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John: Hello and welcome back to the 2013 Project for Awesome, now in its forty-fourth hour! Four hours to go. Just four hours left in the 2013 Project for Awesome.

Um. I'm in my bed. I'm with my daughter, who I'm not going to show you, if that's okay... Just because she's a baby... I don't know, she hasn't consented that (?) (0:23) Hello, Alice-Grace!

Um. So I'm going to, um... I'm pretty tired, I'm not going to lie to you. But I know that also, probably some people who are watching right now, maybe you're new to the Project for Awesome. Maybe you haven't been participating for the last forty four hours. Maybe you aren't exhausted. But I also know that there are a lot of people who are watching who've been commenting almost non-stop on videos for the last forty-eight, uh, forty-four hours, and have been awake, raising money, tweeting. Every comment on a Project for Awesome video, every tweet with the hashtag "p4a" is worth one penny, to charity. So, um... That I have to give! So you're stealing my pennies, which I appreciate, because I hate pennies.

Um, so if you're new to the livestream, I apologize. I'm not usually this tired. But I also- it's not usually this- uh, the last morning of the Project for Awesome. So... Um... Alice, you're just almost crawling! If you could almost crawl-  you get these ideas behind the crawling, you're just not getting the pull-forward yet!!

So, um... Uh, I wanna bring you up to date on where we are and what we do here at the Project for Awesome. Every year, on December 17th, thousands of people, uh, on YouTube, make videos about charities, instead of making videos about, you know, like cats riding on Roombas. Um, and uh, then those videos are watched and liked and shared and commented upon by a huge army of Nerdfighters that goes around trying to discover Project for Awesome videos and uh, get them a wider audience, bringing awareness to the causes that people are supporting. And then um, there's also a fundraising component of the Project for Awesome - there's a link in the dooblydoo right there, that top link. That first link.

What's wrong? It's okay! It's okay. That top link - is it 'cause I'm pointing at my pants? Is that what you're upset about? That top link goes to an Indiegogo where there are tons of amazing perks that you can get, by contributing to the Foundation to Decrease- what's- oh, it's okay! By contributing to the Foundation to Decrease World Suck. The Foundation to Decrease World Suck - what if I sat you up and gave you something incredibly exciting to play with, like my wallet? It's a Liverpool wallet! My wallet is a Liverpool F.C. wallet. There you go. Um - I hope I didn't just show off my social security number or anything.

So um, yeah, that top link, that first link is to a donate button. It says donate, and then that takes you to the Indiegogo. Um, if you make a donation to the Foundation to Decrease World Suck, you can get all kinds of amazing perks. Um, but you also make a tax deductible contribution to a real, actual charity organization. Even though it seems like we have a fake name - the Foundation to Decrease World Suck. That is our real name! And it's a real 501(c)3 federally sanctioned and everything.

And here's how it works! Um. Everybody donates their time, their talent and uh, in many cases, their money and/or stuff to the Project for Awesome. There is zero overhead. We never pay for um- we don't pay for hosting, thanks to our hosting service - Fastly - thank you! We don't pay for coding, um, or - but thanks to Sam Rudge, who makes the site work - we don't pay for design, thanks to Karen Kavett and Michael Aranda who design everything... So, um, there is no overhead. Um, 100% of your- except for the cost of actually like, printing posters and t-shirts - so 100% of your donation over and above the cost of printing and shipping the shirts, or any kind of physical perks, goes to the Foundation to Decrease World Suck. And then all of that money is distributed out to the non-profit organizations that are chosen by us at - we go to - tens of thousands of people have already voted um, for char- maybe even a hundred thousand at this point- for the charities that they want the community to support. And so the challenge for us, in the Project for Awesome, is both trying to raise a lot of money, and then also trying to be good stewards of that money. So even if you can't contribute financially, you are an extremely important part of the Project for Awesome, because what you can contribute is- is your attention and your thoughtfulness about how- how to distribute this money. There are so many worthy causes, more than we can ever support. Our challenge is to try to support the right ones. Um, and to uh, to do the most good.

Hey, buddy! How's it going? I think somebody's working on a, uh- working on a (?) (5:05) So that's our challenge! To try to support- to do the most good that we can.

Um, so I'm gonna walk you through how to vote. But first, I gotta tell you about some of the perks that you can get. Um... And um... There's lots of good ones! So we've already raised $541,000 to the Indiegogo page thanks to matching donations and some earlier fundraising. We're very- we're ten thousand dollars away from $700,000 in total money raised. Now, of course, part of that will go to like, printing t-shirts and stuff, but it's still gonna be uh, well over $600,000 in total donations that go these charities. Which is a lot of money! Uh, it's pretty amazing. It's hard to get my head around. You know, it's just a lot of uh, it's just a lot of money.

