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Take another breather from all the anatomy and physiology terminology to watch Hank struggle with words.

Music: Kevin MacLeod - "Run Amok"

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Hank: Case study of the day--(clears throat)--Hank Green.  Incapable of swallowing properly.

(A&P Intro plays)


Hank: And foils being what they are, the reverse is, of course, true for the parasympathetic system.  I am a bird. 

You wanna talk physiology?  Well, that's exactly--blurgh.  Nyeaarhh.  Nyahh. 

Oh, really, it's in the script?  I haven't read the script. 

Throwing down your heart. 

Offscreen: That's a bad response

Hank: I'll have another! Makes up the back of, the inner layer of the back, inner layer of the back, of the eyeball. 

A slice of delicious bdugug gert pizza. To bridge the synaptic gap before the, receiving neuron converts it back to calalyala.

The external mider, mider and ineal. Mider and ineal ear. The external and mider- miderrrr earr ahh.

Almost every signal has cross- hast crossed to. Before the brain is actually even perceived by the brain. --(laughs)-- I thought I- I was like did I? I don't know. 

Before the brain actually, the, I did it again. Before the brain is actually even perceived by the brain. Now perceive me! Before the pain is even worth- pffttt.

Speaking of what and where your taste buds really are, you know what I'm gonna about to do for you right now? 

--(Offscreen laughing)--

I have no idea what that was. --(quietly)-- Hi, what are you? Who are you? I feel you moving.

Offscreen: Hank hair

Hank: Move with the rest of the hair, not independently.

When one is trickered it opens up- when when one is triggered. Neuron is triggled- triggled? Neuron that triggles- triggles ahhhh! You're sure I didn't say triggled at all in there?

Just as good as nora- we're gonna get there, it's gonna be fine.

So if I move my head like this, fluids moves- it's hard to teleprompt when I'm doing this. 

And weekends- weekends? Just the weekends, she can only not snot on the weekends. 

That's how you hear, and now, we're not done. 

 Pizza Issues

It's just becoming a part of my hand. 

Offscreen: That's good.

Hank: Edward Pizzahands. Blahh. Can I get a different piece of pizza? So I don't have to film that clearly, this one is clearly disappearing. 

Offscreen: You'll be fine, especially if you just take a little bitty bite.

Hank: I want a difference piece of pizza though!

Offscreen: Okay!

 Mouth Issues

Hank: Blahahbabhahahbhab. Ahhbabalalabbalablalablalasllalblabablgullalblblblblb 

My rememberaptcafbrcaftfercapf

Still none of this blablalbaldhlb

The Lord of the Rings song fffrrrrrrr

When some of the- when whetoma whest, wetoma wethomoda whethomoda whethodmoda pftt

--(Blows a raspberry)--

Horrible hospital bolbhubbadah

The sstibular aparat- atus. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

--(Dog barking)--

Hank: Are you serious right now? There's a demon in ya dad!


Hank: --(does a whole lot of repeated burping)--

My goodness sorry

--(Burps some more)--


Thanks for washing! Thanks for washing because you were dirty

They're nerbfivers of revivocovi, thrsesbsjdkssdfidyt, skdfjcranialsecreal. I feel like we're doing the whole episode 

But! Butt? Butt? Butt? Why but? I just like but, but, but! You could just use all of those. Just having a good time with my butts. 

Once the finally broken up news to it. Once the news is finally broken to it, okay. I had no idea what was happening. I was like, I don't understand these words! 

Offscreen: But I'm gonna say it anyways

Hank: Yeah


And the ones coming out are post ganglionic, post ganglionic is, it sounds like a genre of music. I'm in to post ganglionic funk.