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Hi, if you're new. I make 3 videos a week, Monday Wednesday and Friday. You might like them, you might hate them, but you can't unsee them. Unless you have amnesia.
Grace: That was American Sign Language, we just shared a secret message. Nope it wasn't at all, not even a little bit.


I'm here with Hank Green!

Hank: Hey how's it going, my name's Hank Green.

G: Nailed it. So far everything has been true. How are you feeling?

H: I'm just trying not to lie.

G: Okay. (Laughs) Hank is in town for VidCon and we just recorded an episode of his podcast called Dear Hank and John.

H: John's not there, instead we have Grace.

G: Yes, I did a really great John impersonation I think.

H: It was really great. We had a good time.

G: Yeah.

H: I enjoyed watching Grace get a little too deep.

G: Woah. It was seriously the complete opposite of my podcast.

H: She mentioned death like, five times.

G: Friendly reminder that we're all gonna die someday so like and subscribe!

H: Everyone you know will die.

G: Wheeooh! On that note, let's play a game. I just really had this desire to see Hank impersonate YouTubers, so we are playing Heads Up! Game? The Heads Up Challenge Game?

H: The Heads Up Cha...

G: The Heads Up Challenge Game Contest.

H: Is it like... (holds phone up to head)

G: Yeah, it's that. (Applause) It's that app where words come up on the screen and you have to act out the words to the person holding it and if it gets right, you go like this, and it switches to the next one.

H: And they have YouTubers in this game?

G: Diane has so wonderfully created a deck of YouTubers specifically so we can play.


H: I have this thing, I've made a word, and I want it- I want everyone to agree that this is a word, and I figure this is gonna be my lar- my, my biggest possible platform

G: Okay

H: When you think you're gonna poop, but you fart. Instead of being a shart, it's a foop.

G: A foop! That's a-

H: Which is good, 'cause it's kinda the noise it makes!


G: I was thinking, because I got to do an episode of your podcast and you didn't get to do mine...

H: Yeah

G: That the winner would get to tweet anything they want from the other person's account, which is what...

H: Yeah! I like it!

G: Which is what the guest usually gets on my podcast. To compete against each other in this game, we need an unbiased judge. Judge Chester! (Applause)

H: You've got a very accurate shirt.

C: I came prepared.

H: Why do we have to have a judge, what is he doing?

G: He's holding it on his head like this because I could very well try to not guess the things that-

H: Oh, right

G: -you're saying if you're...

H: Oh, okay.

H: I'm gonna go with him, then I'm gonna go with him.

G: Yeah.

H: This isn't fair at all because you two know each other far better than I know either of you.

G: Wait until you...

C: You'll be surprised.

G: Yeah, just wait.


C: I was constipated recently, and I was fooping so much. When you said that I was like, "Yeah, I just went through that".

H: I'm sorry about your foops.

G: See, you guys already have so much more in common.

Okay, I'm gonna go first

C: So you're trying to get as many as you can.

G: As I can in one minute.

C: Okay. (PewDiePie on screen) what's happening?

G: Uh... What's up bros! It's me... mmm. Playing all these video games.

C: Oh PewDiePie!

G: Yes!

H: Wow, that took a long time.

G: Tilt it, tilt it! Yeah! (Jenna Marbles on screen) Okay. Um, uh.. Whee! (Hank laughs).

C: PewDiePie.

G: No! (In British accent) Marbles.

H: What! No you can't say that!

G: Oh, I can't say that it's in her name!

H: It's her fricking...

G: (Flula on screen) (In bad German accent) Do you want to do the...

C: Russian Hacker.

G: Do you want to do the beatboxing?

C: Flula.

G: Yes. (Lohanthony on screen) Oh God, you're not gonna know this person! The Internet will know this. (Moves her foot in a circle) All the basic bitches.

H: What are you doing with your leg?

C: Miranda Sings?

G: No. What else does he do other than be fabulous? Um, oh yeah, this. (Buzzer goes off)

H: Yeah, I don't think that Chester See knows anything about Lohanthony.

C: Shay Carl.

G: Yeah, so I only got 2, technically.

C: I feel like you guys picked the wrong person for this game.

H: Yeah! (Smosh on screen) Yo! Let's throw food at each other!

C: Epic Meal Time

H: No. Food wars! Have some... You're so, you're, geh. I am a... Wha!. Pokémon! MORTAL COMBAT! Just all the way to the beginning.

G: You can pass.

H: I mean you know these people. Oh I went the wrong way.

G: Oh no!

C: What happened?

H: I swiped incorrectly!

C: I'm still trying to figure out the last one.

H: It's Smosh.

C: Oh!

G: Alright that was your warm-up, here's the real round.

H: (Tyler Oakley on screen) Hey girl! Uh, we're...

C: GloZell?

H: No. Frick! I'm awful at this! It's like the easiest possible thing to start with! Cute (claps) and slay. Really?

C: Oh! Uh... Why am I not saying his name? Tyler Oakley!

H: Thank you. (Swipes the phone again) Oh no! God!

G: (Laughs) Stop it!

H: You need to do the thing!

C: Oh! (Laughs)

G: Okay.

H: You turned it off, the phone's off.

G: I just watched three strokes happen.

H: Oh God.

G: If anything, we've learned that this game requires a strong shield against such a deep level of anxiety. Hank thank you for being here with me.

H: Oh my goodness, you're so welcome.

G: Chester, thank you for judging this contest.

C: Haha yes. I apologize, I'm gonna let you guys do your end card here.

H: And thanks to everyone out there for judging as well.

G: That's what the internet's for.

H: Judging yourself, judging us, judging each other, judging... just being judgmental.

G: And what a delightful feeling it is. And that's how I like to make all of my guests feel when they come and shoot videos with me.

Offscreen voice: Technically, you did win.

G: Oh, technically I won, I can tweet whatever I want from your phone.

H: Oh my God.

G: But you know what, I'm gonna be a gracious winner, because you have been full of such anxiety that I'm gonna let you tweet whatever you want from my phone.

H: Two.

G: No.

H: You don't wanna do mine?

G: It's too much anxiety. I like that you put in your passcode like it's your phone.

H: I did that two times.

G: While you are tweeting, I will tell them to go listen to the podcast that we recorded. Also just go check out the Vlogbrothers, and SciShow, and um, the others. You tweeted it?

H: Tweeted.

G: Okay, can I see it? All caps. HALLOP YUBIOBERS! ITS GILBAHRT I MOVD 2 GRACES FONE. PENNIES R MAD MOSLY OF ZINC!! That's adorable! You guys should follow Hank on Snapchat because he has a dragon named Gilbert that takes over his Snapchat.

H: His name's Gilbahrt.

G: Gilbahrt. I'm sorry, I am from Jersey, it's my accent. Apparently he's doing a Twitter takeover on my account right now. Hank, thank you or being here, I'm sorry to leave you with such anxiety. I'll give you a Red Bull for the way out.

H: Oh that's gonna help.

G: See you guys next time! I don't know.


G: So we're gonna go against each other and see...

H: There's a... Sorry.

G: No, go ahead

H: I interrupted you.

G: No what do you need?

H: I...

G: American Sign Language.