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David Choi, one of YouTube's most successful musicians does some improv and tells Shira his YouTube story, his experiences and thoughts on the YouTube community.
David Choi

With Shira Lazar

Filmed by Mark Ostrick

Shira: Hey, Shira Lazar coming to you from VidCon with Dave Choi.

David: Hello, hi.  

Shira: Hi, can you serenade me?

David: Serenade you?  What do you want me to--okay, let's see.  You want me to improv it, okay.  

Shira: No, yeah, I feel bad, I put you on the spot.

David: Oh.  Do you want me to go?

Shira: Do--yeah, do your thing, do your thing.

David: Alright.  So this is my first (?~0:20).  If I ever see you on the street, I'll pretend that I didn't see, turn my face, no use in small talk anyways.  That's it.

Shira: Awww, woohoo!  That was awesome.  I captured that, I felt it.

David: Oh, you did?  Cool.  

Shira: So tell people about your story and how you got started.

David: Okay.  So I was at Warner Chaplain Music, I was a staff writer/producer there for two years, and my second year, I was getting tired of, you know, writing songs for other people and stuff, and I just decided to write a funny YouTube song on--and put it up on YouTube and then it got featured in like, a couple weeks, and then from then on, the momentum started building and eventually I was able to do tours and got offers from like, major labels and but I just do it all myself, so.

Shira: It all turned around.  You went from working for someone to working for yourself and making it happen.

David: For me, yeah, yeah, yeah, so it feels good to be able to do everything that you wanna do on your own terms and YouTube has enabled that to happen.  

Shira: Yeah, so what advice would you give people that are trying to be in your position?

David: Well, just write as much as you can, post videos, you know, you  gotta be regular about it, you can't just post one and expect things to happen, you know, you gotta just keep going and develop like, the relationship of the people who listen to your music, because those are the people who help you live, you know?  They're your bread and butter, so, and you know, you can communicate your ideas to them and you know, it's important to do it, so.

Shira: Do you feel like, because you're on the internet, is that--do people take you less seriously because of that, or how do you legitimize what you're doing, even though, I mean, obviously a lot of people are following you and you have a huge fanbase?

David: Well, I mean, even in the traditional, you know, entertain--music industry, like, in labels and stuff, some of them aren't taken seriously, you know what I mean?  I mean, I won't name any artists but--

Shira: Don't wanna call anyone out here.

David: Yeah, so, I mean, I haven't really, like, haven't been taken seriously, like, I've always been taken seriously, so I haven't really had to deal with any of that kind of thing, but I'm sure some people might have to.  I don't know.

Shira: And how's VidCon treating you?  Like give u--describe the energy here, because it's really great.

David: The energy's great, like, everyone's excited to be here, everyone's nice, and we're all here because of YouTube and well have that common, you know, that bond and we know what's--everyone pretty much knows each other, or at least, like, a lot of people that know each other.

Shira: Is it interesting meeting your fans in real life?

David: Yeah, it's always interesting to see the fans in real life, because sometimes, you know, you the--you know their username, but you don't know what they look like or their real names, and then they introduce themselves, and you're like, oh!  Hey!  It's like, finally, yeah, we're meeting, so, it's always fun.

Shira: So what's next?  What are you looking forward to?

David: What's next?  Well, I have a trip to--I'm going to Singapore to perform, and that was all, you know, because of YouTube and all that stuff, and I'm getting ready to do my tour in October on the east side of the US again.

Shira: Otherwise known as the East Coast.

David: East Coast, the Midwest, yeah, all that stuff, so. 

Shira: Awesome.  Alright, well, thank you so much.  Rock on.

David: Oh, sorry, you gotta do one.  Whoo.

Shira: Bye.

David: Bye.