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In which Hank takes you on a little tour of the show...and then I abduct him!!! DO AS I SAY IF YOU EVER WANT TO SEE HIM AGAIN!!!


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Hank: Good morning, John.

Morning, John. Morning, John. Good morning, John.

Morning, John! Side-view mirror is bigger than my head! Random pretty lady: Good morning, John.

Pretty lady in red dress: Morning, John. Pretty lady in black dress: Hi! Hank: Morning, John, it's Friday, November 16th.

Welcome to the Los Angeles International Auto Show! I'm not going to be able to fit everything in so lets just get started now! This is a Toyota fuel cell vehicle that can drove from Alaska to America, just with hydrogen.

Now... there's no hydrogen pumps on the way from Alaska to America, but Canada does allow you to drive around with big tanks of hydrogen, unlike America. So they drove a big tank of hydrogen around with that it could get to America. It gets about 300 miles on a tank of hydrogen.

Here's a viable choice for a nerdfighter who isn't extremely wealthy: the new Toyota Yaris. It's a pretty little guy. Or girl.

Maybe a girl, I'm not sure. I kinda feel bad now about that. Other than that, Toyota's been pretty disappointing at this auto show, mostly releasing their gigantic SUV.

Apparently they didn't get the memo that this is supposed to be the "green car" auto show and they were like, "Look, Sequoia!" Ford has some really interesting environmental announcements at this year's LA auto show! For example, this wall that you're looking at is made of recycled paper. Their cars, are made of steel and don't get very many miles per gallon.

Here's Ford's actual primary environmental initiative. It is a hybrid SUV, it gets pretty good gas mileage. Soon it's gonna be one of the only taxis that will be allowed to serve people in New York City.

Here we have Honda's FCX Clarity display which they are apparently extremely proud of. You know, they should be proud because they spent like, ten years and about a billion dollars working on this car. Good job Honda.

They're not the only ones with fuel cell cars here at the LA auto show. This, my friends, is GM's fuel cell offering. Nothing more than a fuel cell in a Chevy Equinox body.

But this is going to be the first fuel cell car on the roads. Here in California, in New York, and in D. C.

It doesn't have a tail pipe. It has vents. Here's one of the big stories of LA's auto show.

It's the Volkswagen Space Up Blue. This baby is also a fuel cell vehicle. Volkswagen says that its fuel cell technology is more efficient and cheaper to produce than both Honda's and GM's.

Here we have the Lexus hybrid drive. It's kinda like getting exactly what you would with a Honda civic, except you get to pay way more money! Now I know what you're thinking, Mercedes and green?

Well, they have developed this new kind of diesel engine that burns fuel basically the same efficiency as a hybrid car. They've also mixed that diesel engine with a hybrid car which will probably cost you about as much as, uh, college. I've decided that one of my favorite things about auto shows is that everybody is walking around with cameras, so nobody really looks at you that funny when you're walking around talking, pointing a camera at yourself.

If you want, I can show you a race car. Race car. [Another] one of the things that I love about auto shows is this s . It's like, "Hey!

This is what a car looks like if you don't have the car on the outside". And if you were wondering if there were actually any electric cars at the Los Angeles auto show, yes there are. This car is made out of plastic bottles.

That's pretty cool. Possibly the greenest car, available in 2011, the Chevrolet Volt. Where is it?

They've taken it away. And I'm frustrated because I was gonna do my final, "Good morning, John", from the Volt. The final "Good morning, John" from the smart car was good.

It's a great car, with a great fuel efficiency, but the Volt has the technology of the future. And the Volt is mysteriously not there. I don't know where they've hidden it but I hope this isn't a shadow of things to come.

And that's what it's like to be a "green geek" at an auto show. You get free smoothies. I think it's important for me to not be afraid to get excited at these things 'cause it is exciting.

But I also hafta not be afraid to be a jerk. I'm now leaving, going back to Montana where I belong. This is definitely not where I belong.

So say goodbye to LA... and welcome to my basement! John, congratulations on your Australian Inky Awards, or whatever that was, and I'm really sorry but there's no scavenger hunt clue today and John I will... [electrical, zappy sounds] Note says: Call divorce dog where Kennedy was shot