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In our final Montana installment, we share this fun little moment from our Q&A with Aranda when we asked him about his iconic hair.

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Jonathon Corbiere

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Tyler: What about your hair?

Michael: What about it?

T: So...

Woman: How long have you had it? How long?

M: OK, so I first did this back in 2006 I think. Um, at the time my hairstyle was, it was parted here, it was kind of like the classic 50s young man style. I don't know what you call that with like the swoop up in the front. Um, and just on a whim I decided to bleach it along the part in my hair and then when I went to school, I was at film school, several people were like "You know, I don't know if I've ever seen something like that before but I kinda like it." So I kept it. And then even after I changed how I was doing my hair I kept the stripe.

T: Cool.

M: And then once I got into YouTube, going to events and gatherings and stuff, it was a way for people to easily remember "Oh, the guy with the blond stripe" and I stuck in people's heads that way.

T: Trademark.

M: And it became a thing. And now I have got my own t-shirts with, like, Einstein with a blond stripe and Abraham Lincoln with a blond stripe.

T: Cool.

M: It's got a mind of its own.

T: We've gotta make a Michael Aranda Crash Course character.