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Ava Boney's interview with author John Green and Nat Wolff of The Fault in Our Stars.

Special thanks to: News Channel 2, Nikki Diaz, Joe Gibbs, Nat Wolff, and John Green.

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John: We love Nashville, so thank you for getting us here.

Ava: When you begin a novel, do you know where it's gonna end or do you just kind of freewrite to see where it ends up?

John: Well, I'm not very good at beginning a novel as such, like, I kind of began The Fault in our Stars 12 or 13 years ago, but then I kind of began it again, like three years ago, so it's hard for me to say when I started it, because I'm always picking things up and leaving them off, but I don't know where it's going to end, and in fact, like, the original version of Fault in Our Stars was very different from the ending that is in the book now.

Nat: I heard the original ending yesterday, I never knew it, and I'm glad that we have the ending that we have.

John: It was horrible.  I'm not--I'm--yeah.  I'm a writer who does not know when I am writing well.  I only know when I am working, and I do not know if I am working effectively. 

Nat: I think 98% of the time, you're working really well, and then the 2% of the time where you're writing about ecoterro--that Hazel and a bunch of eco-terrorists are gonna go meet a drug lord--

John: Yeah.

Nat: That might be the time when you might want a second set of eyes.

John: I didn't--I thought that stuff was great.  I still kinda like it.

Nat: I like it still.

Ava: Nat, I know, and I've heard you say this in a couple of John's videos that you use darkened lenses to impair your vision when you were filming, and in the book, you were told that when you lose one sense, some of your other senses are improved.  Did that ever happen, did you ever feel that that was the case?

Nat: Um, no, because I think maybe the senses are heightened if you're blind for a while, or maybe if you're blind from a young age, but I think I just went blind, I mean, I think most of the things that I got--I mean, I know that there's a certain kind of--there's a certain balance that you get, you know, when you have one, 'cause for the first half of the movie, I only have one eye that I can see with, and I put a blacked-out contact in one eye, so I guess what I got from that was like, it put me off balance for the whole first half of the movie, and then once I had two eyes, it almost--everybody was like, how can you--it was either Ansel or Shai, asked me, "How can you act if you can't see anything?" and it was like, I can actually act better because I don't have to see the camera or any of the crew, I feel like I am--I'm just in that world, I'm in the dark but I'm in that world. 

Ava: Thank you.

John: No, thank you.

Nat: Thank you.

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offscreen lady: --Say thank you Harpeth Hall.

Ava: That would be fantastic.

John: Is it Harpeth Hall?

offscreen lady: Harpeth Hall.

John: Can you spell it for me?

Ava: H-A-R-P-E-T-H.

John: Harpeth.  Harpeth Hall.

Nat: Harpeth Hall.  Harpeth Hall.

John: Can we just do it to this camera?

Nat: I'm so bad at this.

John: You ready?  Alright, ready, Nat?  3, 2, 1... Th-- well, we're gonna say "Thank you, Harpeth Hall"

Nat: Aren't you gonna say, "I'm John Green"?

John: Okay.

Nat: I'm John Green, I'm Nat Wolff. 

John: Yeah, we just wanted to say--

Nat: Are we gonna say we just wanted to say?

John: Yeah.

Nat: Fuck.  Okay.  Ready?

John: Don't put the "Fuck" in the thing

Nat: Alright.

John: Cut that out, Ava.  Don't curse in school. 

Nat: Don't curse in school.

John: Or outside of school.  Be a good student, good person, don't do drugs.

Nat: Walk outside the school and then swear.

John: No, don't, don't, don't smoke cigarettes.

Nat: But don't sw--inside the school, don't swear.

John: Yeah.

Nat: Walk out--

John: Go to college.

Nat: Go to college and then swear your head off.

John: Alright, ready?  Okay.  I'm John Green.

Nat: I'm Nat Wolff.

John: And we just wanted to say...

Both: Thank you, Harpeth Hall. 

John: That was pretty good actually!

Nat: That was good, yeah!

John: That was really good!

Nat: Yeah! 

John: Oh, I loved that!

Nat: Yeah!

John: Thank you, all.

Nat: That was the hardest thing we've done.

John: That was our best performance to date.

('Boom Clap' continues playing)