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Sorry this is so long! But there was so much DATAAAA!!!! Thanks to everyone who has participated. If you haven't yet, here's the link:

Hello, and welcome to my initial analysis of the Nerdfighteria census of 2014!

There have now been over 100,000 responses...that is what I was waiting for before I analyzed. That should be plenty to be statistically significant in every category. I mean, nobody gets that many responses for anything. Frankly, psychologists should be paying us to do research on you because it's very difficult to get that kind of response rate, especially that kind of response rate that you can trust, and I do trust you. I hope that trust is not misplaced.

Uh, so! First, How is the weather?'. This is a...this is a Night Vale reference here, I don't know if anybody got that. Did you feel...did you feel out last year's nerdfighteria census?'. Also, did you fill it out? This was a shock to me, uh, I...I figured since a 140,000 people, uh, filled out last year's census over the course of the last year, uh, that we would have a much higher percentage of yes, but we didn't. Uh, in fact, only 40,000 people filled out this year's survey who filled out last year's survey which means there are a 100,000 people who's filled out last year's survey who did not do this one.

This, uh, is great data. Last time we did this, I messed up and so that there were like two 18 in two categories, and 13 in two categories, and 21 in two cate- it was terrible. Uhm, but this is about what I would expect, uhm, it is nice to see a fairly defined bell curve there. I think that, uh, obviously high school and college has always been where most nerdfighters are, but there is also a significant portion that are older than that which I am totally down with.

'I follow Hank on these social media sites', 'follow John on-', wow, fewer people follow John...wait, 90,000 versus 91,000- never mind! More people follow John on YouTube than me. There is just more people who skipped this question: I had 5,000 skip my question and John only had 3,000 skip his question. So, John has a significantly higher number for Tumblr, Twitter, and everything. Let's just be honest, John has higher numbers for everything. People also- lots of people follow John on Goodreads.

'What's the first place, other than email, that you go when you sit on your computer?'. Most- majority- Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr. This, I have looked through this, is a very eclectic collection of places that people go. Steam, I don- just play video games immediately? Wattpad, Feedly, Imgur, um, I never really thought of Imgur of really being a place where I would just go, uh, Netflix! Every time I turn on my computer, immediately, I will just look into Netflix, watching Firefly

'How often do you comment on videos?'. Okay, this is one of my favorite questions that has been really insightful and interesting to me, so, vast majority are 'never' or 'rarely,' uh, also there is, uh, you know, the commenters that there are, uh, most of them are 'only when I have something super important to say', so people who comment on every video don't even show up here. 'Every video' is 226 total in all of nerdfighteria.

I care a lot about comments, and like, comments are very important to me creatively, to get feedback on what we're doing, and I feel like people don't know that, uhm, and also, I feel like it's where a lot of the interesting community stuff happens, so what I did say is if you don't- only 890 skipped this question- if you don't comment a lot, why is that?

23,000 people answered that, which I just love, and there is a number of different reasons, 'I don't think my comments are ever going to be read', I mean the big ones are 'I don't think my comments are ever going to be read', 'I just don't have anything important to add', 'I never really thought about it', and then there was a...were a lot of people who, uh, yeah, who just don't wanna go though the process of setting up an account to be able to comment, because of the Google+ integration, and figuring out how to make your YouTube channel and Google+ link together. Definitely we saw a huge decrease in the number of comments when that happened, which is really discouraging.

And I also...there were a lot of people who said that they felt scared or intimidated or made them anxious, uh, like 'I don't want to be attacked', 'the immaturity of other users', uh, and I...that, you know, I don't like that, that makes me sad. I think that is partially because nowadays when you set up your account you have sort of, like, oftentimes stuck with your real name, which I don't think is a good idea and that is weird to have to have your actual identity tied with your online identity and, um, yeah, and like, I know Vlogbrothers videos comments when I look at the pla- it is like not a judgmental place, and I know that that's not the same thing for all comment sections on YouTube, but I want that to be a safe, fun, cool space for having conversations, for meeting people who are in the community, for, you know, creating, and I believe that commenting is a form of creation, and like, I take it very seriously when I leave comments, I want them to be funny, I want them to be insightful, I want them to be representative of who I am 'cause obviously, like, my comments tend to get noticed-

There is a guy walking by my house, he is mostly naked, but not all of the way so that's good! (Hank sounds relieved) Just keep on moving, sir. That is fine, you just do's nice out, I understand.

