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In which John discusses the aforementioned topics. I wish youtube would let me upload this video.

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Good morning Hank, it's Thursday November 15th. Hank, today's video comes in four parts.

Part one: Pop quiz. Question for ya, Hank. What's the surest evidence that the U.S. economy is on a kind of permanent down- slope?

Answer: In his newest music video, the rapper Jay-Z, is seen walking through the streets of New York holding a wad of 500 Euro bills.

Hank, even Jay-Z is worried about the weakness of the American dollar. Now that wouldn't really bother me if we were talking about Lil' John or T-Pain or somebody. But we're talking about Jay-Z, one of the great entrepreneurial minds of our generation. I mean Hank, this is the same guy who once noted, "I'm not a business man. I'm a business, man." Also he has the hottest girl in the game wearing his chain.

Anyway, Hank, this news only makes me more want to move to Europe. Or possibly Australia.

Speaking of Australia: in Australia, they have something called the Inky awards, which are given out for young adult literature. And you'll never guess who won the first international Inky award, also known as the Silver Inky. It was me!

So thanks to all my readers in Australia and also all the Nerdfighters who voted for Looking For Alaska in the Inky awards.

By the way, Hank, do you know what they give you for winning an Inky award? A trophy. And you know about my tortured history with trophies. By the way, the trophy you see in the background is one I got in college for heading my group comedy sketch up.

Hank, I don't know exactly what the trophy's going to look like, but we can only hope that it's going to say 'John Green, winner of the 2007 Silver Inky, in our hearts.'

By the way, Hank, you know who lives in Australia? Our secret niece and nephew, Natalie and Calvin, which brings me to the next thing.

This is a segment I like to call 'What's Going On In Nerdfighteria.' Hank, check out the crown that Natalie made me for being the toilet paper eating king of the world.

Also in news from Nerdfighteria - and I can hardly say this without laughing because it is so incredibly amazing - there's a Nerdfighter who's about to have a baby, and she is considering naming that baby Hank. How awesome would that be?! The Nerdfighter in question has posted a list of potential baby names on the internet and asks people to go vote. I would encourage all Nerdfighters everywhere to check out the link in the video info and go vote immediately for Hank.

Thing four: Venn diagrams. God, I love Venn diagrams.

Okay, Hank. First we have Nerdfighters, then people who like to watch 'The Hills' on MTV, and then the intersection is of course, people who feel ashamed for watching 'The Hills' on MTV.

By the way, Nerdfighters, this doesn't count as textual communication, as has been established by previous Venn diagram jokes.

Venn diagram number two: over here we have people who like Cameo. Over here Nerdfighters. Lots of intersection. And then down here in the corner, we have people who like Cameo but sometimes gets freaked out when she stares directly at the camera during Brotherhood 2.0 videos because sometimes I think she could kill me without feeling any remorse.

And then finally we have: the gooey feeling you're feeling when something's about to begin, the gooey feeling you feel when something's about to end. Inside of there is anxiety, inside of there is sadness, and in the middle is where awesome lives.

Hank, I look forward to seeing more of the LA auto show tomorrow. I'll see you then.

Scavenger hunters, you've already seen the clue that's in this video.