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Lindsey Doe and this sex curious show is Sexplanations. Today's episode about yeast infections is sponsored by NordVPN, a prevention solution for internet infections.

Stick around to the end of the video to find out the special offer that will keep up to six up to six of your devices - your phones, tablets, computers - safer, simultaneously. [WHIP CRACKING, COUGH]. Yeast which go by the fancy name candida live helpfully in human beings. They're part of our natural healthy intestinal flora.

A yeast infection is when this flora grows more than normal, out of control, in or on the body. Three in four vaginas have had at least one yeast infection. There are also yeast infections of the penis; the mouth, esophagus, and stomach called thrush; yeast infections on the skin, under the nails, and more dangerous versions you can get in the lungs and bloodstream.

Why we get yeast infections is not always certain, but there are things that can put you at a higher risk of getting one. One way people get yeast infections is by reducing the helpful bacteria that keep yeast in check. In vaginas this is typically lactobacillus, and by using douches to rinse, sprays, harsh soaps and the like, lactobacillus is flushed away and yeast can get an edge on multiplying more freely.

For similar reasons, taking antibiotics can lead to yeast infections too. Antibiotics are designed to wipe out an infection but sometimes they also wipe out the good stuff. Which doesn't mean don't take them, just know that it's possible.

Another way yeast grows past its welcome is a warm, moist environment. Fungus like yeast loves growing where it's slightly damp and stuffy. So by lounging around in sweaty or wet clothes, yeast are better able to flourish.

So if you don't want your body to be an open house for yeast, make sure you air things out and wear breathable materials and loose clothing. A third way people get yeast infections is from someone else with a yeast infection giving them one. This could be vagina to mouth, mouth to vagina, vagina to vagina, vagina to penis, penis to vagina.

Then there's penis to penis, penis to mouth, mouth to penis.

Note: I've read that the prostate can house yeast and semen can transport it -- so that a person who has a yeast infection may can unknowingly transmit it to someone else. It's valuable to reduce risk of a yeast infection, but some causes are harder to avoid, like a weakened immune system. Things that compromise your body's natural defenses make it harder for your body to balance yeast. Like mono, HIV, and diabetes, a nutrient deficiency, not enough rest, and or cancer treatments.

The immune system can only take on so much. So when it's damaged from battling other invasions or lacks strength because of inadequate sleep and nutrition, yeast are much more likely to get out of control. Since steroids work by suppressing the immune system responses to problems (like lessening inflammation, hives etc.) then taking steroids increases your potential for a yeast infection.

Weigh the pros and cons with a medical provider. This goes for choices you make around your hormones too. Hormonal contraceptives like the patch, pill, ring, implant, and shot add estrogen to the body which can lead to yeast infections.

This goes for infertility treatments, hormone therapies, and being pregnant too. All of these can contribute to yeast growth. And finally, one more thing that increase your chances of a yeast infection is stress.

Stress tends to signal the production of cortisol, a hormone known to weaken the immune system,. AND it increases blood sugar -- an energy supply for yeast! So basically washing out the good stuff, leaving everything clammy, rubbing up on someone with lots of yeasts themselves, compromising your immune system, and altering your hormones might explain the cottage cheese like colony in your crotch.

I mean, you might not have a buildup of white mucus. Other symptoms include white spots, itchiness, rash, or redness, swelling, and increased discomfort with activities like urinating and sex (depending on where you get the infection). Does it hurt, maybe burn, and smell like bread?

Yes? It's probably yeast. One way to know for sure is visit a medical provider who can do an exam and even look at the situation under a microscope.

Depending on their investigation, they might be able to tell you how strong your yeast is and how easy or difficult it will be to treat. Treatment may include: Antifungal medications - suppositories which you just whoop put up in your vagina to dissolve, creams and ointments you can lather onto your genitals, tablets that can be taken orally for yeast in the throat. Depending on symptoms and the strain of yeast, you may be able to take a pill or pills called fluconazole or diflucan.

One swallow and hopefully problem gone. Another treatment that I just learned about is gentian violet, also known as crystal violet. It's been used as antiseptic dye since 1861.

You simply buy it from a drug or health food store, and apply it to an infected area with a cotton swab -- carefully not to stain everything else around you. The dye is really messy but it treats candidiasis, also known as yeast infections! Other options include boric acid suppositories, as well as yogurt, and or garlic cloves.

With the yogurt you want something plain, low or no fat, and with lactobacillus. See how it reads Lactobacillus acidophilus or sometimes L acidophilus? Push some in with a clean finger, use a tampon applicator to insert, or make yourself a phallic shaped yogurt pop using a condom or glove to fill up and freeze.

The yogurt chilled or frozen should feel soothing, so if it hurts, stop. Also, remember that whatever you put in will leak out. So the more you place, the bigger the cleanup -- and it's important to practice good hygiene.

With garlic the trick is knowing how much to use. If you notice your yeast infection early you might be able to get away with half a clove inserted overnight. If there's already creamy white discharge, indicating that the infection is further along, go with a clove or two and notch them so even more of raw garlic is exposed.

Into the vagina it goes, as sanitarily as possible, then remove it in the same fashion, clean hands, throw it away. It's in your vagina, but your mouth is likely to taste like garlic. Hopefully this is worth ending an infection.

Support healthy bacteria to manage yeast activity. Get more lactobacillus or probiotics. Avoid sprays, perfumes, toilet paper, soap, bath oils, bath bombs, certain lubes that might complicate things.

Get enough rest and nutrients. Learn ways to manage stress. and talk to your partners (if you have them) about their hygiene and potential for having a yeast infection. You might go your whole life without one.

Most of you won't, and it's okay. There are solutions and resources. Your part is to stay curious.

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