'Have you ever been to a Nerdfighter gathering?'. This question should have been phrased differently. 'Yes', or 'yes' this should...the problem was that I didn't allow this to be multiple so you could only choose one of these which is not right because you could have done both of these things.

Um, and uh 80% of people who answered, which is the majority of people, vast majority of people, want to. So 8,000 people want to go to a Nerdfighter gathering. Let's see if we can help you out with that in the coming year. No promises, because I can't. But I want to, but hopefully sometime soon.

Uh 'Where do you get news about what's going on in Nerdfighteria?' Vlogbrothers videos, vast majority. Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook. The newsletter! That's good. 20% of people signed up for the newsletter, thank you. Friends, just hearing stuff from friends. Um, nowhere, I think that got left in comments here. So like Nerdfighter Facebook groups, Reddit, a lot of people said Reddit for this question, um and I don't feel like there's a lot of people who use the Reddit. Not that the Reddit Nerdfighter community isn't awesome, but when I go there I just don't see a ton of, a ton of activity. But you know, it isn't, yeah it's only 1,699 responses. Uh, yeah.

'How often do you go to these places on the internet?' YouTube. Most people go to YouTube all the time. Uh and nobody goes to YouTube none of the time. Facebook uh, similar, but less so. Tumblr, similar but less so. Uh, that's Facebook. And then we start getting into the weird dichotomy ones where it's like all the time or never. Instagram, frequently or never. Snapchat, frequently or never. Uh Google+ mostly just never. WhatsApp also mostly just never.

I don't know what WhatsApp is, I just heard about it and so I put it in. But apparently it's not that important to you so, uh. 9,000 people though. I mean, that's not nothing. 3,500 people. That's not nothing either. I'm not, I mean, I don't mean to say that Google+ and but it's just like there are only so many interactions I can have in a day. So it is important to me to know where to have them.

'What country do you live in?' U. S., U. K., Canada, Australia, Germany. Germany was kind of a surprising 5th place for me. I would expect all of the ones where they speak English because that is the language we speak, not that you don't speak English in Germany. And the Netherlands. You people are all very multilingual. And then, the first non-western country. Whatever that word means is Brazil. So. Hats off to my Brazilians!

Uh and then this is a long list, but it's interesting to see how many of these places there are. Some people in, so you get down to one person and it just keeps going all the way to Afghanistan. We have- there are Afghani nerdfighters you guys. Chad, the Seychelles, it's good. It's good. We don't have any Liberians, we don't have any in the Congo. So, alas! But we're working on it.

'Where do you live in the United States?' California has the most people, New-. This is basically going in order of the size of the states. Uh, roughly. So, that's not too helpful. But if we were able- we could probably find a way to do that per capita, and see where the highest densities are. My guess is that California would still win.

Gender! The majority, vast majority, 72% female. So, this is not the case by the way for Vlogbrothers viewers it's more like 60/40. So it's interesting that uh, that you know, female uh self-select to be more interested in participating in the survey. And that is something that we've seen generally, while there are guys who watch our videos they are less likely to watch our videos, they're less likely to buy Pizza John shirts, they're less likely to identify as nerdfighters. I don't know why this is, but it is a thing. And then we have 26% male. And then uh, it's very interesting to see so the uh, it adds up that there's a significant number of transgender, gender fluid, questioning people in Nerdfighteria.

By the way these last two here, I accidentally added them twice so these have no results. Um, if they're just, they're doubled. But these didn't appear on the survey but you can't, in the survey program, completely delete things from the survey. I wonder if you can see my mouse right now. I'm not sure that I turned that on.

Race and ethnicity. We are not a very diverse group: 85% non-Hispanic white. Uh and then the second largest group is Latino or Hispanic. East Asian, southeast Asian, Indian, all these are Asian in one way or another. Uh black, Middle Eastern, Native American, south Asian, so yeah. I added this question last second, so sorry that it's not a very diverse group of options. There were lots of 4,000-ish people who had uh, other things to add. Yeah- half German, half Mexican. Uh, I don't, yeah. Race is a very difficult thing to try and nail down exactly what any one is, uh of course. But I thought that was important to know more about and obviously it is and I don't know how to feel about it to be honest. Um, but there it is. So now we know.

