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In which the Swindon Town Swoodilypoopers score many goals.
Oh! Yes! It's a goal!

He's a finisher!

...score. It's his first goal as a Swoodilypooper, Merrick Maric!

What? It's in the goal! It's in the goal! Right out of nothing!

Work on getting your pants less ugly. Sounds dirty but it isn't. Every... Context is everything.


Telling me it's possible. Bald John Green.

But I got a player coming in! It's a goal! It's a goal! Merrick Maric!

He's a platypus!

Yes! Upper corner!

Yes! We win the Community Shield. I don't know what that is but I'm excited.

Oh! Bald John Green puts it in the back of the net! Oh! We're beating Chelsea again!

The point of living is that sometimes you'll have heroic comebacks like when Bald John Green inexplicably scores two goals in two minutes.

Oh! His husband finishes it off!

Oh! Yes! Goal!

Oh! Then he scores!

He took it ohda... He did it!

"Leroy Williamson scores occasionally
Leroy Williamson he scores occasionally
He doesn't always score
Leroy Williamson scores occasionally
Leroy Williamson he scores occasionally
Also true in his personal life"

The real point... Bald John Green with a goal! Bald John Green with a goal against Sevilla and what is life!?

Oh! It's a goal! It's a goal!

That's a really interesting question. I have absolutely no answer.

With a cross. Oh! And it's a second goal!

And he finishes!

Yes! Yes!

Yes! Hajuhjuhjuh... Bald John Green to Other John Green and it's... Oh!

I believe this is an appropriate time to say what is air?

Yes! He's a finisher!

Uh. Goal? Yeah, oh what!?

Oh! Except that John Green scored a goal from his husband, John Green! Oh my gosh!

Other John Green. No. Bald John Green. Yes!

I did have a question for you guys actually which is! Gooshgabooj.

Oh! Oh! Yes! (Laughs)


Yes! He's a finisher!

Ohjgabojgaberg! Sorry, I'm a parent to a toddler.

Oh! One Size Fitz Hall scores! Oh my God!
"He's big, he's small
He's also short and tall
One Size Fitz Hall, One Size Fitz Hall"

He's a finisher!

Oh! But he finishes! Yes!

...future debates. Bald John Green with a goal!

The eyes on the players in FIFA 11 are so alarmingly zombic.

...teams. Bald John Green wins the game in the 90th minute! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Oh his way, passing... And it's a goal! It's a goal!

...gusting. Oh! Oh! It's a goal! In the 90th minute!

For HGTV... Other John Green with a goal!

Merrick Maric does not foul someone in that situation, it's just not... I know him deep down in a way that you will never know him, Chris Rumple, referee.