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Hank talks about all of the stuff he brought home from VidCon
Hello. This is just a quick video I'm gonna make to tell you about some of the stuff that I got at VidCon, because it is exciting to me.

Besides my Shane Dawson balls, I also got some other stuff. Right here, I have a flip cam that is a VidCon branded flip cam. This is not, in fact, mine. It's for someone who won it but did not claim it. She has emailed me and I will be sending it to her soon. That's very exciting.

Right here I have some smoked salmon, this was actually acquired for me by Katherine, who was in Seattle at the time of VidCon. I love you, baby, thank you for my smoked salmon. She hates smoked salmon, she doesn't even like it in the house, so that shows you how much she loves me.

I also have here a postcard of the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel, the hotel that just keeps on having more modifiers in its name. Plus, Pokémon card! Because Pokémon cards are good. This is from GTLAC. I don't know, that's a hard to pronounce username.

OMG Facts sticker! Love the OMG Facts Twitter, very exciting. Unfortunately, this did not come through the uh, VidCon unscathed so it's a little bit messed up. So I'm just gonna take it off right now and stick it on the side of my face here, for the rest of the video, to advertise OMG Facts, one of my favorite Twitter accounts.

I have lots of cards, lots of business cards, not gonna go through all those, but lovin' the business cards, and great to be connected to more folks.

This is an adorable stuffed thing that someone made for me, actually a stuffed thing, that someone MADE for me, that's just CRAZY!

Hey look! It's the charger for my Motorola Droid, which I don't have anymore. And my new Motorola Droid does not fit in it! That is unfortunate! Does anyone want this? Because I don't need it. 

Some zinc tablets to stave off disease, which did not work!

A box of Sharpies, always good to have!

The DFTBA Volume II compilation, special edition, just for VidCon. I had 1,300 of these in my hotel room. We gave away all of them, except for this one, which I kept, for myself, because I love myself!

This is a folder of stuff that I actually got while I was on tour a long time ago, but I did not take it home with me. And somehow, it ended up in a box that ended up at the DFTBA Records headquarters, which then ended up in Monica's possession, and then Monica brought it to Los Angeles to give to me. It's a very good drawing of me.

HuuuhhhhIIIII! I just rolled over my TOE! OW! .....FFFART..OW! This is a card someone gave me. OWWW! Thank you for your card. OWW!

Here is a letter I received from the same person who made me this amazingly adorable stuffed animal. And of course, back on my shelf we have the hand-knitted Angler fish. Sally Joe, who, uh, you should note, is Sally and then attached to her side here is Joe, the male Angler fish which has bitten onto her.

Jesus, that hurts! My toe! OW! OK, well apparently, this is dangerous, making video blogs, so I'm gonna stop before I hurt myself more! And I hope that all of you enjoyed that little video.

OMG Facts!....ahhhhh....