(Laughs) How did you first hear about Vlogbrothers? Just came across it. That's only 22% That's actually a pretty interesting diverse little group here. So uh, just came across it. A friend, that's great, that is awesome. And that one seems to be getting bigger. And John's books are number 3. I mean I know John is a popular author but it's pretty great that people are coming into this community through his stuff. Don't remember. Obviously, I barely remember. Charlie specifically. Just uh he's responsible for quite a bit. He's responsible for more than all other YouTubers combined which is pretty amazing. Thank you Charlie. Crash Course, Sci Show, Tumblr. Uh and then Twitter is the very last and very most insignificant of those which would be very interesting data for my friends at Twitter. I do have a friend who works at Twitter in, uh, audience development so he will be discouraged to here that.

Uh and then things that I- that are in here. Girlfriend, I'm like, you know, that's what I mean by "friend". I don't mean it has to be a friend friend, I mean by, you were recommended to it by some one whose opinion you respect. That counts as like your cousin, or I guess you're just not friends with your cousin. Upworthy is good. Lauren, Fairweather, I assume. Khan Academy. John via the National Book Festival.

From Sister Salad! I have heard that several times that people are like "I was watching Sister Salad and that's how I found about you." And I'm just like, really? Sister Salad was a YouTube channel that doesn't post anymore from back in like 2008. 2007 era. Um, I don't feel like anybody remembers, but oh, well.  

Check if the answer is yes. Have you ever read a John Green book? Yes, 88% of people who answered this question, so 87,000 people. Suggested a Vlogbrothers vid- suggested a Vlogbrothers to a friend. That's awesome. That is fantastic. Referred to yourself as a nerdfighter, 73,000 people. Wanted to go to VidCon, 71,000. 71,000 people, you guys. 71,000 people wanna go to VidCon just in Nerdfighteria. That is terrifying. I'm sorry that you can't come, but I'm also glad that you can't come, 'cause that would be too big.

Uh, suggested CrashCourse to a friend. Awesome. Suggested some other thing to a friend. Awesome. Purchased something from us. That is an amazing percentage, 30%, 28,000 people. Oh my gosh. We do send out a lot of stuff, so I guess that makes sense. Read Our Pants, that's a lot of people. Bought a Hank Green song. Thank you very much. Participated in Project for Awesome. Awesome. Lent money on Kiva, amazing! 12,000 people. Um, and that's just people who are replying. Worn a Pizza John shirt. I'm wearing a Pizza John shirt right now. Check that out, uh, 54,000 people have worn Pizza John shirts. Nutso.

Have you ever bought stuff at DFTBA? Check all that apply. Never: 61% of people. Uh, and also all those people who skipped the question. We can assume. Um, it was a good experience: most people. I would do it again: uh, most people. Who have purchased. Uh, I still wear and display the thing. Oh that's kinda sad, that it's only 28%, but I guess it could've been a long time. Uh, I've done it multiple times. There are also 306 people who had a bad experience, so maybe I should just email all of them and ask what happened. 

Uh, I haven't because you need PayPal, which I can't get. That's unfortunate; I'm sorry about that. You don't need PayPal; you can just check out through PayPal. You do need a credit card, though. I'm poor. I'm poor. I never have, but I want to. I don't have enough money. I lost my TSWGO wristband. You can get another one. I don't have the money. Don't have the money, don't have the money. I completely understand. Don't worry about it. If you're too broke, just be fiscally responsible. That is most, that is the most important thing to me, that you set up yourself for future success, so that in the future, then you can buy merch. Also have a happy life.

What do you think of Hank Green and The Perfect Strangers and their new album, "Incongruent". 100% of people think that it is a masterful work of genius. It was the only option, but that's what it said. Seriously, though, most people, 50% of people said that they don't really have enough money. Uh, 25% said that they don't really buy music, and then there were some useful responses here. 9,000 of them. Savin' up my money as we speak. Gonna go buy it right now. That's nice to hear. Never heard of it. That's totally possible. Don't have it yet, but will get it eventually. I haven't bought it; I will, though! Loved it; "Undigested Lump" is my jam! So, don't pirate it either! I generally listen to the free stuff on YouTube and Pandora. Yeah, like, I, like, love it when people watch, listen to my songs over and over again on YouTube, so don't feel like I don't like that. I like that.

