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Michael Toad has a special relationship with Toad.
(Intro- I'm so bad at game!)

Michael: A rare item!

Michael: Hey! Hey how you doing? Oh.

Hank: Do you guys- do you want to french?

Michael: No

Katherine: You got any mushrooms?


Michael: Hey Toad. What's up? What's up dude? Hey Toad.

Michael: Oh, hey Toad. 

Hank: Hey Toad!

Michael: Hey Toad, what's up?

Hank: Hey Toad, what's up? Hey Toad.

Michael: Hey guys. Hey what's up?

Katherine:Oh my god you guys.

Michael: *grunting* (Hank: I don't know. I'm going to come over here)


Michael: Oh, hey Toad. Hey Toad. What's up dude? Hey dude.


Katherine: Are you like pulling his pants down or something?

Michael: I don't want to talk about it.

Michael: Hey dude. What's up dude?


Hank: How else are you gonna get anything good out of this guy?

Michael: Ok, you guys sneak in the back, I'll distract him.


Michael: Alright.


Michael: Oh oh oh! Ah don't! Ah... ok.


Hank: Get away from him! Get away from him!

Michael: Just let me do it!

Michael: Mushrooms need love too.