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Gettin some mollys and platys for the Thanks Tank.

Hank: We are here at the PetSmart getting the first round of SciShow fish. Um, we can't get fifty at a time 'cause that would upset the balance of the tank. We're being careful, we don't want your fish to die.

Katherine: No, we want them to live for ever.

H: For ever. And, uh, so we're gonna pick some fish for you guys and I'm not going to record that part 'cause it's going to be a long process and I don't want to edit this video. I just wanted to let you know that we're doing that. We sold all the fish, though, so you're gonna have to get a different perk. We can probably add a few fish but we're gonna, we're gonna wait on that.

Colin: We'll have presents for the fish.

H: We actually, yeah. It's pretty boring in there right now.

K: Oh yeah. We gotta buy, gotta buy presents for the fish too 'cause it's...

H: Treasure chests with bubbles.

C: Plants and...

K: Empty... Yeah, plants.

H: Plants. And some snails.

K: Yeah. And rocks.

C: The guys with the hats on.

K: Scuba guys.

H: Scuba guys.

C: Scuba guys.

H: With the hats on.

C: You know, scuba guys.