Um, what Hank and John channels do you regularly watch? 47% of people always watch- no. What are these categories? There's uh 'please make more' and 'I watch every video.' So the first two basically mean the same thing.

So 47% plus 32%, so the vast majority of people, watch every Vlogbrothers video. Mental Floss is much more an every once in a while thing. Lizzy Bennet is kind of either a you love it or you hate it or you've never heard of it. Uh Hankschannel is you've heard of it for the most part but you know whenever you get a chance. Crash Course: uh, there's a big spike here at people who want, who watch every one of them but not so big- but most of the people, I think if you added those two together, most of the people would still be in the 'every once in a while' category, but people have heard of it. And nobody hates it, so that's not very many people. Dis- not many people don't care about it or whatever that category is. Sci Show, same kind of deal.

And Sexplanations is when we start getting a higher percentage of people who've just never heard of the thing. So to those people: These things exist and they are great. Uh so Sexplanations is that way, Sci Show Space, not a lot of people have heard of. The Art Assignment, which surprises me, because I feel like we talk about The Art Assignment quite a lot. How to Adult, huge number, 47% haven't hear of it at all. Emma Approved, 46% haven't heard of it at all. Brain Scoop, that's been around for like a year now. But you haven't heard of it.

Hank Games people are sort of ambivalent about. The internet's just like- oh it's just not my bag I think, not my cup of tea is what the blue is. So a lot of people are like 'this is not my cup of tea' I understand that. It's just a guy playing a video game.  I like to think that we're funny and interesting but that's cool.

Healthcare Triage most people haven't heard of it Animal Wonders, most people haven't heard of it. And The Warehouse, which is our video produced out of the DFTBA Warehouse is, is by far the most obscure of Vlogbrothers projects. So if you want to be super indie you can go check out The Warehouse with Matthew Gaydos. Tonight I'm going to go see him perform, by the way, at Sean Kelly's. He is a pretty badass musician.

Have you ever used Subbable? I don't know what that is. I'm so glad I asked that question, because I assumed that everybody knew what Subbable was because we talk about it all the time on Sci Show. Um so yeah. 40% of people haven't used Subbable. That means we need to tell more people about it. Uh, no but I wish I could. Completely understand. No, it's not my jam. I also completely understand. Yes, it's pretty cool and Yes.

These are the smallest percentages but let me tell you, those 10% of people combined: they are the reason why Sci Show and Crash Course exist. We would have had to lay people off and stop making those shows if it weren't for them. So my heart goes out to those 10,000 people without whom we would be ballsed. I couldn't come up with a word. That wasn't the obvious word I was thinking of. Ballsed though. Ballsed that's the- it's a new word.

No money. Uh not yet. I can't afford to support others right now. Totally understand. Support yourself first. Again: be financially whatever the word is. Set yourself up for success. Do not think about us first; think about you first.

What other YouTubers do you like to watch (add as many as you like)? Charlie, Dan, and then Phil I'm sure is close to the top. Fine Brothers, Vsauce, Hannah Heart, Tyler Oakley, Grace Helbig. Uh this is very, very helpful and very cool to see. Because sometimes I think like, you know, the major overlap is the people who I hang out with. Which is like Minute Physics, Charlie, uh who else do I hang out with? (Laughs) I mean all the people who live in Missoula, like Brain Scoop and Michael Aranda and um, Sexplanations.

But yeah it's cool to see that there's a big overlap with Jenna Marbles because I don't think of you know Nerdfighteria or Vlogbrothers in general, but of course her audience is gigantic so that is bound to happen. WheezyWaiter is another example of some one who we like regularly collab with and hang out with but he's pretty down on the list. Um so yeah. And Epic Rap Battles, like you know that's just because their their audience is huge. Like they just, people, everybody watches all of those.

Though there isn't a big percentage of PewDiePie viewers and they are the largest, that's the largest of all YouTube channels, is Pewds. So there you have it. And and like amazingly John Cozart and PewDiePie are like roughly equal in our community. Not that John Cozart isn't like obviously a big deal, but he's not PewDiePie. And he only has like 10 videos on his YouTube channel; they're all just very very good. Um love John Cozart by the way. I've hung out with him a couple times.

