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Trying to figure out how I'm gonna deal with this school thing. I think Charlotte may have given me the answer.

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Lizzie: Hey everyone! Still here at Collins & Collins and having a great time with Charlotte. I seriously had no idea how much I needed a break from home until I got here. Not that I don't love my family, but, well, you've seen the videos, you know.

And it's such a breath of fresh air to get out of that room, but I can't stay here. I have classes and sisters and a life! Well, I have a video blog.

My name is Lizzie Bennet and I can't believe I'm considering a proposal from Ricky Collins.

[intro plays]

Lizzie: I mean, it's tempting, but who am I kidding? Classes start in less than a week, I only have one more semester to go. I'm definitely not dropping out.

Charlotte: You know I bet Dr. Gardner would let you take a semester for independent study. 

Lizzie: I'm already using the Diaries for my thesis project.

Charlotte: So don't use the Diaries. You can spend every month shadowing at a company, write up a report and analysis on each, and at the end of the semester not only will you have enough credits to graduate, you'll have a ton of industry contacts.

Lizzie: I don't know, I have my last semester all planned out. 

Charlotte: What's keeping you from saying "Yes"? Are you that excited for another senior seminar: 4th Generation Media Theory?

Lizzie: Yes, Dr. Gardner, I absolutely am. 

Charlotte: Or is there something else keeping you back at home or someone. 

Lizzie: Someone? You mean George?

Charlotte: I saw the abs video. That was interesting. 

Lizzie: Yeah, but then did you see the we-were-never-that-serious-and-he's-hanging-out-with-other-girls one? 

Charlotte: Yeah, well, it's all for the best. He's definitely not the right guy for you. 

Lizzie: I can't believe how stupid he made me look. 

Charlotte: Charm and abs tend to do that. 

Lizzie: Well, anyway, according to Lydia, he's got like a serious girlfriend now. 

Charlotte: How does Lydia know these things? Does she have spies?

Lizzie: You know I find I'm happier if I don't ask.

Charlotte: So are you going to be my illegal extra tenant?

Lizzie: Oh, come on, Mom'll freak out. The only reason she's coping with Jane being away is because she's sure she'll snag a husband. 

Charlotte: Why don't you ask instead of assuming she'll say "no"?

Lizzie: Because I know how that conversation's gonna go.

Charlotte: You brought those with you?

Lizzie: Always be prepared!

Charlotte as Lizzie: Hey, Mom! It's Lizzie.

Lizzie as Mrs. Bennet: Oh, Elizabeth! How ya doin' on your own? You comin' home yet?

Charlotte as Lizzie: Actually, Mom, I was going to stay up here with Charlotte.

Lizzie as Mrs. Bennet: Has Mr. Collins left his fiance? 

Charlotte as Lizzie: Ummm, noooo . . . 

Lizzie as Mrs. Bennet: Are you engaged?

Charlotte as Lizzie: Nooo . . .

Lizzie as Mrs. Bennet: Is Jane engaged?

Charlotte as Lizzie: Not that I know of . . .

Lizzie as Mrs. Bennet: Then why are you callin' me?

Charlotte: Um, what was all that?

Lizzie: Mom's not gonna freak out any less if I'm home, is she?

Charlotte: Maybe not?

Lizzie: Excuse me, I have to go make some phone calls. [door opens] [lets out a breath]

Wow! So half-a-dozen phone calls, three faxes and two Xanax later--the Xanax were for Mom, not me--it's done. I've put together four independent studies plus my thesis project and that's my last semester at grad school. 

Now all I need to do is . . . all the work: four independent studies, plus my thesis project . . . all on my own. Why did that sound like a good idea again? Charlotte, do we have any Xanax? Just kidding! [mouths "No, I'm not." Awkward laugh. Again mouths "No, I'm not."] 

[outro plays]