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Jessi asks for your help to give Chili Pepper and Pickles the home they need and deserve. You can be a part of this amazing gift to these amazing animal ambassadors.

Here's the link for the fundraiser campaign:

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Jessi: Hi, I'm Jessi Knudsen-Castañeda from Animal Wonders. Animal Wonders is an educational outreach organization. What we do is we rescue displaced exotic animals, we rehabilitate their mind and their body, and then we allow them to become ambassadors for their species so they can teach about how amazing they and how amazing nature is. Right now, we're starting a project to help these guys out, that's our focus right now, these are our two cavies, Pickles the guinea pig and Chili Pepper, the Patagonian cavy, and they would love more space, and that's going to help improve their mind and their body, that's what we're all about. We're building this new enclosure for these guys to be an expansion of what they have already, so that they can run and play and dig, that's one of their favorite activities is to dig. These guys love to burrow, so it's gonna have a dirt floor in it and just, much more space for them.  We'd love for you guys to join us!  With your support, we can give these guys what they need and what they deserve. They give so much to our community and our world. We've raised half of our funds already, we're just looking for another 7,000. As a thank you, you guys can choose from one of our perks and go on this adventure with us. Thank you guys for watching, and thank you for any support you can give.  Say thanks, Chili Pepper! Say thanks, Pickles!