Okay! So um... We have lots of perks that you can get. Um, you can get Tyrannosaurus Lex's um, Christmas tree Halloween costume, which is pretty fantastic. That's our featured perk right now. Hank uh, has an EP of holiday songs- um, you can get a snippet of the thing that I've been writing for the last uh, several months. A 5,000 word sneak peek of the story that I've been working on. Then there's my movie poster. Not my movie poster. The movie poster of the movie that is an adaptation of the book that I wrote. Uh, I wrote a book called the Fault in our Stars. Uh, they filmed the movie this fall. It's coming out on June 6th, and the movie poster was just released yesterday. The only place you can get it, I think ever, um... Is during the Project for Awesome, by making a donation to the Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck. Um, so I wanna thank Fox for making that possible. I also wanna thank the 3,190 people who have already claimed the Fault in our Stars movie poster.

Um... Then there are two calendars. The men of YouTube calendar and the women of YouTube calendar. The women of YouTube calendar has lots of your favorite YouTubers - uh, Felicia Day, Grace Helbig, Mamrie Hart, Hannah Hart, uh, Ally Trippy, the women of SourceFed, uh, Meghan Tonjes, lots of great people.

Ahhh, okay, okay, okay. I'm sorry. I was just trying to [indistinguishable]

(7:18) And there's also a men of YouTube calendar, with Charles Trippy and Hank and me, and uh, lots of your favorite male YouTubers. Those two calendars have been locked in a race, um, all throughout the Project for Awesome, for who is going to um, sell more of them. And it's- the women, after the men enjoyed the lead for much of yesterday, the women have suddenly jumped up to an almost insurmountable 30 copy lead. It's 1225 to 1252! Um. It's- that's- so yeah. It's amazing that uh, people love the women and men of YouTube so equally. It's encouraging to me, I have to say.

Um. Uh, and then- in the higher dollar perks, there's still some signed copies- a few signed copies of my book, An Abundance of Katherines. Um, uh, and you can also get scripts um, if you're a Crash Course US History fan or a fan of the Mental Floss video series... You can get scripts for those video series. Original scripts, uh- we shoot those shows- like, Meredith, who writes the funny parts in them, um, writes a lot of notes and jokes and stuff on the- in the margins and we come up with stuff whilst we're filming. Um, and uh, those scripts will be signed by the whole team. Meredith, Stan, Mark and myself. Um... Yeah.

And then um, you can also get a We The Kings CD, the number one album in America right now with Charles Trippy- that's the band that Charles Trippy's in. But it's signed by the whole band. Um, and if you want to get a signed copy of the Fault in Our Stars movie poster, there's still 18 of those left. There's 282 that have been claimed, but there are 18 left so um- that's something that you can get. 

Also, one of the perks that I just got this morning, before I started hosting the show, Will Wheaton signed poster, signed poster feature Will Wheaton of the Big Bang Theory and Star Trek the Next Generation, and generally making, of making the world a better place via the internet. Um, as a sexy teen idol poster from 1991. Bonga bonga bonga bonga... and it's signed by him. Do you like Will Wheaton Alice? You don't? Well you would if you hung out with him. He's super, he's one of the nicest guys I've ever met. 
You can get it out, you just gotta focus. It's gonna happen buddy, I know that it stings. 

Um, so that's the update on the Indiegogo, the donate link in the livestream. So please, ah, there's only 4 hours left in the Project for Awesome. 3 hours and 43 minutes now. (Alice crying) We may have to deal with this. I don't know how, I can't I can't poo for you. 

Um, and- so go ahead and donate now, and then I wanna also call your attention to, so if you go over to I don't know what to do about this problem.  Usually I can comfort her, I guess I can I guess I can. I just don't want to show her on the screen, cause I don't want her to feel bad. Don't want her to be all over Tumblr, nothing personal. Okay. Blagga blagga blagga blagga.  Does that help? Blagga blagga blagga blagga. Does that help at all? It doesn't really help. 

Um, so if you go over to you, I'm gonna go over the voting process. In some ways this is the most important part of P4A. Particularly as we get down here to the end. So if you go to you'll see a featured video- a new featured video that we should all be commenting on about Child's Playmate by the NomadKnight, thank you for participating in the Project for Awesome! 

And then you go- but you go to "all videos" down there. And you can either choose a category or you can search for a charity. A charity that I supported in this years Project for Awesome, that is really important to me, personally because they've done so much amazing work, with Nerdfighteria over the years- going back to when we built a well with Sean at the Uncultured Project, and helped Save the Children um, in rural Bangladesh.  Is an organization called Saved the Children. So I can just search for that charity name- and Alice pulled out my earphones but I'm not mad at her- um you can just search for that charity name- Save the Children, and then you go there. And then you say oh lots of people have uploaded Save the Children videos, and then you can go and you can vote. 