The reason, by the way, why Rhett & Link, Smosh, and FreddieW down here, again- oh sorry, down here with like no people is again because I added them twice and then I made those 3 of them invisible. They are up here. Um and they are, you know you can just pause your video as I do this if you want to see exactly how much overlap there is with all these various folk, uh and then you'll see that.

But yeah the uh, I was somewhat surprised that there is no overlap with Songs to Wear Pants to. Uh Andrew Huang, who is in my band. Or Markiplier, or Mitchell Davis, or Meghan Tonjes. All people who I consider very, you know, sort of like they mesh very well with what I think of as Nerdfighteria. So check out those people. And Annoying Orange has tons of viewers; but I guess they're mostly younger than the average Nerdfighter.

Did I even talk about age? I talked a little bit about age. But the surprising thing about the age thing was how few people are under the age of 13. That was a surprise to me. We really don't have any young young people watching us.

Um and then have 36,000 people telling me about the people they watch who weren't on that list. And it's amazing because a lot of these people I've never heard of and so; what's Button Poetry? I don't know, but that just showed up twice. Uh you know AmazingPhil, PewDiePie, Pointless Blog. I guess I didn't have Alfie on there but I had those other two. Maybe people were just tired of searching.

NerdzRL, uh Doug Benson. Don't know who Doug Benson is. Pentatonix, so many amazing YouTubers there and it's really fun to go through and like just find one you've never heard of and paste it in and see what it is. Because there's so much good content on YouTube, and as the guy who runs VidCon it is, I am very cognizant of how many amazing YouTubers there are and I'm always annoyed that I can't uh support more of them at VidCon. But we do our best.

On YouTube, I watch a lot of: educational content, funny content, music content, you guys watch every thing. The smaller categories are talk shows, television, beauty channels to some extent, and then yeah and then it's all big from there. There are a lot of web series there, which is great.

"How do you hear about new YouTube videos?" I go to Still, 65 percent of active Nerdfighters not going to, they're going to their subscription feed which is quite difficult to find if you were wondering where it is it is at Uh, you can also to, if you want to. Um and then a lot of people get it without YouTube being in the way at all so they either go directly to the channel page or they'll get it from Tumblr. I apparently had that twice. So channel pages and regular pages from my creators. Those are the same thing, sorry. Facebook, Twitter, uh YouTube sends me an email, which I suggest that you do.

"How much money do you make?" Nerdfighteria on the whole you do not have a lot of money. Which is fine, I... that is great I do not care. You are students. You should be worrying about your student-ing.

"What is the highest degree that you have?" I could've worded this question much better, especially for all you people who don't know what high school or graduate, like, in the UK you have different systems. I don't know what it's called. Uh, but, most people are still in high school, or most people are still in school, so either in high school, or uh, in college. Most of these people have college degrees, and yeah. A lot for-I'm kinda guessing then most of these 41 percent of people are in college right now so.

"Do you make your own YouTube videos?" 81 percent no, 20 percent yes and then 3 percent of those people actually make them, have like, continually, make them, make them, regularly and are currently making them.

"How many followers do you have?" Uh, that's pretty respectable you guys not that like that's the most important thing in the world but, like pretty cool. A lot of followers, a lot of our followers have lots of followers.

"How often do you watch our videos?" Um, whenever there's a new one, good. Whenever I remember to check it out, bad. Whenever I stumble upon one of them, even worse. Uh, this is an interesting data point because of course, these are the people who are, responded to the survey, so, is... if there are the people who just watch it when they stumble across one are less likely to have watched this particular video so, uh so of course there is a much higher percentage of people they just aren't answering the survey, where as all of the people who watch every video, uh, saw the survey that video so they are much more likely to be responding to the survey. So that's an example, I don't know if there's a name for that kind of bias but that is an example of why statistics exists as a science and why you should study it in school. Statistics is fascinating. Study it.

"When did you start watching vlogbrothers?" 2007, a good three percent, four percent of you. Those that's so cool, and then the most interesting thing for me here is that the biggest category is 2012ers so I think we just had a lot of views in 2012. Either that or a lot of views that were of particular of content that particularly made people like feel like part of this community. um.. and it is interesting to me how I would expect that 2013 would be the biggest category I mean if obviously there's a trend here. So I guess maybe just that we got more views in 2012 or we just had a bigger impression on people in 2012? Uhm, maybe we have less of an impression now cause there's just so much stuff on YouTube. But this is a very- that's very interesting data. And uh, yeah. And like totally cool because that means people are sticking around as well. Like it means that those 24 people are still around, not going anywhere- that quarter of people. So thanks for sticking around. 

