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In which Lindsey, Lou Winkler, Peter Musser, Nick Jenkins, and Zach Anner say HELLO from VidCon. Nick needs more time with the Gender Video so we did this. ENJOY!

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Host: Dr. Lindsey Doe


Peter Musser

Zach Anner

Directing/Filming/Editing: Nicholas Jenkins

Titles: Michael Aranda

Executive Producer: Hank Green
Nick: Okay, so, we will get my voice on camera.  So here we have Louey Winkler from SciShow, we have Lindsey Doe--

Lindsey: Hi!

Nick: --from Sexplanations, of course.  We have Peter uh, is it Musser?

Peter: Musser.

Nick: Musser.

Nick: From Go Verb a Noun.

Nick: From Go Verb a Noun.  And then one of my very favorite YouTubers, Zach Anner.  

Zach: Hi!  How's it going?

Nick: So Lindsey, why are we doing this video?  

Lindsey: Because you need more time to edit our video and you don't have it right now.  So we're just gonna--I--it's gonna be me, kinda naked here with the guys in your room.  All sorts of Sexplanations.  

Multiple: Shenanigans.

Zach: Yes, explain this.  VidCon is interesting 'cause it's basically, like, we are the oldest people here. [all laugh]  

Lindsey: Which is why we're hanging out.  

Nick: Yep.  That's true.  

Zach: Getting to bed early, that's what this is.  Subscribe for more sleeping videos. [laughter]

Peter: There's fireworks.  

Nick: Fireworks!  Ooh, we can see them kinda.  

Lou: Hey, look, I'm in the shot now.  

Peter: Yeah, they're all like, reflecting--

Lindsey: Haaah!  I'm so happy.  

Nick: We're all very happy to be not on a plane right now. 

Peter: Or driving.

Nick: Or driving.

Lindsey: Wait, that's--

Zach: All the way from Montana, huh?

Nick: Yeah.  Where are you based?

Zach: I--well, I live in Los Angeles now, so it was a good 45 minutes, so I know what it's like.  But yeah, I just spent the night on the floor at the Phoenix Airport, so that was nice.

Nick: Ughhh.

Peter: That's the worst.

Zach: It was the best!  They have an ant problem.  

Nick: God!

Zach: But, how was it getting here to the VidCon?  

Lou: Okay.  It was okay.  Three hour layover in Seattle.  

Nick: Lindsey?

Lindsey: Four hour layover in Seattle.

Nick: Peter, you drove.

Peter: I broke it up, because who wants to drive for seven hours?  That's bullshit.  

Zach: Seven hours?  

Lindsey: It takes more than that for us to get across our state.

Zach: Seven hours?  You can't drive for a school day?  


Peter: Hello and welcome!

Nick: Brad!  

Brad: Hey.

Nick: Welcome.  

Zach: You're in a vlog now.  

Brad: Hooray.

Zach: What is a video bit you need to cut?  

Nick: It's a video about how gender is much more complicated than we give it credit for.  Um, and it's --

Zach: There's a spectrum.  Right?  There's a spectrum.  I'm probably on the more feminine side of manliness.  I would say.

Lindsey: Really?  I don't think so.  

Zach: I don't know, I wouldn't know.  I do--I would say I'm a sensitive, you know, very communitive--communicative--guy.  That's a great word to fumble.  What constitutes--can you exp--I mean, I know you got a real video that you're doing right now.

Lindsey: No, but that's what the whole video is about.  It's that we have no clue.  

Zach: There you go!  Now you don't need to edit it, we've just explained it.

Lindsey: Zach!

Nick: Zach!  We spent like five hours shooting that thing, and I'm gonna edit it.  

Lindsey: Okay, check this out.  Hi, I'm hanging out with really cool people in Nick's room, and we have nothing to give you this week.  So, happy VidCon to everyone who's here, and to those of you who aren't here, we'll see you next week, where we cut this really awesome video on gender and how, um, it involves a shower curtain.  Stay curious.