals actually healthier?
22:09 Does being a frequent flyer affect health? Such as flying around for business to various countries.
24:02 Do you think medical errors (may be third leading cost of death) will ever be reduced to the point where the medical industry will be high reliability like the airline industry?
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