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(It occurred to me while editing that you are not actually able to confirm that I ever put on pants.) In which John travels to Amsterdam--where he lived for two months while finishing The Fault in Our Stars--to promote the Dutch edition of the book. Along the way he visits places that were important to him and to the made-up people in his novel, including the Spui Square, the Beninghof, a bathroom that you must pay to enjoy, the Vondelpark, the Anne Frank House, the hotel de Philsosoof, takes a ride on a canal boat, and listens to a mathematician discuss infinity.

Thanks, as always, to the extraordinary community of Dutch nerdfighters for their support, and to my Dutch publisher Lemniscaat for bringing me back to the city I love so much.

CORRECTION: What I meant to say is that Hazel incorrectly concludes that the set of numbers between 0 and 1 is smaller than the set of numbers between 0 and 2. In fact, they are the same size. (Check out the wikipedia article about infinite cardinality for a few proofs of this mind-blowing fact.) Anyway, I don't know why I said whole numbers when I meant to say numbers. Presumably because I am an idiot.


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Crowd: Good morning, Hank, it's Tuesday! Crowd 2: Good morning, Hank, it's Tuesday! John Green (background narration): Well, I woke up on Saturday in Amsterdam around 9am extravagantly jet lagged. John: What's six feet tall and should have woken up an hour ago? (points at self) This guy. John (background narration): Then enjoyed the canal view from my window for a few moments before it occurred to me that I was naked from the waist down, so I got dressed, standard shot of brushing teeth, and met Henry's old babysitter, (spelling unclear). We walked down to the apartment where I'd lived when finishing The Fault in Our Stars, a building a century older than my country, had an excellent cup of coffee while marveling at the fact that Amsterdam's Spui Square contains more English language bookstores than my entire hometown of one million people. I only had two free hours so we raced through the (spelling unclear) and then I paid to pee at 2theloo, enjoyed some excellent graffiti, ate Vlaams at Frite, autographed some books, almost got hit by the tram, ate some herring, almost got hit by these cyclists, bought Season 2 of Sherlock, and then walked down toward the Vondelpark to relive Gus and Hazel's wish. Here's the Hotel de Filosoof, and here's the number 1 tram, and here's the cafe at the old film museum in the park, and here's the tree Hazel looks at, and here are the iepen which aren't yet snowing, and here's Peter van Houten's house, and here's the Anne Frank house which they don't let you videotape, and here's the view Hazel and Gus have sitting on the bench besides the Prinsengracht canal after their dinner and here is the bar where a guy through a glass of beer at me when Ajax won their 30th league championship. John: I don't mean he threw the beer inside a glass at me, I mean he threw both the beer and the glass at me, and when I was like, hey, we're both supporting the same team here, he said, and I am quoting him directly, 'AAAAAAAAH'. Right, that has nothing to do with the book, back to Amsterdam. John (background narration): I had a series of interviews that afternoon in the hotel's fancy library where I would be all like John: I had to reconcile myself to it before I could write... John (background narration): God, I hope I sound less dumb when they translate that into Dutch. Anyway, this was all in support of the publication of Een Weeffout...I don't speak Dutch, the beautiful Dutch edition of The Fault in our NO EDGE. Then I walked down to a canal boat where I took pictures of someone taking pictures of me, and I hung out with writers and journalists and my friend Jet, who has more courage than I do. We got to see the Central Library of Amsterdam on our trip, where I wrote much of The Fault in Our Stars sitting right there. And then we headed to a theater where I got to listen to a presentation about the mathematics in The Fault in Our Stars that discuss venn diagrams and Hazel's incorrect assumption that there are more whole numbers between 0 and 2 than there are between 0 and 1. Then... (singing) Girls: Homoerotic watercolors are just one thing I do and does not define me, you should know. John: Lidewij and Lotte sang me a song about homoerotic Sherlock watercolors and presented me with Wholock artwork. Afterwards, I walked over to Bloesem, which was the inspiration for the restaurant Gus and Hazel visit and then got lost walking around the city. Hazel is wrong about infinite cardinality, but she's right that some infinities are larger than others. I wanted her to be wrong but right because that's how we muddle through as observers of the universe, forging meaning where we can find it, from fact and fiction alike. And as my brain drowned in jet lag, I thought of the months I lived here, so much of that time I was sick and crippled with anxiety but all I could think about now, as night fell, was how much you can love made up people, and how much you can miss them. Hank, I'll see you on Friday.