You can vote, so you click on one of those videos and then beneath the video you'll see Vote! How about I take these out and you can play with them, so you're entertained. Okay, and you can say vote, and that's how you vote. You can do that for any organization that, that you really um, really care about. Another one that I think is really great is an organization called Techo. It's like a Habitat for Humanity um in Latin America. So you can go and you can look up Techo and then you say, oh there's videos that someone made about Techo, I wanna vote for those- because I want to vote for that organization. This is extremely important because it's how we are going to decide as a group- community, what we're going to support. 

So another organization that I really- I, you can also search by category. So you can search for categories that are important to you. Um, so you know if, so another category- I mean another charity that's really important to me is called Doctors without Borders. Um, they are you know, on the ground, providing health care to, you know, some of the most difficult places in the world, and so you can search for that. You can search, but you can also search by category so I'm very interested in in poverty, so you go there, um, there's ah, World Vision. And ah, you can see all kinds of good, all kinds of good organizations by searching there. Um yeah, so it's a really good- and you know you can do any- education, water charities, so that's another one that I care about a lot. Because water is fascinating problem that like is a huge. 

So the reason I care so much about water charities is that, in addition to addressing a public health crisis so many children in particular, but people of all ages, die unnecessarily because of lack of access to clean water so they get-. You know they die of cholera, or if they're young they die of diarrhea even. And this is um, you know all different kinds, because they don't have access to clean water. In addition to that, it's also a huge drain on productivity, particularly for women. Because many women who are usually the ones in communities tasked with the job of getting enough water, many women will have to spend 3 or 4 hours a day walking to and from water sources in order to get water every day. Um, and that's just, just inefficient. And it removes women from you know, deeper engagement in the social and political and economic life of their communities. So um, that's one of mine, that's one of my, so I really like Thirst Project, and We've worked-Hank's worked with before, we went with them to Haiti, and nerdfighter communities built several, several wells. 

The great thing about is, they don't build the cheapest wells, but they build, because they make the wells a community resource ah, they work very hard to make sure that the wells don't become a kind of tool for oppression. But that, they can kind of share it as a community resource. So you can go to and vote for the charities that you think are really important. And again, you can find all different kinds of um you can search by category or you can search by charities. So that's, um that's how it works! It's pretty cool. And I hope um, I hope you'll vote and I hope you'll take some time to spend to focus on that because I know, yeah I can't emphasize how important it is. You're gonna decide where, where our money goes in this Project for Awesome, and so whether you give it, been able to give it financially to the P4A or not, you are still a very important part, very much important to it. Because you decide, you know what's really important to us. 

Is it arts education? Is it you know animal shelters? Is it water for people in the developing world? Is it, um you know organizations like Save the Children that try to address health crises in children under the age of 5? I don't know there's lots, so much good that can be done. And we need to decide collectively what's the best way do it. So go vote for the organizations that you think um, you think are really important. Please vote carefully but also please don't be afraid to vote. So yeah, all- everybody that's watching this right now I hope that you'll take some time at Project or Awesome and vote so thank you. 

Okay, um alright Alice you're doing good. See that artwork above me, it's really interesting, I mean obviously I like it or I wouldn't have it in my house but um. It's a mash up satellite photo so it, it looks like an image from Google maps, it looks like an actual satellite photograph but it turns out not to be. Ah it turns out to be have been created by this artist who mashed up hundreds of different Google maps. The Sydney Harbor is in there, the- and so are the Icelandic um, and so are parts of Iceland- the glacial lakes from Alaska- ah it just takes it sort of creates a fictional cartography using, using the real um satellite maps of the real planet Earth. Um so, I'm a big fan of it. I don't know if you guys know this but I'm a really big fan of fictional cartographers so I wrote a book called Paper Towns about them once.

Um, maybe I'll give you an art tour of the house before I leave to go to work. Hey Alice! What's going on with you? What's the news in Alice land? Are you rocking and partying? I think Lisa is coming soon, yes. Henry already went to school so I have a- I'm on daddy duty um right now. Just chilling. Okay! So we are all, we've been all watching this a, hopefully at least- yeah so I'm gonna give you some time at Maybe I'll just do this right now- well no I don't want to distract you from the artwork, ah yeah I'm gonna do it right- yeah I don't know I, what am I doing? What am I doing? Um, whoo! What's even happening? Um... alright I'll wait. (18:13)