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Adam Falkner (he/him/his) reads his poem, "Kissing Your Shoulder Blade Is the Most Honest Thing I've Done This Week".

Adam Falkner:

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Hey folks, my name is Adam Falkner.

I am a poet  and an educator and I'm going to be sharing with   you all a poem that I wrote entitled "Kissing  Your Shoulder Blade Is The Most Honest Thing   I Have Done This Week". I'm excited to share this  poem in particular for a couple reasons.

The first   is that I never read it and I'm excited to have  it reach your ears and the world for that reason.   The second is that it reflects a moment in my own  life with a partner of mine where I'm trying to   lift up a small tender sliver of life during  an otherwise very turbulent period and I find   in my own writing practice these days, as  a way toward better understanding the hard   truths about the larger world, it's helpful  for me to start with the small, tender,   beautiful, intimate, sexy, slices of light  that exist every day right beneath my nose.