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In which John writes a love letter to vidcon 2011 and his brother Hank. Thanks for making so much awesome stuff for us, Hank.

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A Bunny
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"Good morning, Hank, it's Friday!"

I think that sets a "Good morning Hank" record.

So I remember standing on stage with you right before the doors opened for VidCon 2011 and thinking that I could not imagine what all those chairs would look like with people in them.

And then there were people in them.

Hank, I want to thank you for organizing another amazing VidCon. From brief moments of rest on VidCon beanbags to watching Charlieissocoollike play Rock Band, from meeting the actual Yosemite Bear to watching Philip DeFranco play Ninja Nerds with meTonyv, it was just awesome. And Hank, that's not even to mention the Gregory Brothers proving that just because you use auto tune doesn't mean you gotta.

But Hank, I want to focus on just a couple moments. First, Meghan Tonjes performing on the main stage. Hank, you and Alan brought Meghan to DFTBA records before she was on Ellen, before she was mad-famous, and now her first album is coming out and it's so beautiful and I almost started crying listening to her play on that couch.

(tell me now, gonna get to you somehow, gonna find my way tonight, you know I'll be all right)

Another moment, people that night were so psyched to hear you play at the concert that I briefly forgot that you are a huge nerd, but then I was able to call to mind these pictures, which... reminded me. Oh, the nerdmanity. But seriously, Hank, every time for the rest of my life anyone whines about the intellectually disengaged tastes of teenagers these days, I will play them this.

(up down strange charm, top bottom, if you don't know what a quark is it don't matter you still got'em. and with leptons, and bosons, unless something's amiss, they make up everything that that we can see and that we know exists)

That is three thousand people singing a song about quarks, which are a fundamental constituent of matter. How can you not feel hopeful about this world? And then Driftless Pony Club, another band that you and Alan signed to your record label, got on stage and rocked. These guys have been in a band for ten years, Hank, and for the first time in their lives, there were thousands of people singing the lyrics to their songs back to them. How awesome is that?

Okay, one last moment from VidCon. George Watsky. I made Watsky sign a waiver before he did this, but at the end of one of his brilliant poems, he Watsky dove head-first into the crowd. They caught him, of course, because that's the thing about the YouTube community: they always catch you.

Later in an interview, Watsky called you his guardian angel, because you helped him out a lot when he was first growing on YouTube. And that made me think about all the stuff you do, Hank. Nerdfighting, sharing music that you love through DFTBA Records, helping YouTubers, planning conferences. Hank, you've built a career out of making places where people can fall and get caught. You build communities for a living. I love that. I love you. Happy belated Esther Day. I'll see you on Monday.

(Because you can't hate the night if you've lived your whole life without light. And you can't hate the dish if you've only ever eaten fish. And you can't feel alone if it's all you've ever known. Yeah the deep sea angler fish has no reason to be happy but she has no frikkin' idea what else to be.)

(there's a little more after this but I'm not transcribing it)