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In which John answers real questions from real Wimbly Wombly supporters. The Wimbly Womblys play Liverpool.

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Hello and welcome to HankGames without Hank. My name is John Green, I'm the manager of the 10th place AFC Wimbledon, comfortably mid-table, as we like to say, and guess who's come to town, ladies and gentlemen? It's Liverpool Football Club. It's just like the real life AFC Wimbledon, Liverpool Football Club sometimes comes to play competitive matches against us.

So yes, here we are and... This is a pretty special day for me, a pretty special day as well for a couple of our players. It's weird, there's been a lot of change-over in the, in the Liverpool side over the years. It's a special day for a couple of our players including Less Moore, who grew up a Liverpool supporter. Of course, the Gaulden Child who is from Liverpool, it was on a beautiful Liverpudlian night, of course, when the Gaulden Child was born and three wise men came to his home and said "One day. One day this child will be very special indeed." And, yeah. So it's a nice day for a couple of our players, nice day, big day out for me. I always dreamt of managing Liverpool Football Club, but I have to say I couldn't be prouder than to be the ma...

What a tackle! That's a man's tackle, Mose Vestergaard! Yeah, that's alright, you're staying down because it-it-it hurt you, not physically, but it hurt you so much emotionally. Can I maybe have gotten a foul there? Look, he's still trying to get up, it's slow going when you've had an experience like a Mose Vestergaard tackle. Oh, we're getting outplayed a little bit here, but everything's gonna be fine, it's just that initial burst of Liverpudlian energy. Great, great block! Oh, we tried to pass it out of the back, that's sometimes a mistake, but this time it worked. What, what is happening? Oh. We're finally si... Oh, it's Daniel Agger. He's the captain. What's sad about that is we let him go back to Denmark. Could have used him. They've got Vertonghen on the bench!? That's a little bit intimidating.