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I needed to do something simple and small this week, not because I didn't have time to do something bigger, but just because I felt like that's where my brain was.

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Good morning, John!

This is my office. I have been making videos in here for like, 8 years, and I feel like I've never really showed anyone around. Maybe I should do that today!

The thing about me is, I'm sort of hyper-actively focused just on whatever current problem I am trying to solve, and so I don't take a lot of time to like, look back at what I did in the past. How I get around that is by putting things on my walls, that I will see, that remind me of things that have happened that I have liked.

For example, this is a piece of art by Emilie Graslie, that she made for me when she left Missoula.

This is the tour poster for Hank Green and the Perfect Strangers tour.

This is the map of the world that Titansgrave took place in - sorry you can't see it very well.

This is my Joco Cruise poster, signed by a bunch of Joco Cruise people.

This is a bowling pin from the time that I bowled a 199 in 2013

If you watched every Vlogbrothers video, you recognize this, and what it is, but if you haven't... Tell me what you think it is!

Here, we have a stack of business cards I'm never gonna look at.

And this is my tote full of conference badges. That's, uh, VidCon London, right there.

This is the X-Wing that Katherine and I made during the video that at the very end of a very long video we announced that we were having a baby! There's the baby!!

We have a small infestation of these little guys right now.

This was from the merch table of our tour, where we were selling Gilbahrt pins for 8 dollars. If you understood what that meant, thank you! Thank you for your support!

I used to think I might do a gaming channel, which is why this corner looks like this. But it looks cool, so I've left it.

Obviously things have not gone great for this guy. The head is.. Ah, there he is.

That's Curiosity up there, next to the air conditioner.

This is a piece of art from Vi Hart. Gotta have some Star Trek: The Next Generation, and They Might Be Giants, or I don't feel comfortable.

Now, I don't have a gaming channel anymore, so I have instead a microscopy station, which has brought me a tremendous amount of joy!

I really can't keep the heads on my bobble heads...

That is a Ze Frank ducky.

And if you want to go very, very far back into the history of, of Vlogbrothers, this is the misprinted business card cube. That's some 2007 stuff right there.

Here are a lot of pins, that I have collected over the years.

This is a spur, if you want to put it on your boot, to like jingle around when you walk, but actually I got for doing an event at University of Texas at Austin.

What is inside the chest, though? Oh. Mmm, we can't talk about that.

Down here is the Lizzie Bennet Diaries DVD set so you can watch it on DVD, which I can't do because I don't have a DVD player.

This month is actually the 10-year anniversary of the first episode of Lizzie Bennet Diarires. And actually, Ashley Clements, who played Lizzie Bennet, is doing a, uh, watch-through vlog this year, so if you want to join her, I'm going to be on a few episodes of it. You can find it - it's called Look-Back Diaries.

This down here is my collection of various coins, mostly Project for Awesome, but there's also a MBMBAM one, there's a Lore one...

Also in here is one of my favourite things that I have, let me try and get it out...

These are a bunch of different kinds of Crash Course Coins - so, like, different looks, different feels, as we were planning out the first Crash Course Coin, of what - what was - what is possible what we could do, like obviously this doesn't make sense. But this is just a bunch of different things they could have done for that coin, um, and we also, things that we could do for future coins.

I love these very much. I honestly think it's because in my head, these coins have a lot of value, like they are the thing that keeps Crash Course going: people who buy these. So having like exclusive versions of them, like, really gets my collector sense going. Even though no one knew that they existed until now. But nobody can have them, they're mine!

Up there, that tie is a tie that Mr. Rogers wore - not actually one that he wore, but he wore that - that plaid. Which our dad bought for me. You probably got one too, John. He's a good dad.

And then we've got the Meat Furby, and up there's the Bean Furby.

Very good Pizza John, thank you to this person.

And of course we still have, and will always have, the Map of the Realm of Narnia behind me.

That's the Kurzgesagt calendar, this is my first ever badge to a VidCon.

So that's what it looks like in here, this is the place where I spend... A lot of my time!

I hope that was somewhat enjoyable for you, I know it was for me. John, I'll see you on Tuesday.