We should post more videos on vlogbrothers, more videos on SciShow, more videos on CrashCourse, I think that's majority for everything except SciShow. Yeah, SciShow is majority same amount. Nobody wants us to post fewer of things- or for the most part. I don't know why anyone would want us to post viewer videos on vlogbrothers. Maybe they're just being considerate and they think we're tired. Um, but yeah I think that we will- I think- that we will indeed be posting more videos on CrashCourse in the coming year and uh, I don't think that we'll be posting more videos on vlogbrothers in the next 12 months. But we talk about it, ALL THE TIME, because when it comes down to it, making vlogbrothers is my favorite thing to do. And, uh, so if it were up to me, that's what I would be doing but there's all these other things going on that are, uh, important. 

"Would you like- Would you read a weekly email update from Hank and John?" Uh so 70,000 people said yes, and it turns out that there is one! You can also get that at for all those people who didn't know. All you 50,000 people go sign up! I assume you already did, but if you didn't, go do it!

"How much would you expect to pay for a Vlogbrothers concert?" This is good because that's about- we're charging between $15 and $20 for all of our concerts with Hank Green and the Perfect Strangers so that's actually we basically used this data from last year's survey to figure that I wanted to get under 20 bucks, uhm but over 15 so awesome. And I also see that there is people who would pay more, but we won't make you. Maybe we will, if you pay whatever you expect to pay, what would you pay? $40? Thank you! $5? That's fine too. Uh, *chuckle* No, we will charge the same amount for everyone. Yeah, so that's great. I apologize for the people who are $15 and under, it's where the bell curve lies though. And also basically how much it has to cost to make it sustainable. Especially for a tour like we're going on with the Driftless Pony Club, and all the Perfect Strangers and The Potters and so it's just expensive and everybody needs to get paid. 

"What makes you feel like a nerdfighter?" I think that the vast majority is watching videos. I would like for there to be more...more like interactive things that people are doing, but of course like, you can't ask that of everybody. You know, whatever connections we can make with the world are connections that are worth making. 

This is a really long video by the way.

Things that you're into to? This is obviously extremely diverse and super cool to read. 74,000 responses from people about what they're into. I am also super into QI by the way. Uhm yeah, it's just really cool to be able to see. I want to be able to- And like how diverse it is really, that there are definitely a lot of Sherlock and you know, Supernatural and Doctor Who and stuff. And also a lot of books, but the diversity is what's interesting to me right now. This person is very very very into Hank right now. So, thanks!

"How much time do you spend on the internet per day?" I'm always surprised by how little time you guys spend on the internet. 2-4 hours is the peak? Man, I spend more than 8 hours on the internet every single day. But I guess it is where I work. That shocks me. I am shocked. Uhm, so thank you for giving me your very brief amount of daily internet time!

"How much TV do you watch a day?" None. Nerdfighters, you guys are productive. What do you do all the rest of that time? Studying? Are you studying? Hanging out with people? Hopefully fun stuff. Because man, it's just, what are you doing? I'm shocked. I don't understand! If you add up the amount of time I spend watching TV with the amount of time I spend on the internet- you literally get 24 hours! I guess there's probably some sleep time in there too but.. 

"How many books do you read per year?" There are Nerdfighters who read no books per year. But the largest category was again was- I should have spread it out more, which I didn't do- but still, more than 35. There are 30,000 Nerdfighters who read more than 35 books per year. That's like- Nerdfighters are responsible for a significant portion of books purchased in America. Though maybe not all of them are being purchased, some are being passed around, and libraries, etc. 

"What John Green books have you read?" Looking for Alaska is second only to Paper Towns, 84,000 people have read Paper Towns.

