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Hello, and welcome to the Project for Awesome fundraiser Indiegogo page thing.

Here, we are making giving to charity a little bit more rewarding, and that's saying something, because giving to charity is rewarding all in itself.

For the first half of the Project of Awesome, we will be splitting the money raised here between Partners in Health and Save the Children, two organizations that were on the front lines and continue to be on the front lines during the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa.

These organizations have proven themselves to be extremely effective and saved tens of thousands of lives. It is so important that organizations that this exist, so that they can take on challenges when they arise. And this year, they both proved themselves to be worthy of our support.

During the second half of the Project for Awesome, starting at noon Eastern Time on Saturday, the money will be distributed to the top-voted-on charities at How do you figure out which charities to vote on, you ask? Well, people have made lots of videos promoting the charities that they would like you to vote for.

You just have to do a little bit of research, and that's been made easier by all the people who are making excellent videos promoting these charities. Thank you to the people who have made these videos! The money is in your hands to do with what you will.

Now, let's talk about what else could be in your hands. We got a ton of perks here at the Indiegogo page this year, we haven't released all of them yet, they will be being released throughout the Project for Awesome. And everything, I'm pretty sure, is stuff that you cannot get any other way. This is it! This is your one chance.

For example, you got a special Project for Awesome edition of The Fault in Our Stars, an edition of the book that will never be released any other way.

We also have a replica of the prop of a book that Hazel Grace reads in The Fault in Our Stars movie, An Imperial Affliction. John, my brother, who also wrote The Fault in Our Stars, wrote seven pages of An Imperial Affliction, and it's just repeated throughout the book, 'cause that's how they do it in movies, I guess. This book is an exact copy of the book that Hazel Grace has in the movie, and this is the only way that it will ever be available to anyone ever, ever. Have I mentioned that? I feel like I have.

What else do we have? We got commemorative coins, we got special socks... Project for Awesome socks... what? Posters!

This year's charity calendar, which is the whole of 2015, is baby pictures of YouTubers when they're tiny, so... it's good!

My wife and I are going to be doing a full commentary of the movie The Princess Bride, which I love, so we're just going to watch the whole thing, and talk about all the things that we know about that movie!

Compilations of Nerdfighter music,

Nerdfighter art that is above and beyond what we ever had before, just keeps getting better every year!

And, we bought a penny-smashing machine, so we can smash pennies, and stamp Project for Awesome-type things on them, and you get four of them in a pack, and we... smash pennies! Death to pennies! We've got volunteers at the DFTBA warehouse for the last month, just smashing pennies. That's just going, just... smash it! Yeah! You get into a zone eventually. It's really... it's quite cathartic!

Anyhow, it sounds to me like you are interested in giving to charity, and in exchange, getting cool stuff. I know you want to give to charity anyway, but this way, you also get to get cool stuff!

Happy Project for Awesome, everybody, I will see you in the livestream starting December 12th at noon Eastern Time. If you want more information on that and on the Project for Awesome as a whole, you can go to

But if you want to donate, this Indiegogo page here is the place to do it, even if you don't want to get a perk, you can give money through the Indiegogo. And I will say that if you want to get more than one perk, you have to go through the process multiple times. I'm sorry, you can't like fill up a cart like it's a website or something, it's not like that, it doesn't function that way. You just gotta do it.

And know that the time that the time that you're spending doing that, that might be a little more laborious than your average e-commerce experience, is time well spent!

Thank you for watching, see you on the livestream,, DFTBA!