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In which Hank goes on a walk and talks about, his zit, the spring, The Hunger Games, phone books, nerdfighteria, the MPAA, Missoula, The Fault in our Stars, anticipation, YouTube, and change.

Here me rant more fully about The Hunger Games here:


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A Bunny
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Good morning, John. It's starting to feel a little bit like spring. You may see that I'm not wearing a coat right now and I'm outside, which is pretty exciting stuff for me. So, you know, I gotta make a video today, but I wanted to spend some time outside, so I figured I'd take you outside with me. But I didn't want to start at my house because, no offense, but I don't want the entire internet to know where I live. Like, when I lived at my old house, I used to have a land line. And sometimes I'd get phone calls from nerdfighters. And they were always really concerned that my my phone was publicly available in a directory of, like, names matched with phone numbers. And I had to, like, tell these people that that's what a phone book is. John, I like the Hunger Games movie. I really enjoyed it. But I think it missed a lot of what it could've been. You know, its a moral story. And I talk about this on my second channel a lot. So, you can go watch that video if you want to. But I feel like, these days, in order for a movie with any violent content to get a PG-13 rating, you have to trivialize the violence, take all of the emotion and suffering out of death. And like, is that what we want to protect our kids from? There's been a lot of controversy surrounding the R rating of the documentary film, Bully, which is about real life situations in which, you know, kids are verbally abused to the point of wanting to not live anymore. So, I guess we're not trying to protect kids from violence; we're trying to protect them against emotion. Is that- Is that the new system? Like, as long as killing and the death and the violence is completely emotion-free, its all good? God! So you may have noticed, you may not have, cause my glasses are covering it up pretty well, but I have this gigantic frickin' weird zit on my face right now. Its basically like I have a nose, like my nose has a nose now. So in my search for signs of spring, what I'm really looking for is budding plants, and I, I haven't seen any. I walked by some good yards, were I thought I might and I haven't. I'm going to a specific yard which I think is going to reward me. Come to another place where I filmed the music video. This is the Saratana building. Used to be used to, like, put grain onto trains. The train tracks are right back there. Its not used for that anymore. Now its like a semi-defunct artist collective, but its one of my favorite places in Missoula. I just love the look of these old buildings that, you know, they look like they shouldn't even be standing anymore, but they're wonderful. Oh! Oh! I found it. I found the yard. I found the yard I was looking for. I knew they would have good stuff. So I guess that's official. Its spring. There's some crocuses, springing. John in The Fault in our Stars, you talk about how the taste of broccoli does not affect the taste of ice cream, or, whatever. I don't remember the exact analogy. The point being that the existence of happiness does not depend on the existence of sadness. But yeah, to me, to enjoy spring does not depend on there not being spring all the time. Like I guess if it was spring all the time, there were always crocuses, I would still enjoy it. But its something more than that. I think more than anything what I enjoy is the anticipation, like waiting for something that hasn't happened to happen. Like, a new video coming out, or a new movie. I think its a pretty human characteristic that we, in a sense, care more about the anticipation of that thing than the getting of that things itself. And that's kind of why, as I've gotten older I've come to love change where I used to hate it. But now its just exciting. Its bringing all new things that I'm going to get to experience in new ways. Youtube and online video and Nerdfighteria and this world that we've found ourselves in, to me, is like that. Like its always changing. Its always different. But its also always been really cool and really exciting and really sort of like mind-blowing and breath-taking. That guy just called me a "f**got" and a "homo". So, that's 'cause I'm recording a video. This is something that- [HONK] Oh, that was my friend, Allie. She did not call me a "f**got" or a "homo". I wonder if that was the same guy that called me a[CENSORED]that one time. Wow, I'm- I guess I'm glad that I have reached the point in my life where strangers yelling nonsensical things at me, no longer bothers me. So, that's good. That guy basically just flexing his muscles at me and saying, "Hey, you're different". Yeah, dude, I'm different than you, 'cause I have the best job in the world. I'm back at the park now. John, I'll see you on Tuesday.