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In which Hank talks about DFTBA taking over YouTube, hand gestures, Rhett and Link, and his possible tour.


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Good morning, John!

As I make this video, DFTBA Records is on the front page of YouTube. Owning the front page of YouTube! We have owned the front page of YouTube!

And on that front page of YouTube we have 1. explanation of what DFTBA Records is starting me and Alan Lastufka and 2. a song by Alan Lastufka and Tom Milsom "Can't." 3. a video from our new artists, Rhett and Link, who you've probably heard of because they are so awesome. Their video's called Live on the Internet, and it features Shiba Inu puppies and Snoop Dogg. So, that's a win.

And 4. a new song from Alex Day, also known as Nerimon. It's a really awesome song. Alex album isn't just good.

It's the kind of music that I like to listen to and it's so exciting for me that DFTBA is releasing his album. If you watch his video, which, by the way, was edited by Charlieissocoollike, and edited extremely well, you might find a little present in that video for only people who watch that video, so you should probably go watch that video. Let's be honest.

What's good for DFTBA artists is good for me. Why do I have a flash drive in my hand? It's from Buick!

Obviously, I got that one at an auto show. Like almost all of my flash drives. Maybe I should have a flash drive contest.

That sounds like a horrible idea. I would never follow up on that.  I'm nixing that right now. Other amazing things that have been happening lately: last night I got a message from a Nerdfighter about touring to Olympia, WA and while maybe I will tour to Olympia, WA, what really happened is that I got this song by Rancid in my head called Olympia, WA and I looked up the chords and I started playing it and I changed some stuff around and then I was like, Katherine, can you sing this song?

And she knows this song so she started singing it and we recorded it and Katherine totally kicked ass. I thought our cover was done and then that it was really awesome and then I was like, so I'll just edit the video now, and then she was like, but Hank, we haven't done the harmonies yet! And I was like "Harmonies?!" Huhhnnuhhunua?

And then she blew my mind. So you might also want to go to that. I think I'm going to link to everything at the end of this video.

I'm going to have this huge pages with lots of links to everything for annotations. That's going to be ok, Keep your eye out for that. Additionally, truth or fail is doing extremely well.

Our last host, Dan Brown, who did a Truth or Fail for The Lost Symbol, did an absolutely wonderful job, but the real news there is that Dan Brown just got picked, I am not kidding you, to be a real live contestant on the real live Who Wants to be a Millionaire? In real life. I love Dan Brown.

Dan Brown is the man. And he is going to be on Who Wants to be a Millionaire? I hope he wins lots of money.

And the final thing before I link to all those videos all at once, I was just editing this video and I was watching and I saw some really magnificent hand motioning there! Let's review in slow motion, alright? Ok?

Yes, you're doing that. And you're, ok, where is that, oh! That one came out of nowhere.

Ah, man, I'm dexterous. And the final thing before I link to all those videos all at once is that I have realized in my quest to create a tour to the Western United States that I don't know where you Nerdfighters are. And when we did the tour de Nerdfighter we used this thing called Eventful.

So, you sign up for Eventful, tell me where you are and that you want to see me, and then when there's lots of people in specific places, then I'll go to those places. And that way I can, like, differentiate between going to Tucson and going to Phoenix. That's just one example.

Everyone, even if you're not on the west coast, should go to Eventful and tell us where you are so that John and I know where to go when we do Nerdfighter gatherings. That would be great. There is a link in the side bar!

Now here's the time where I show you all the videos that I said that I was going to link to and here they are all linked linkedy up link it up lots of linkies. linkidy linkidyboo click on the one you want to go see and then if you want to see another one, come back.