"I have read one book by:" JK Rowling; more Nerdfighters have read JK Rowling than John Green and that's an interesting statistic. That does not actually surprise me- I kinda feel like I should but it doesn't. None of this is very surprising and super cool. Down here when we get into like, Science Fiction, I shoved a science fiction author on there- John Scalzi- just to see and as expected, you guys aren't big John Scalzi fans. But I'll tell you what, read Fuzzy Nation- super good. So this is great. It's amazing how many of these people have been read by Nerdfighters. Oh yeah, and I freaking forgot to put Suzanne Collins on this list by the way. Sorry Suzanne Collins- obviously you should be on this list. Really interesting to read this. Uh, Douglas Adams, Scott Westerfeld, Sherman Alexie, all favorite authors of mine. Obviously lots of very successful and talented authors on this list. George R.R. Martin, Rick Riordan, or Rie-or-dan, I don't know how it's pronounced, but obviously lots of very successful and talented authors on this list. "Kurt Vonnegut? I don't know I'm trying to read more" You can just read Kurt Vonnegut that's fine! George R.R. Martin, lots of George R.R. Martin I probably should have put him on this list as well. So that's great and really interesting. Robin Hobb? I have not read a Robin Hobb book but I keep meaning to because they keep getting suggested to me. Then when I see authors I've never heard of, I wanna check it out, and uh, read what they've written. I feel like it's all been suggested to me, there's just so many Nerdfighters!

"How do you decide what to read?" This is an important question for our friends at Penguin. A lot of people get suggestions on YouTube from BookTubers. Goodreads, recommendations from friends- obviously is the biggest one. Just browsing, is the second biggest one, which is crazy- just going to the bookstore or on and looking around and browsing. And I do that too! One of my favorite things in the world- just find a book that sounds really cool, buy it and own it and read it and love it.

What are you reading right now? Hitchhiker's guide, Extras, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Alchemist, all books I have read.

I added this question recently, which is why it's been skipped by 100,000 people. Where do you get your books? Amazon, other online places, chain bookstores, independent bookstores, the library. These area all surprisingly equal. Download- I meant this question as kind of a surrogate for sort of illegally download, but I didn't want to say illegally download, 'cause that would seem very judgmental, but uh, yeah, that's, my guess is that's what that means. Uh, because if you're downloading from amazon, you would say you're getting it from amazon. So, 30% of people, which is a substantial number, and, like, you know. I don't judge. I've been there.

What are the m- what causes are most important to you? I can actually.. can I adjust this? To go 'sort descending? Yeah. Education, #1. Social equality, wome's rights, the environment, global poverty, it's very difficult to choose between these things, obviously. Uh, but pennies? Doesn't make it high on the list..

How do you feel about Nerdfighteria? Very interesting and cool to read through these. Just people being very complimentary. Email addresses! Going through these so you guys don't see any. And if there's anything you like to say to us, 69,000 people had things to say to us, and let me tell you, for the most part they are just lovely, and extremely complimentary. Maybe just a little too nice at times, but also like sometimes, constructively critical, which I appreciate, and just very thankful for having so many smart and dedicated people in the community. So, um, thank you all for that.

"Please go on a Nerdfighteria-centered tour again. Not that your music tour isn't great." What, you just want John. I know it, I know it. I know what's up. You just want John. Um, so yes, we are figuring out how to go on tour. The problem, a little bit of the problem is that John, with The Fault in Our Stars, is now, like, popular enough so if we go on tour, we can sort of let's just talk about this. We can sort of choose to do one of two things. We can either go places, make tickets for sale, and have them sell out instantaneously, where we can do like, 200 people venues, where we can do a signing line, and take pictures with people, but then, you know, 90% of people who want to go don't get to go. Or, we can go and do things where we can do 1,000 or 2,000, or 3,000, or 4,000 person venues, depending on the size of the city. Or, even more than that. And, uh, and then a lot more people get to go, but it's just not possible logistically to do a signing line. Um, so that's what we're running into as we're thinking about planning the 2014 slash 2015 Tour de Nerdfighting. If... we're just very in the cursory stages of planning that. That's a , uh, a challenge, because, you know I like the, you know, you know, the 2010 style Tour de Nerdfighting thing, where there's not that many people, and it's great, but um, I don't want it to be super exclusive, and cut people out, because they, you know, didn't happen to see the video at the right time, and feel super left out, so yeah. That's the struggle man. Uh, it's a great struggle to have, and, yeah, it is something that we're doing with. But, yes, that is the 2014 Nerdfighteria census that was responded to be over 100,000 people so far, there's still surveys coming in. We got, I think, a thousand of them already today. So, thank you all so much for participating in that, and being a part of that community, and helping us imagine you complexly!