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Vielen Dank an alle, ich hoffe mein Deutsch ist nicht zu schrecklich!

My book just came out in Germany, and it's being used to launch an entire new imprint of a publisher! So I made this video and did my best to say words for Germans. if you are German, how did I do?
{Hallo Deuschland! Ich bin Hank Green. Ich habe ein Buch geschrieben. Es heißt Ein Wirklich Erstaunliches Ding. Es ist das alleerste Buch des neuen dtv Verlags, bold.}

{April May, der Hauptcharakter des Buches, est sehr wagemutig. Ich sprech} *Ack* talk in {deutsch}

(0:20) I'm sorry, I did my best! Thank you to Bridget for helping me, with the beginning part of this video anyway.

April May, the {Hauptcharakter} here, she is presented with an opportunity, and she grabs on to it, and she takes it for a ride. She might deny it, but she methodically exploits her opportunity to gain notoriety, fame, power. 

That's bold, to me. At times, she loves it; at times, it destroys her.

It's an action-packed story of good people in {wirklich erstaunliches} situations.

It's a huge honor for me to be published at all in Germany, It's a huge honor to be part of dtv's new imprint, bold.

Thank you to everybody who has worked to make this happen, I hope that you have an opportunity to read the book, and if you do, then I really hope you like it.

As they say in my hometown, Don't Forget To Be Awesome.