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Our Guest:
0:00 Intro
0:04 Welcoming the guest Hank Green
0:23 Ad Read: (MeUndies, SquareSpace, TrackR, LootCrate)
0:36 Choosing the Topic, dead dogs
1:02 Politics Talk: Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders
6:27 Sending jobs to other countries
9:50 The Internet changing how political supporters think
19:44 Woody’s first vote
20:38 John Kasich, Ben Carson, Mitt Romney
26:44 Voter Turnout
28:20 Age of the Candidates
31:50 Trump’s style of speaking, YouTube Drama
36:59 Chiz believes Conspiracies
38:55 Donald Trump should fear for his life
40:37 Who has the best chance of becoming President
42:18 Terrorism might get Trump elected
45:08 Chinese company copied Cisco Routers
47:03 Political Talk Ends
47:10 Would you clone your dog
51:08 Dog cloning website
53:50 Cloning and Genetic mutation
1:06:30 Kyle hates Vagina
1:13:05 Stat Ranking Orifices
1:15:30 Leaving your mark on YouTube
1:21:50 What’s the business model behind VidCon
1:22:50 Fair Use
1:36:30 Hank has to leave
1:37:32 Megan Kelly is hot
1:38:22 Ad Read: (
1:40:10 Picture day at the DMV
1:44:52 Leonardo Dicaprio won an Oscar
1:48:22 Sacha Baron Cohen Movies
1:51:11 Awkward moments watching movies with family
1:55:08 The new episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
1:56:44 Review of the new season episodes
1:58:39 PKA Grade shows: Archer, South Park
2:00:17 Ash vs Evil Dead
2:01:55 Black Lives Matter
2:10:22 Ad Read: (
2:14:53 Kyle bought a Casper Mattress
2:16:41 Brief Political Talk
2:18:15 Teacher fired for student stealing nude pics
2:22:06 Woody’s Father is having surgery tomorrow
2:22:41 Kyle’s painkiller story
2:25:36 Woody’s car ride with Colin to the hospital and update
2:33:32 Who would replace Woody as Host if he had an accident
2:44:05 Zombeavers
2:47:15 How many girls have you said “I love you” to
2:51:03 PKA on iTunes
2:51:59 Politics Talk: The GOP Debate, Hillary, Trump, Bernie
2:58:16 Melissa’s PKA Drawings
3:00:43 Fallout 4
3:03:56 Ad Read: (
3:05:30 LootCrate’s Business model
3:07:27 Taylor’s Beard
3:09:07 Conor McGregor v Nate Diaz
3:17:30 PED’s in MMA
3:24:15 Miesha Tate v Holly Holm
3:26:30 Ad Read: (
3:27:27 If you had to express yourself online how would you do it
3:28:08 Woody’s Snoring
3:30:57 The Autoblow
3:31:47 Girl being fucked and fisted (Good Taylor moment)
3:37:41 What was the first thing you saw online that shocked you
3:40:39 Horse cumshots are fake
3:41:23 Horse fucking (Funny moments)
3:47:31 Brownie Wiener dogs
3:50:00 At what age would you be proud your son had sex
3:54:21 Mrs Harrison’s Titties
3:55:55 Woody’s pitch for sex
3:56:32 Discovering Hetrosexuality
3:57:46 Kyle’s BDSM classmate, School games
4:00:01 Politics Talk: All GOP Candidates said they will back Trump
4:09:53 Employment stats
4:17:13 Donald Trump bragging about his dick in The Debate
4:18:35 Megan Kelly
4:19:27 Chainsaw Competition with a V8 Engine
4:20:42 Dog Competition
4:21:30 Kyle’s girlfriend and her Mother breeds dogs
4:22:00 Articles saying Trump lost the Debate
4:23:19 What do you watch on YouTube
4:24:30 Dog jumping video
4:30:07 Kyle Calls it a Show
4:30:11 Outro
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