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To summarize: Is Benjamin Franklin a President? No. Was Benjamin Franklin a President? Still no. Is beyonce pregnant? No. Is beezid a scam? Not technically, but it's definitely a huge rip-off. Is Brett Favre married? Yes. Is Bam Margera married? Yes, technically. Is bleach over? NEVER! Is bronchitis contagious? Oh my, yes. Is black a color? That turns out to be a really interesting question that depends on your definition of "black" and your definition of "color." Is Benjamin Button real? *headdesk* Is Justin Bieber bi or female or a German basketball or 51 years old or headed to North Korea or the proprietor of a free web site? No.

In which John asks google questions beginning, "Is b....?"


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Good morning Hank, it's Monday, January 3rd, 2011. Happy four year Youtube-versary! I dressed up cause, you know, it's our special day. So Hank, in today's video I though I would answer some of Google's auto-correct's common questions beginning with 'is b.' Okay, let's start from the bottom "is BearShare safe?" No, but neither are ice pick lobotomies, which we don't use anymore either. "Is Bob Harper gay?" By the way, Bob Harper is a guy on The Biggest Loser. Let me answer your question with question, Google. If we spend as much time thinking about quantum physics as we do thinking about whether celebrities are gay, do you think we'd have a unified theory yet? I do! "Is Bam Margera still married?" Yes, technically although he and his wife live in different cities. "Is Beyoncé pregnant 2010?" No. "Is Brett Favre married?" Yes. "Is Beezid a scam?" No, it's just a rip-off. "Is Beyoncé pregnant?" Still no. "Is Bronchitis contagious?" Yes. "Is bleach over?" No and lastly "is black a color?" Finally an interesting question! The answer is yes and no. Functionally, it's a color. If we mix all the primary colors together we get something that very much resembles black. But on the other hand, technically, blackness is the absence of light, which is a chromatic. Then, Hank, I kept typing 'is b' until eventually I typed 'is benj' and after the question of whether Natalie Portman's fiance is Jewish you come to "is Benjamin Button real?" Hold on Hank, I have to make a quick journey over to my desk. Ah headdesk! Then we have "is Benjamin Franklin a president?" A question with its present tense and indefinite article implies either that we have more than one president of the United States or that Benjamin Franklin may be a member of the Presidents of the United States of America. Sadly, neither is the case. Benjamin Franklin was never the president of the United States and he certainly isn't now. In fact, it is my sad duty to inform the Googlers of the world that Benjamin Franklin, American hero, patriot, non-president, has died. Yes, Hank, the good always leave us too soon. And Benjamin Franklin was a mere 84 years old when he died 221 years ago. So anyway, Hank, I kept playing around and then eventually I googled 'is bieb?' "Is Bieber gay, German for basketball, in jail, bi, a girl, really 51, dead, or going to North Korea?" Also, "is free?" Hank, you'll be surprised to learn that the answer to all these questions is either no or ahhhh. So Hank, welcome to 2011, a year when Google believed we wanted to know whether a pop star was a deceased, imprisoned, fifty-one-year-old, gay, bisexual, female, German basketball on its way to North Korea. Hank, I think it's safe to say that we did not imagine that world on January 1st, 2007. Nerdfighters, thanks for sticking with us all this time we're gonna continue Monday-Wednesday-Friday videos in 2011 but we have heard you that you want more question videos, more Thoughts from Places, and more info-tational videos. And we are here to grant your wishes as long as your wishes aren't weird. To that end, I will be doing a question Tuesday video this Friday so please leave questions in the comments. I will answer as many of them as I can in four minutes. Hank, DFTBA, I will see you on Friday. Wednesday, right. What you think my mental calendar suddenly's going to improve after four years? Oh, and by the way still nothing.